Untreated Mulch

junebugntn(7B)June 1, 2011

I have been looking around in the forums and internet and have found mixed info on this. I need what I consider to be a large amount of mulch for the beds in my yard as the shrubs and trees are still quiet small. I have a source for something like untreated shredded bark from a lumber yard that is inexpensive,looks good for 2 months, last for 8 months and deteriorates into the mostly clay soil helping amend it. I used it in beds last year. This year need even more.

Recently someone told me not to use it in the beds next to my foundation because of termites. My house is brick. Do I need to be concerned? The cost of treated chips will be 3 times what I'm paying now. Can I spray something on the bark/beds? Do I need to worry about it in the yard? I know people who have used this mulch for years with no problem.

Thanks for the input!

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FWIW, I'm no expert, I'd say if you keep an eye on things you'll be fine. I have hardwood mulch around the foundation and no problem with termites. Termites need food *and* water, and you won't find termites where they don't have a supply of water. If you have drainage issues, then you might be concerned. If you have access to your crawlspace, you can look for termite tubes. If you see those, knock them over and call the exterminator.

Just like cleaning the lint out of your dryer exhaust... it's one of those things you have to keep an eye on.

FYI - Most brick homes (all?) are brick exterior over conventional stud walls, so don't think that brick is much of a barrier.

Finally, I spray a barrier around my foundation with a broad-range insect killer - one designed to last a year (though I spray in spring and fall). I'm mostly trying to keep spiders & the like away from the wife, but the bottle claims to repel termites as well.

Just my $0.02 & ymmv.


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