Help with disease ID please!

lexiegurl09July 23, 2012

Hi everyone,

I posted this on the tomato forum, but haven't gotten any help as to what this might be (except *hopefully* not late blight). The symptoms appeared within the last 3 days. Important info:

-We have had hot, humid weather (highs 90's, lows 75+) and very humid 24/7

-Not much rain, if any, has fallen in the last week

-I water with an overhead sprinkler, bad I know

-The only plant that is affected is this one which is a black cherry (the black zebra beside it showed some similar symptoms a couple weeks ago but is still growing strong)

-I have what I think are tomato pinworms/fruitworms (eating both fruit and leaves. the leaf tissue is translucent and I have found the worms in the leaves) and flea beetles.

-These plants were started from seed and planted in a new raised bed out of cinder blocks with topsoil, turkey and leaf compost back on May 6

-They were last fertilized with fish/seaweed combo a couple weeks ago and prior to that with Miracle Gro about every 2 weeks

-They get watered about every 2 days, although I have gone 3 days without watering this week to see if they could tolerate it. Could this be water/drought stress?

-It affects an entire limb at a time usually and I have removed 8-9 limbs in the last 24 hrs

-It is moving UP the plant with oldest limbs first, but the suckers at the same level of these limbs are not affected yet but I have noticed more blossom drop although that may be water related.Any other questions, feel free to ask! Thank you!!!

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