Pest Identification

werzy33July 9, 2007

First year to grow tomatoes on my own, and have been hit hard by insects. An early onslaught of aphids and flea beetles has been my victory. The plants have recovered nicely, but I can't positively identify or eradicate these white bugs, my best guess is immature white flies. I have used insecticidal soap to combat them, and maybe this is working to some extent, but not completely. What are these "fine" creatures? I am using a one gallon sprayer with the directed amount of insecticidal concentrate plus water; it is difficult to get good coverage on the bottom of the leaves.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

The white things are the cast skins (empty skins) of aphids. So no need to eradicte them.

I don't see any live aphids in that picture.

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Thanks, I had looked at all the photos of common tomato pests I could find, but did not see the cast skins. I will hold off on the insecticidal soap, which I don't enjoy doing anyway.

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Either they're molts of aphids or you have wooly aphids.

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