UPDATE: Birthday Bash Group April Month

ncgardengirlApril 1, 2009

The Birthday Girl IS.........KYM!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH KYM!!!!


Happy Birthday KYM!

:) Fran

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Happy Birthday, Kym!!

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I know you won't see this until you return but I just wanted to say:

Big Hugs,

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Wow it is gonna be a SLOW LONG MONTH without Kym around LOL.

:) Fran

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OK, I am going to get Kym's box ready NOW, then MAYBE I will be on time this month!
*sigh* ya right, who am I kidding! LOL

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THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted on the March thread, didnt see the April one...ha ha.

Well, we are having a good trip so far...was able to see an old friend on thursday, we went to a "happening place" ( HA HA) to eat...and then watched the men and kids attempt to play tennis. Then the last two days we spent on the beach...watching the dolphins, and people watching.

We all have different degrees of sunburn...but it has been so relaxing sitting in the sun. The men have been fishing..and they saw someone catch a hammerhead shark last night on the pier.

Tomorrow, we are headed to a park with lots of alligators...and one of my good friends is meeting us for a picnic.

I am sooo looking forward to the Bday boxes...thanks for the thought you have put into them !!

I hope all is going well with everyone, and Ill check in when I can.

Fran, did ya get your box today ?????? I have been dying here wanting to know !!!

take care


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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Awe Kym, don't you worry bout that box. I'm sure it is going to land in Fran's arms just at the right time:) Glad to hear that you are enjoying your birthday month.
I've gotten some of your box ready but I've still got lots to get. Can you believe that Easter is next week? I have so much to do.
Vic, I can relate. Seems I always have great intentions on getting the trades out early but I just can't seem to wrap it up till the end. Bunny is our resident record holder in sending. She always seems to have it together.
How are ya Bunny? Is the baby on a schedule?
How's everyone else?
Hope everyone's having a great weekend. Nik

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Me? Have it together??
Naw...there are just some things I'm OCD about, that's all. LOL
Drives my family crazy. I'm all "GIT R DONE", while they haven't even contemplated starting yet. :O)

Shhhh...I'll let ya'll in on a secret.
If I DON'T do something right away, I will totally forget. And I mean..completely. Wiped out of my noggin faster than Dorie on "Finding Nemo".
I am seriously that bad. That's why everyone has to pay attention when they're talking to me to make sure I'M paying attention! LOL If I'm not 100% in tune, I will be totally oblivious to everything that's going on.

Which also drives the family nuts. :O)

Makes for some interesting situations, lemme tell ya.
Like, up until 10 minutes ago I COMPLETELY forgot that I was supposed to cook supper for company that is coming over tonight. Which I ALSO forgot.
And the REALLY sad thing is that hubby and I just discussed LAST NIGHT what I should make for supper.
And we also discussed this on Sunday.
And a few days before that.

But I didn't remember until he CALLED ME just as I was starting to type this post.
Uh-Oh. :O)

So.....I guess I really *should* get going......

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Kym wanted to see pics of Stormy here she is:

This is the new puppy she is a Great Pyrenees. She will be 4 months old on April 18th
Isn't she cute?

:) Fran

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Awww. I miss mine, Mama Fran! We had a great pyrenees named Whiskey. She was a sweet dog, the kids loved her. She just had several medical issues common for that breed, so she only lived for 4 years.

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Stormy is adorable!

Pic of Melvin and Toby (Mel's the black boston, Toby's brown) Both are really spoiled! And love to sunbathe by the door!

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Hey Deb;
Your door looks like my new front door only I do not have the brass kickplate!! It was funny to see your little ones by my new door.
Fran, your new pal is beautiful. They are wonderful dogs.
Happy Easter to all.

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KYM! I am so sorry I missed your birthday wishes yesterday! It was one of those days and my mind sure wasn't on GW. It was busy from the time I got up until late this AM.
YOU KNOW I thought about you though, gosh I feel like a bad friend, I didn't tell you on the day.
It wasn't that I didn't want to, I just didn't have time to get on. REALLY, if you had not been on vacation you KNOW I would have been able to tell you the sec it start at 12:00 am! LUV YAH MISS YAH, YAH NEED TO HURRY BACK LOL

I KNOW you are enjoying your trip, you deserve it!
:) Fran

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Fran-Stormy is adorable! Is she a wiggler or a cuddlier??

Kym-I hope you're having a great time in Florida.

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Bumpity Bump Bump BUMP!

When's the birthday girl get home? I wanna send her something!! :O)

Oh, well....to pass the time, I'll entertain ya'll with some picture of my bunch. These are from Easter morning at PawPaw's house.

The entire bunch. Left to right- Elijah, Bowen, Adora, William, Lilian, Daddy & Aubeni.

