cubic ft/yd of garden

barrbsie(9a)October 16, 2009

I posted a message here but cannot find it, could someone help me calculate how much of the mels mix I will need for this spring? also is it okay to put in now and cover up?

Yesterday we built 8 2x14 beds

5 4x4 beds and used 2x12s 6" tall

I need to know how much of the peat, vermiculite and compost to add. I would sure appreciate any replies....

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Ok barrbsie;
It's a cool damp day in the north and I am stuck indoors.
do you mean 8 beds 2 ft.x 14 ft. x 6 inches.
5 beds 4ft. x 4ft. x 6 inches.


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I see your post was found . Thanks hellbender.


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spaghetina(SF Bay Area)

I replied in the other post, but assuming the beds are really 6" tall (though as hellbender said, I guess they're actually 5.5" tall) and you're going to purchase enough to fill up the 6" beds to the very tippity top, and you're going with the 1/3 ration, you'll need approx. 1.89 cubic yards of each.

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jbest123(Zone 5 PA)

I would fill the beds now but not cover them. Let them get good and soaked this winter also the red worms and microbes will work on the mix when it is not frozen.


Here is a link that might be useful: John's Journal

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