Help! Worm or Caterpillar Attacking My Roma Tomatoes!

gardenang7July 30, 2012


This evening I was watering my garden when I noticed some creature hanging off of my newly growing Roma Tomato. It had squirmed it's way into the tomato turning it black. I snipped the tomato off with my sheers with the green worm or caterpillar attached. Then I noticed another larger one on a leaf and snipped that leaf also. There is also what seems to be black dropping all over the plant. I am not sure if it is actually droppings or eggs. Also now there are holes on a lot of my leaves. Please can someone tell me what you can decipher from these pictures.

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Here is a pic of the droppings or eggs. I don't know what I should do about these.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

little black things are caterpillar poo. Brush off or ignore.

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Anyone know how to get rid of these annoying bugs? They have eaten two of my tomatoes! I got rid of two them on Monday, and I woke up this morning with another one on the plant. Where are they coming from?

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