Daddy & Lili

Adora & her eggs.

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Ya'll will not believe what my dumb hinny did YESTERDAY!
I went out in the woods and found a maple tree I wanted to plant in the yard.
So I dug it up, come back told the SO I wanted to plant it and asked for his input as to where. WELL I didn't LIKE his choice because he KNEW the flower bed was going there! So I said how about HERE? He said ok, well I proceed to dig the hole and hit GRAVEL, OPPS that is the waterline! Can't place it there!
So I move over about 3 or 4 ft and stick the shovel in the ground, and wiggle out a clump of dirt, then out with more dirt again THIS time there is a cable line in the dirt....hmmmm, that's weird I think because CABLE doesn't bury the line and doesn't come to the house here! Oh well, must be something else.
So, I am trying to make the hole big enough to fit the tree root in and he decided to do another slice and now cuts a 1 foot section out of the cable and proceeds to say hey, that might be the phone line....I said NO, NOT a CABLE line, you think? He said yeah, that is what they use...I said nah, I don't think it was the phone line (and internet too!) so after about 30 minutes after we planted the tree my curiosity got the better of me and I came in the house to check the internet, and sure enough no connection so I pick up the phone to confirm that it truly is dead and yes it was.
So we went to the store to call them and they said they would be out today to trouble shoot, well THAT wasn't necessary I KNEW what the trouble was!
So when the guy comes today, he said is your phone not working? I said NOPE SURE NOT, wanna know WHY? He said Sure, I said OK, see that tree there? He said yes,...I said well THAT is why HEHE.
He said you cut the line? I said yeap, want me to show you were it is? He said is it still sticking out of the ground? I said NOPE, it got chopped off...so I showed him exactly where the two halves were and within 30 minutes he had it spliced and reconnected....and I was back in contact with my world! You KNOW that is GW right?

See Bunny, I do it too! BUT when I do it I do it BIG! lol.
:) Fran

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Ahh Bunny, The family as always is adorable. I didn't say anything about the pics last time because I had ccp the phone story from the other thread I posted it in.

I just read you had a seed mishap? What happened? Because I DID miss the story and you know ME, I want to know LOL.
Spill LADY!

Kym, I am sure you are enjoying yourself since you haven't been online lately or I have been missing you.
Let us know when you are home!

How's is it going for everyone? Same old same old here, nothing exciting happening after the phone story lol. I did puppy sit my son's lab/chow mix over the weekend. He went to the beach with his GF. They left Friday and came home yesterday, I tried to spoil her some more and teach her how to 'speak' while she was here.
She is a sweet puppy but she got into one of my WS containers and dug out my Dainthus Rainbow Loveliness, I could have hurt her! She dug out the largest ones that was ready to be transplanted I was waiting on a good day to do it and a new bed to put them in! ERRRR....at least there are some still in the bucket and she didn't mess up all of them.
MY puppy had gotten one of my containers and CHEWED it, only on the top but it is messed up to the point it doesn't hold heat in it anymore. I might try putting it in a baggy to see if that will help it any.
Ok, well enough from me, I am sure you all don't want to hear my plant whoas LOL...

Ok, well hope all is going well for everyone.

:) Fran

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Well, Mama Fran...the girl's got into my seed box one day, and scattered my seeds EVERYWHERE. I suppose it was my fault for leaving it out ( I was spring cleaning ), and then it rained, so what wasn't scattered was soaked. I've got things sprouting in weird places, and I'm just gonna leave them. See what they turn into! LOL
All I know for sure is that I've got columbine in one of my flower beds. And it took me a trip to Lowe's before I discovered that's what it was. Distinctive leaves, ya know. :O)

Yay! Kym will be back soon! I've been waiting oh-so-patiently. Gosh, she sure took vacation at a bad time! LOL!
How DARE she??! :O)
Hope she's enjoying her trip!

Oh, and does anyone have any pole beans?? All I have is bush beans, and no stores around here carry pole beans....and it's kinda hard to get bush beans to grow up teepee poles. LOL I suppose I could plant bush beans for the girls, but they're poles would be nakie.

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Bunny if you don't get any pole beans let me know. One of our local Seed and Feed store has some, I can go pick you up a small bag, these come in small bags not packets.
Let me know if you will still need some.

Opps on the girls getting into the seed box, sounds like you need a lock box for them... I hate that for you, I know you had some nice things too. THEN you can post pics for IDs lol.
Maybe everything will grow and you will have some super plants you otherwise wouldn't have had.

KYM, WHERE ARE YOU?????? YOU WHOOOOO you around?

