Please help, tomato plants dropping like flies

siamesegoldfishJuly 16, 2009

First, new here. So, hello! This is my second year gardening, last year went pretty well. This year i dumped a bunch of mulch in the garden from some trees i chopped down. (not sure that was the greatest idea...)

However, i'm really here because i have a problem...

I have researched and researched and researched. However, no one disease appears to be the cause. It started with dark spots along the edges of the leaves. I didn't get on it fast enough and when I came back from a weekend trip to the folks' house things had progressed for the worse. the leaves had started curling up and there were black spots on some stems in addition to at least 30% of the leaves. black spots started on the end of the leaf and along the edges. Leaves also started folding up in half, slightly curling. No new growth occured since i got back from the weekend trip. (over the 4th)

In addition, some of the more mature tomatoes began developing spots on the tops. I pulled everything out because i didnt want the disease to spread to other tomatoes. One interesting thing, this appears to have only affected my Black Krim tomatoes. all others appear to be fine. (i have about 8 varieties)

I'm currently thinking its one of the following: bacterial canker, blight or tomatoe spotted wilt. i have not seen many bugs at all, except lady bugs in the garden. no tiny eggs, no little nothing. so that kind of ruled out curly top virus in my mind.

I will try to have a pic up shortly.

Thanks in advance!

Image link:

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oops, got the picture uploaded in the first message.

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