Mystery pest on tomato fruit

EljayDea(9)July 14, 2013

These guys are decimating my tomato garden! They are only on ripe fruit and are small and very numerous. I need help identifying and getting rid of these guys before all my tomatoes are gone!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Box elder bugs.

The keys to avoid damage:
- Harvest every day if needed.
- Don't wait until the tomatoes are dead ripe.

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To Jean001a -Thanks so much for the tip! Normally we try to go organic but these guys required serious pesticide due to massive infestation. It seems our neighbors tree is a box elder and is right next to our fence. Our garden has recovered somewhat but I am afraid of what is in store for us next year. Do these guys come back?
(Sorry it took so long to get back to's been a busy summer!)

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I discovered the same thing in the spring and had a huge infestation. I also prefer organic methods but I used a pesticide to fend them off. I eliminated the problem and had no issues with my tomato plants.

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