Mariann, Stormy is kind of shy. She will come to me and the SO but no one else which I think is a good thing. She does love getting loved on once she finally feels she is safe to come near. She is very sweet and verbal, she barks/howls/low growlies at everything like she is tring to talk. It is so very cute, when I am out talking to her she will do this low whinny growl like she is talking back, when I turn my back to her she will bark like she is saying HEY I am STILL TALKING! She has a squeaky kind of bark it is hard to explain but it is very cute.
But when she is barking at something in the yard she really barks, but it is still a cute bark I haven't ever heard a bark quite like hers before.

:) Fran

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Aw Bunny, the pics are so sweet!!! Sorry to hear about the seeds. Looks like you are in for some fun surprises... I know seeds are not "your thing" anyway so maybe it was fate...
Fran, Sorry to hear about your phone line. I've dug up my sister's invisible dog fence on more than one occasion... ooops! I love that you got all those hostas with that gift certificate. I'm going to have to take you shopping with me - you really know how to make it go a loooonnng way!
I'm excited Kym is going to be home soon. I've missed her - not that I've been able to post much lately myself. I've been so busy. When are things going to slow down?!?!?
Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday. Nik

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Hello HNB:
I forgot to look for those seeds today but I just went to the basement and I have Blue Lake FMI Bean which is listed as a pole bean with a 60 day to maturity date. I also have Kentucky Blue Bean with a 58 day to maturity. I opened them and took some out but there are plenty left. I am putting them in an envie as we speak, they will be in the mail in the AM.

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*Hugs* & Thank you, Diene! :O)

Is Kym back yet?

Is Kym back yet??size>

Is Kym back yet???size>

Is Kym back YET????size>

HOW ABOUT NOW?????size>color>


Is she back YET YET YET????size>

Just curious.

And maybe a tad impatient. :P

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No Bunny, she isn't coming back UNTIL today HOWEVER, if you are ready you can mail her box out now. SHE said we could start mailing out yesterday BECAUSE she will be back home today so YOU are clear to go! LOL
HAPPY NOW? (hehe) I need to email you too I think I am ready to cash in my IOU and wanted to know what you have available. I will email you about that sometime today.

She will post I am sure when she is actaully home BUT for anyone who is ready you can send out now.

I decided what I was going to do for her so she can let you all know herself what I gifted her. Not sure if she will let you know now or after :D Which will not be until end of May 1st of June.

OK, well better go check on the other threads.
:) Fran

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Yay! Because I've got my box ready to go out to her, it's just sitting here on my desk looking ever so lonely.

Although...I'm beginning to think my local postal person has it in for me. She charged me the flat rate box price for a regular box that only weighed one pound. Since I was mailing 3 things, I didn't notice until AFTER I'd paid. UGH
Then, today I mailed a flat rate envie, and she charged by the pound. Told me that if it gaps even a LITTLE at the corners, they can't consider it flat rate. It was sealed with it's own glue, no tape on the outside whatsoever, and was COMPLETELY sealed. The "gap" she was referring to is where the quick open pull tab thingy hangs off the ends. It's part of the design, NOT the way I closed the darn thing. Grrrrr.
ANYWAY. She wouldn't back down, and charged an extra $1 for the package. I am beginning to think that this recession has hit even the PO, and they are trying to get $$ out of EVERYTHING they can. :P

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Yes that is true Bunny, but is she the postmaster? If not I would complain and talk to him/her about it! If SHE is the postmaster, then I would call someone over her.
The PO I used to go to overcharged me ALL the time, but NOW thank goodness I am at the one I LOVE using.
I went in a few weeks ago with a bubbly it just contained postage and a return addy. They asked ME how much I usually pay for that, and I said .84! and that is what I had to pay! REALLY that IS what it is supposed to be! I think most of them do not know HOW to charge, they need a refresher course! IT is NOT fair to us who use the services most! The sad part about it is they KNOW we have too!

Ok, KYM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you home YET?


:) Fran

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I'm glad you girls are keeping this thread going.

Melissa-Your kids are adorable! I only plant bush beans can't help you. Think I'll try pole beans one year because they save room.

Fran-I can't believe your SO chopped your phone line in half. A lot of areas have underground lines. I'm surprised your landlord didn't give you a map of where they were. Good thing it got replaced quickly. Actually that's a funny story.LOL

YEAH Kym's back today!! I won't be mailing my box out until the end of the week.
Have a great weekend ladies!

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Mariann if you think that is funny you should email Bunny to ask her what other dumb thing I did. I cut the phone line 1st then HE cut a chunk out of it. Mine could have been temp. fix until the phone co. got out here BUT HIS couldn't be...lol

Kym is home, but I think she is trying to rest. She did tell me when I actually got to talk to her Wed. that she was going to catch up on the threads this weekend. She has a LOT of catching up to do LOL.

