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AlineDJuly 18, 2014

OK, so I planted 26 tomato plants this year, five varieties. 24 of the plants are doing great, but there are two, a roma and a grape tomato plant, that have something weird going on. I haven't figured out how to/if I can post photos here, but the roma is stunted and the leaves are curled. It seems fine otherwise. It is planted in the middle of a row of romas, which are otherwise doing well. The grape tomato plant is on the end, and it started out fine, but the new growth is lighter green, stunted, and curled, and covered in brown spots. What the heck is going on? Any insight is much appreciated.

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Photo showing the stunted roma amongst the healthy ones.

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Here is the grape tomato. You can see the healthy growth at the bottom, with lighter green, browning leaves on top.

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A closer image.

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Helllloooooo, anybody out there?

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Update: The roma continues to curl up. The little green tomatoes are turning white. While the rest have grown considerably, the roma has not grown at all.

The grape tomato plant is still brown on top, with some leaf curl at the bottom. I've been giving it extra water, in case it was just parched from a dead spot in my watering system, but that doesn't seem to have helped much. I pruned back much of the brown top, but it's not growing much.

Any ideas still appreciated.

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