Homemade flea Beetle killer?

chillilover(Zone 6b)July 25, 2008

I have flea beetles on my tomatos. Some people mentioned some stuff to buy to kill them but I spent .88 cents on the plant and don't want to have to buy something that will cost way more. Also I don't want somthing thats toxic to humans. I can see the beetles and spray them directly if that helps but is there anything I can use at home that will kill them?

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Decisions, Decisions!!!

I guess I would place the value on the fruit the plant will provide and not the initial cost. Insecticides may not meet your requirements of cost. And the effects of pesticides on humans vary from major to nil. Search at the SITE level for homemade pesticides.

Otherwise, you'll have to get some gloves and start picking them off the plants.

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chillilover(Zone 6b)

Why the gloves?

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I had great luck using wood ash from my fireplace when the plants were small.. Then I started using Neem oil which works well too.. They still come around but not that much.. It keeps them under control.. If u have a fireplace the ash is free. The only thing with the ash , u have to apply it almost daily.

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