I was posed to be planting out, but now I am waiting on my son to get here so I can cook supper he and his GF are going to come over for dinner but I didn't have enough for them to eat too so I have to wait for them to bring more so I will have enough to feed extras mouths LOL :).
We are having Italian Chicken, that stuff is SOOOO good. Guess I will fix broccoli to go with it, yummy!

Ok well, I am gonna jump off here again so I can go change clothes because after supper we are going to the horse auction! I love seeing the horses that get brought in. Can't wait until we can get situated to get more.

:) Fran

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I will be mailing out my box either on Monday or Tuesday. I spent my last few dollars today on treats for the kiddos. They were so good while we were running errands this morning, that I felt they deserved a goodie. :O)

OH! Let me rant a bit here. I totally lost it today. I mean, I got TICKED with a capital T. And I never lose my cool in public. But today, I did. And I hate the way it feels. UGH.

We went to the courthouse today (yay), and since there is NO parking there, due to the parking garage collapsing (oops, our tax $$ at work, there) we had to park across the street (a MAJOR 5 lane busy BUSY BUSY street).
So we had to cross, with all 6 kids. Hubby carried the 2 year old, I pushed Lili in a stroller, and the others held hands. ANYWAY, while we were crossing- we had the right-of-way- the fellers at the light wanted to turn RIGHT, on red. He started to go, but decided to let us finish crossing (thank you,feller) but the guy behind him got impatient...and started honking & yelling for him to go.
Mind you, it was OUR right of way, WE had the light, THEY had the red.
SO...when I got up to the truck that was honking, I started yelling at him, asking him what his problem was...telling him that the guy was waiting for us to finish crossing the road, and REALLY, was he in THAT big of a hurry that he wanted to run my kids over?? Because if he WAS, he could just step out of that truck RIGHT NOW and I'd take care of that impatience problem FOR HIM.
(meanwhile, the hubby is beside me, saying "honey...honey...honey..." but not trying to stop me..LOL...he probably knows I'd have torn his face off right then!)

Anyway...when the guy finally got to turn right, he peeled out and nearly hit the light pole! LOL

But....GRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I was so MAD, I was spitting! And I HATE feeling like that! But...he was threatening my KIDS!
That really brought out the mama tiger in me. I wanted to rip his head off, because if HE'D have been first at the light, he WOULD have gone, and WOULD have run us over.
And then, I really WOULD have taken his head off.


And thus ends Bunny's RANT OF THE DAY.
Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. :P

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AH Bunny it is the way of the works now adays, to bad that EVERYONE seems to always be in a rush. I miss the days when you went visiting on the weekends. YES we did, on weekends visited family.
We went to my Great grandma's often and my grandma's EVERY WEEKEND, sometimes we went other places but we still went. I think people would be horrified at the thought of doing that much relaxing now!
You had every right to tell the guy off, too bad he didn't hit the pole, would have served him right!

OK KYM, you almost caught-up now?

Off to eat supper...later ladies!

:) Fran

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Hey YES I am home....we got in at midnight on thursday...I havent been up to getting online...but it is so nice to know I have been missed.

I have missed you all, and cant wait to get back into the swing of things !!

I promise to come back this weekend to catch up, and tell ya about the trip.

hugs and I hope you ALL are doing well.


(this is only the fourth attempt at leaving a message here)

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

WOW! It's been awhile since I've been able to get caught up on all the threads. Welcome home Kym!!! We have missed you. I mailed your box today - confirmation number 0308 3390 0001 7677 2732. I took a risk and mailed it USPS. I had a box here already and I figured UPS broke Fran's pot so I just don't have the best of luck with any "mailer" lately. I included your envy from your birthday group in there, too. I was going to mail it seperately but decided I could just put it in the box. I hope you are having a great birthday month.
I am getting ready for Sarah Kate's slumber birthday party on Wednesday. We are out for spring break and she is so excited to be having it on her birthday. Seems every year the party is late - even in May. I'm the worst at planning. Anyway, I have lots of cleaning and preparing to do but at least I'm off. Well, except for my school tomorrow night.... shoot I haven't done my homework. Does it ever get easier??
Yep Fran, You are right. We are all WAY too busy these days. I remember going for "rides" with my grandparents on Sundays. Funny how just being together was so much fun!
Bunny, I can't believe that guy! Hope you didn't let any bad words slip in front of the kids. I know they were right on the tip of your tongue!
Deb, Mariann, and Marie, I hope you ladies are doing good too. Is anyone getting anything great done in the garden. I'd love to see pics!
Diene, That was sweet for you to find those seeds. I hope things are going well for you too.
Well ladies, I'm off to prepare for a bunch of giggling girls!!!! Nik

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I have some bad news, I got an email from Vic and she posted it in Petal Pushers but her Mother passed away on Saturday.

