Brown/Black on bottom of tomatos

nadeanJuly 10, 2007

I bought my first tomato plant, yes only one. Beef Steak type. It is growing well but, the bottoms are black or brown. The tomatoes haven't gotten very big yet. Is this how they are suppose to grow? I've picked them off, not all have these bottoms but they don't look right to me. Can someone give give some help?


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My first thought is blossom end rot, a common tomato disease. And no, it's not how they're supposed to grow, but it happens a lot. Uniform watering (mulching helps keep the soil evenly moist between waterings) is a good start... I found once I mulched my tomatoes I rarely had problems with blossom end rot. I've included a link below with more information (scroll down), and if you google it you'll find lots more, and others here will probably have other suggestions. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: blossom end rot

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