Beautiful cedar

rosie_ga(GA 7)June 16, 2013

I've moved to TN about 4 years ago....but rosie still reflects GA.

We drove back from a Smokies game last night and stopped at a local carhop drive in named Cardin's. It's located on Asheville Hwy in Knoxville.

To the right of the business was a home up on the hill. In the front yard of this home were several cedars that were just beautiful. I have pictures that I can post later. These were about 5 ft tall and had different shades of green on them. At night they picked up the light and were almost ghostly. Just beautiful. They looked featherly. Does anyone know what they might be...........?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I rarely get that far down Asheville Hwy. I tried doing a google map view, but all I saw was what appeared to be a few typical pines in the yard immediately to the right of Cardin's.

Maybe some pics will provide more info.

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I saw those. I think that they are Hinoki False Cypress.

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rosie_ga(GA 7)

thank you so much........they are just beautiful. I had asked one of the people that work there and they kept saying a word that was similar to I'm sure that's what they are.

now to find one.................

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