My Mom unexpectedly passed away Saturday. My Brother went over to check on her this morning because she didn't answer her phone and found her. He said he thought she was sleeping and when he went to shake her to wake her up he realized, so, at least it was peaceful and in her sleep, or at least that is the way it looks.
Zack and I will be flying out tomorrow and spending the week, Jamie is not going, it's costing $1000.00 for us 2 to go and that's the "bereavement rate"! We can't afford another $500 and have us both off work for a week.
Anyhow, just wanted someone to know I wouldn't be around at all next week. I haven't even had a chance to get on and post a thank you on the April showers seed swap....
I've gotta go finish packing, I am trying to get away with just one carry on and one checked bag, they charge $30 for your FIRST checked bag! I wish we could just drive but it's a 24hr trip and we are not too sure about either vehicle making it without getting some major work done first. Hopefully this is the end of my bad luck for awhile, I could use a break.
Take care, I'll check in when I get back or sooner if I can.

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Oh, No...how awful for Vic!
Big prayers going up for her right now.

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I posted to Vic over on PP. I'm so sad for her.

Kym-Your box will either be posted Sat. or Monday. I have one gift I have to pick up. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

Kym-Have a great time hostessing the slumber party tomorrow night. Kids can get really rowdy at slumber parties.LOL

Melissa-I have a tendency to take people on when they are acting stupid. One year while we we in Florida for 2 weeks I gave a guy a hard time for letting his dog pee in the flower beds. He called me some of the worst names I can think of. He and his wife checked out of the resort the same day. The manager thanked me and said she didn't want people like that staying there. My DH told me that I shouldn't do things like that because I'm putting myself in danger. Oh well-I just had to.LOL

Have a great day everyone

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LOL, Mariann! My hubby agrees, but he rarely stops me. Just stands by in case he's needed. :O) Of course, I very rarely lose my temper- just when my kids are threatened.
One time, when Aubeni was a baby, we were all walking through the parking lot of a store, and this guy pulls into a spot RIGHT IN FRONT of us. Not yielding, or waiting for us to pass. If that wasn't bad enough, he wasn't in the spot straight...so HE BACKED OUT! WHEN WE WERE BEHIND HIM!! And he KNEW we were there, he'd just pulled in front of us!
So I threw my kids out of the way, while I was holding the baby...and then kicked & hit the side of his truck...all the while yelling what a big idiot he was.
he must have felt pretty stupid, because he didn't even get out of his truck. Just sat there, looking at his steering wheel. Then waited until we were in the store- and LEFT!

I was probably lucky he DIDN'T get out. One of us would've gotten hurt. LOL

When I lose my temper (eventually, it takes ALOT!), it's always memorable. :O)

Kym~ Can't WAIT to hear about your trip! Did ya take lots of pictures for the ones of us stuck in the cold weather?? :O) I'll be shipping your box out tomorrow, hopefully. Just gotta get some other boxes ready at the same time. Do everything at once.
I've had a migraine for the past few days. UGH. It fades off and on, mostly just giving me double vision. So that means I can't drive. (or probably shouldn't, lol!)

I hope everyone has a great week! It's almost Wednesday! Yay!

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Got it mailed today. Yippee! My eyes cleared up enough for me to drive, so I took the small window of opportunity. LOL
Her DC# 0306 3030 0000 6361 4209

I hope you enjoy, Kym!!
Happy Birthday!!

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I feel like a little kid at christmas...thanks so much for making this such a wonderful Bday, and the big 4-0 at that.

I promise to come and tell ya about the trip...Im still working of feeling better..and I had to spend time at the dr with my daughter today. She injured her hip, and is back in physical therapy. My turn for the dr the next two days, so I hope by the weekend.

We had a wonderful trip....I have a nice tan...and enjoyed the beach ! I will have to share with you all the pictures from the Botanical garden !

How is everyone ?? I am so sorry to hear of Vics loss...my prayers are with her. Bunny, I think it is good that you stand up for what you beleive, but if you did that here, someone woould hurt you !! I have had to learn to keep my mouth shut...LOL

Ok, ill come back soon and tell ya more about the trip.



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Hello Kym;
For some reason I cannot find your address in any info I have anywhere. I also do not have the addy's for the rest of the group.
Could everyone send me their addy's? Thanks. diene

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17-debbya/Deb (IL)(Finished)
Ornament AND Secret Santa Swap


Cupid/Valentine Swap (Vic did you ever post/receive your box? Marie did you get yours? I know it was mailed)

20ncgardengirl/Fran (NC) (owed from Marie, take your time I am fine)

10---flwers4ever/Kym (R.I.)(boxes being sent)

17---nikkineel/Nikki (GA)(woohoo, Nikki is next!)

