early tomato blight

Joan3960July 15, 2013

My tomatoes this year have severe early blight because of all the rain we have had here. They are growing in raised beds, which did have good soil but we did not amend this year, just added tomato food. The plants have loads of tomatoes, but after I removed the diseased leaves there are few leaves left. Will these tomatoes ripen? (guess I'll find out). Also, since this disease is difficult to control in the beds, I am thinking that next year and every year after, growing my tomatoes only in large pots (such as those most nursery stalk in purchased in) with new organic bagged potting soil each year. Does anyone think that will end my blight problem?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Need to see pictures, first to determine if is blight, also to see what condition your plants are in.

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I have the same issue - I am leaving the tomatoes until they get a first blush (just start turning color) and then harvest them. I let them ripen on my window-sill in the sunshine. So far, so good. Getting a much better harvest than I thought I would. I have also had to battle a prolific amount of hornworms this year as well.

Not the best year for a summer garden but gotta look at the brought side and be thankful for what we get.

Here is on of my window-sills:

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