BER or something else?

mitanoff(Z4b Ontario)July 6, 2005

Hello All:

I've got a Roma and MarvelStripedOrange (MSO) in containers. THe Roma definitely has a case of BER. THe MSO has something similar but doesn't quite look the same. On The MSO, you'll note a pattern of spots radiating outward from the big slightly soft spot in the middle. The roma just had the big soft spot.

The pic of the leaves of the MSO is not that good, but there are dark patches on the edges of some of the leaves.

Also, not all the fruits are affected. HEre is a pic of a fruit on the same bunch (?) as the affected one:


What do you think it is?

What is the cure?


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griley(z5 Chicago)

Great pictures of the leaves.
I posted an inquiry earlier today asking about leaf tip burn. That is exactly what the leaves on some of my plants look like. I had a couple of fruits on one plant that had small dark spots on them but pulled them so I don't know how they would have progressed. The spots on my tomatoes, however, were not on the bottom of the fruit but on the side, sort of in the middle. Carolyn thought maybe black mold rot (do I have that right?) regarding the fruit. I'll be interested to hear comments regarding the leaves. Hope it's nothing to worry about (although, I'm already worried!)

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mitanoff(Z4b Ontario)

Hey Griley:

Hope your problem is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately for me, the picture I have of the "Good" tomato went bad. At the bottom of tomato (see pic above), just to the right, you see that little dimpling? Well, it went brown and soft like the first pic. Am very sad right now. :I hope it won't affect the rest of the fruit, but I've thrown out about 4 so far. Whaaaaa. . . . .. Do these symptoms look like BER ? Anyone?

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griley(z5 Chicago)

I'm so sorry, Mitanoff. So far I've not noticed anything else but my tomatoes are still quite small- there's a lot of time left for something to develop (how's that for optimism?). Are your leaf symptoms worsening? I hope things start to look up for you...I know how disappointed you are.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

No, It doesn't look like BER to me it looks more like catfacing, at least for the ones you/ve pictured here.

As for the spots on the first one, I'm not sure for there are some diseases where such spots can appear but if a fruit in the same cluster has none, and there are no other obvious symptoms, and the leaf tip stuff is not what I'm referring to, then I wouldn't be that worried.

And unless something else happens I wouldn't be that worried about the minor leaf tip damage either. If there were distinctive spots on the leaves suggestive of a foliage infection that would be different.


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Another opinion.

Photo #1: I think the slightly soft spot that's also slightly sunken is BER.

Photo #3: I agree; it's catfacing.

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Gimme3Steps(7 or 8, NE GA)

Mitanoff, the First pic looks like 2 problems, one is definately the BER, the spots resemble Stink-bug damage. Cant tell anything from pic number two, an pic number 3 is simply cat-facin. GL...)))

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nanelle_gw(9/Sunset 14)

Did you spray anything? I sometimes get that leaf tip color when I spray and the solution seems to collect around the edges.

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mitanoff(Z4b Ontario)

Thanks for the replies guys.
I'm sorry to drag this out further, but I'm not sure what catfacing is. If you mean the ribbed appearance, so far all my fruit on this plant looks the same, which matches the shape on the picture of the MSO seed pack. Mine maybe a little more ribbed.
The dimpling area I blew up:

Where the dimpling is, it is now brown and soft. I researched a bit on this forum and aside from turning brown, it resembles a bite from "white thrips".
If it was catfacing, it shouldn't have gone bad . . should it?
No, I haven't sprayed with anything just yet. What would you suggest? THe link about the thrips didn't say what to use to kill or prevent the bug.

PS: Griley - chin up man! :> No, my leaves don't look worse. Although the entire plant is not as dark green as those I have in the ground, (The MSO is in a large container), it's still growing strong. I have thrown out about half the crop so far though. :

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I don't believe that looks like "a bite from a white thrip." Could you please give a link that led you to this conclusion? You sure would not want to start controlling for thrips (which is a major undertaking) unless you have thrips. Best wishes.

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mitanoff(Z4b Ontario)

Hey Farkee:

See link :
Picture (b) has circular dimpling around it, similar to my very first picture. It looks to me as though it was BER PLUS something else, the something else being the thrip bite? I dunno. I have other varieties of tomatoes with BER and this doesn't look the same. If you have an opinion, I'd be glad to hear it. If more pictures would help, let me know and out into the garden I'll go.


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