18---vic_zn5/Vic (MT)

17---galium/Mariann (NJ)

23---wynative/Marie (WY)



I just thought I would post the schedule again it has been while since it was posted.

:) Fran

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Hmmm. Why was I thinking Diene was in July??

I also had Marie being in October....
Good golly, I'm glad you posted that list, Mama Fran! LOL

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Vic, I am sorry to hear your bad news. I a praying for you. I can't imagine...
Fran, Thanks for posting the list. I was trying to figure out who went where. How are you? I'd love to see more pics of your new yard. I need to post some, too. I've been planting out wintersown babies every chance I get but they are not much to see at this stage.
We've been celebrating Sarah Kate's birthday yesterday and today. I've been thinking about the stories we shared earlier and I really wanted to make number 9 special for her!
I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine. I can't wait to have a full day playing in the yard. The knockout roses are blooming and smelling so good. Lovin' this time of year... Nik

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It IS a beautiful day today, Nik! Thank goodness! :O) I've gotten so tired of dreary days. I think we ALL have!
But today the honey bees are buzzin', the birds are singin', and the grass is up to my knees. LOL Time to see if the mower will start! Yippee!

AND....the USPS says my box to Kym was delivered this morning! Yay! BUT.....I am worried about all that chocolate I threw in there. LOL It was cold here when I got it, I promise! I surely didn't expect warm weather so quickly. Now, I'm thinkin' I shouldn't have put the chocolate in there with everything else, I should've put it in a separate bag or something.
But maybe it moved out of the south quick enough that it didn't have a chance to get melted??
I hope....I hope......I hope.....!

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Hey Bunny...You mean this chocolate ?? *lickin the choc off my fingers...mmmmmm is this GOOD !! LOL I missed out on Easter this year, so it was nice to get to have some choc and Krystal enjoyed some with me too.

I had a dr apt today, so I opened one before and one after..LOL It made the apt go by sooo much better..ha ha.

Ok, Bunny sent....Choc Bliss eggs that I have been enjoying. Also..A puzzle, a magazine, a lavender grow kit, a bath set with lamb scrubbie, lip balm, hand sanitizer, sunflower notepad, gladiola bulbs, and a butterfly windchime.

Thanks Bunny for all the thoughful gifts, and I cant wait to get the lavender and glads growing.

Nikki's box I opened in the afternoon...I tried to savor the two boxes. tee hee

Nikki sent...Var. Liriope, Canna phaison, and choc mint. They all made it safely, and I will be potting them up tonight. Also, a calla tuber, seed bags, 2 bubble envies, a notepad for the refrig. and did someone tell you I am working on the porch this season ?? There was a double sun, made out of rought Iron (SP?) with hooks to hang things on, and a set of coasters too made out of the same Iron.

Nikki, thanks for everything, I look forward to seeing what color calla and canna, and having CHOC MINT in my choc garden is wonderful ! I will have to make hubby mix me up a Straberry Daquiri to break in the coasters..LOL ( non alcoholic ofcourse)

Thanks so much for making this such a wonderful Bday !! Who said turning the big 4-0 was bad ??

Diene, did you not get my questionairre ? I will email you to make sure you have the address.

Sooo, has everyone been outside in the garden ? It is still pretty cold here, but the weekend is to get better.

I am going to try and make time to make a blog of the trip with pictures for everyone to see, anyone able to
recommend a good site to use ?

I hope all is well, I havent seen Deb around, how are you ?Marianne..how are you ? I know Marie has been real busy, I hope she stops in soon. Vic my prayers are with you.

Thanks again for makin this such a great Birthday month !



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Ok KYM, I am crashing your party LOL.

Bunny sent me the Daylilies today(well Thursady now) that she had given me the credit of from her yard for MY bday month, she was SOOOOO SWEET. Instead of sending me 5 like she promised she sent 8 BUNNY, THANK YOU! I can not thank you enough!
Not only did she send them BUT EVERY ONE I asked about! YOU prankster YOU! She told me to pick something else, this one wasn't big enough yet, oh pic something else because I don't think that one can be divided yet either and then she sent them all! BUNNY! LOL....but really I do appreciate it so very much!

What can I say? THANKS!

Ok, Kym, I am glad boxes are arriving. I hope you liked what you received so far. I hope you are enjoying your BDAY Month!

Yes, we need PICS girly!

:) Fran

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You're welcome, Mama Fran. :O) I'm just glad I could share with you & that they all got there OK.

