SFG And Drip Irrigation

glennybOctober 1, 2012

Hi Folks,

My first year in veggie gardening has been pretty successful and I'm taking my lesson's learned and beginning to apply it to next year's plan.

One of the efforts I would like to undertake is drip irrigation, especially since we are doing an overall re-landscaping of our yard and would like to implement it with our new shrubs, roses and native plants we will be planting (I'm pretty psyched about it!).

I have a couple of questions I wanted to ask the experts here.

1) I'm thinking of going w/ dripworks but I'm a little worried about being tied to a single online supplier rather than a place I can pick something up at in a pinch. Any recommendations on brands sold at local stores?

2) I'm wondering about emitters. Most of the suggestions for Raised beds appear to be inline emitters or soaker lines but with SFG I'm wondering if individual emitters would be more appropriate given that you could theoretically have tomatoes in one square and garlic right next door.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Hey I just made my sqaurefoot garden but instead of drip lines or soakers, I found an irrigation grid. It partitions the garden into sqaurefoot .. sqaures. (haha) and surrounds the plants with a steady stream of water. I love it!
The company is gardeninminutes.com, not sure if that's something you are looking for, but definitely a nice change from all the mess of soaker hoses and drip lines. They also have expandable cedar raised garden boxes that are beautiful! Hope this helps.

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i made mine from home depot drip irrigation stuff, and a bucket. Ran 3/4" polyethylene sprinkler pipe down the middle(you can get it in 3ft lengths, connectors are all over HD) and ran legs off of it with drip line(i think emmitters every foot) put a garden hose connector on one end, and plug the other. I hook up the bucket, fill it up, add fish emulsion and drink beer(or coffee, depends on when im watering) after about an hour, fill it up again.repeat as neccessary.

Like to tell you it works awesome, but everything kind of sucked in my garden last year(except anaheim chilis and jalapenos) I will say nothing died from dehydration, just a myriad of other things. I can try and get pics if needed.

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