Kym~ I'm happy that you had such a good day yesterday (aside from the DR appt, anyway!). 2 boxes of goodies in one day! I really hope we are all making you feel special this month, you deserve it. :O)

I am kinda wishing now that I had waited a day or two before sending Kym's box. We went to the orchard/fruit farm down the road, and they had all their plants sitting out, and ON SALE!! And gobs and gobs of canna tubers. For .25 each. I'm gonna go back and get some (for me, not for Nik....LOL....I noticed on her info sheet that she *might* have enough. LOL)
ANYWAY, they had the most gorgeous lavendar plants for only $2, and other herbs. TONS of flowers....I couldn't even name them all!
Strawberries were only .49 each (for HUGE plants), and other veggies were 4/$1.50.
I ended up only buying 8 tomatoes, 4 jalapenos & 2 concord grape vines for hubby. He's been begging for them for years. :O) It'll be a nice surprise for him when he gets home.
Oh, and 2 strawberries for the girls.

Maybe NEXT year, I won't have to BUY my veggies. LOL I'll be able to start them from seeds early enough. :O)

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Wow Bunny, wish I could spare some funds this month I would let you go shopping for me! Darn it, that is how it always is, can't have money when great sales are going and have enough to spare when there isn't anything good to get LOL.

Story of my life I say! Well I need to be outside I have a lot to do today....yeah...as always! LOL. So much to do, not enough time to do it in but man it is actually HOT out today!

Bunny, again, I am so tickled with the daylilies. I can't wait to see these and the others I got blooming! it will be so nice! Thanks again sweets!

Kym I looked up that canna that Nikki sent you and WOW, OMG it is totally gorgeous! Have you looked it up? If you haven't you should it is DREAMY!!!!

Nikki WOW, that was a great one to send! I am drooling over it!

Ok, off to go do something productive...not that this isn't but WELL, nothing else is getting done LOL.

Later Ladies...
:) Fran

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Hello All;
I shipped Kym's box today, I wanted to do it yesterday but that did not happen so I rushed to the PO near my house that usually processes things quickly. I waited for them to open. I was hoping that it might get to her tomorrow since she is not that far away. The DC is 0103 8555 7496 7975 1842. I just checked now and instead of sending it south to Portsmouth, NH like they used to, they are now sending it north to Scarborough so rather than getting closer, it is getting further away. You probably will not get it until Monday, sorry Kym.
Second note is that when I returned home I found the baggie that contained all the seeds that were supposed to be in your box. So they are in a separate envie which I will mail tomorrow. Old age is a terrible thing.
I had a great day today, I met up with an old friend who moved to Utah and was back for a wedding. We connected with many of her friends at an outdoor restaurant on the ocean in Cape Elizabeth. The sun was warm and when the breeze subsided it was warm enough for shirt sleeves. The restaurant is very fancy (?) appropriately named "The Lobster Shack". You order your meal, get a number, sit outside at a picnic table until they call your number, pick up your food on the finest plastic trays with high quality paper products and return to your table. The one nice thing is they allow you to bring wine, so we did. We sat until almost 3:30 out in the fresh air nursing our wine. It ended up being myself and one of my best friends alone, solving all the worlds problems when she had a real stroke of luck!! She was christened by a seagull. She did not readily see the luck in this event but I assured her it was supposed to be fortunate. I personally felt very fortunate that the seagull preferred her to me.
It was pretty yucky!! Right on top of her head and she did not have a hat on.
I am sure she is telling a different story but there is some humor in it.
I returned home, DH went out for a pizza for dinner and the boatyard dropped the boat off. We just paid lots of money to have a flush toilet put in it. It used to have a porta-potty set up but that did not work properly and I was tired of having a head on the boat that did not work. DH finally understood he would have no peace until I had a working toilet. MEN.
I cannot wait to try it!! Anyway, we are supposed to have really warm weather tomorrow. They are saying 80's but I know it will not get that warm here on the coast. Still 70's is great for April.
Have a great weekend everyone. I plan on it.

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Sounds like you had loads of fun diene. It was and still is just plain hot here now, it went from to chilly to get out to HOTTER then a red hot poker over a period of hours!
I would have liked some nice cool spring like weather.
Oh well, can't change ma nature and I don't think I am going anywhere anytime soon so I guess I just better put on a grin and bare it!

I did get the fishes out of the holding tank today to clean it out, but I forgot to clean it out....and my plants are sitting out in the hot so I need to get up early in the AM to get that finished so my plants don't fry...

There is never enough time in the day to do what needs to be done....and it is too hot to go to bed at the moment so I am just not a happy camper!

Oh well, I am grinning and I am NOT bareing it well.

:) Fran

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Kym-Your box will definitely go out on Monday. I'm so sorry it's so late. It rained for about 4 days last week and the ground was saturated. Not good for digging up plants. I also have to pick up something for you which I'll be doing Monday morning.

My sister and her DH are here they are staying at a local hotel and we had dinner with them last night. My cousin is having a big memorial and family reunion today. This is for her mom, my aunt, who passed away about 2 months ago. I'm looking forward to seeing relatives I haven't seen in years.

I keep saying this and it's so true. None of the garden centers or nurseries ever have sales here. I think they'd rather throw the plants out. I worked for a local nursery and that's what we did.
Have a great day everyone,

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Good Morning All;
I have already communicated with Fran so she will not be surprised by this message. I have decided to back out of this swap provided Fran can find a replacement. Fran says she has several people who had expressed interest and does not believe it will be a problem.
I really cannot explain my decision except to say it feels like the right thing for me to do, provided there is a replacement.
Those of you who have already received boxes, do not worry about reciprocating, it is never really about the boxes with me. It is about the fun and camaraderie (sp?). Please send your boxes to the person who replaces me.
I will probably still be lurking and will stay committed until I am replaced.
The weather this weekend was supposed to be wonderful but the sun has disappeared already today so I am a bit leery.
Have a great weekend.

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Good morning everyone! I am so excited because I think I may be able to spend the day planting out and working in the yard.
Diene, I am so sorry to hear that you feel you need to get out of our little group. I have enjoyed getting to know you and have been looking forward to being able to make your birthday month special but I understand and know you have your reasons. Funny story about your friend getting "surprised". I cracked up:)
Mariann, Enjoy the time with family. I know it will be special! We had weeks of off and on rain here too. I think this is the first first rain free weekend we've had in over a month. My Dh is out there right now emptying the rain barrel on some very appreciative plants:)
Bunny, WOW what a sale! My birthday is next month... and lavender is my favorite... and I'm starting a vegetable garden.... (grin)
Fran, I'm glad you can appreciate the Canna Phaison. It really is special. I'm not all that crazy about cannas - sometimes the foliage can be a mess but I LOVE that one. I got another nice one in the adopt a newbie swap from Patti: Rosemond Coles. It's a bulb right now but those things take off pretty quick. How are you?
Kym, It's nice to see you around some. I have missed you:) I hope your birthday month is filled with blooms and blessings!
Well I see my dh is fighting with a hose so I better go and rescue him... Nik

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diene, I have not gotten to talk to either of the people that expressed interest in the swap. I hope to over the weekend. Again, I want to tell you openly that you do not have to wait for a replacement if you feel this is what is best for you. I don't want anyone to feel they have to stay in if they are not happy in the group for whatever reason. It is not good for anyone to feel as though they are pressured into staying, and I feel like that might be how you would feel and I wouldn't want that. I wouldn't want anyone to feel like I am making them do something they are not happy doing.
So that being said, you are under no obligation to stay. I appreciate your participation to this point.

If at this time there is anyone else who is not happy and feel like they have to stay and do not want to please let me know. I do not want anyone to feel like they had to stay, although I would appreicate your participation until the swap is finished! BUT, things arise that can not be controlled and I understand this. So please email me and we will talk. Thanks. (KYM, you are NOT included you have to stay...;) hehe, LOVE YAH!)

Nikki, I am not really a canna person either BUT I do like the more unusual ones. The ones with patterned leaves or off color things like that.
I am not into the plain green leaf that blooms yellow, red, or orange LOL.
I am not an iris person either EXCEPT, the ones with the more interesting blooms. Those really frilly ones, or two-toned blooms now those are pretty and if they are rebloomers they are great and I like those.
I am the same way about daylilies sort of, I love the blooms on most of them BUT I perfer the ones that rebloom. However, with daylilies I am sort of attached to them and will get them even if they are not rebloomers. Other stuff I am not that tolerant of LOL.

Mariann, I addressed you on the Cracked Pots thread but I will say again, I am glad you are getting to see your family. My family never gets together. We stopped after my grandma passed away. It is sad really, but things that are the way they are can not be changed I guess.
I can not believe nothing ever goes on sale there, that is just sad. I think it is a pity a company would rather waste something then to mark it down. BUT I KNOW why they don't, because they figure everyone will wait on the sale and then buy and they lose profit so bottom line is to keep it high and maybe not sell all of it!

Melissa, I am not sure exactly when your box arrived. now BUT I figured they would bring the box to me, you know like to my DRIVEWAY well they didn't they stuck it in the BOX because we got one of the larger boxes so those smaller boxes will fit in the mailbox and it never DAWNED on me it might be IN the mailbox...
I am thinking the box was in there all day and got too hot because some of the foliage had started to turn yellow! and I thought oh NO, they got too hot in the mailbox all day....poor little babies.
I was going to straight plant then but since I thought about it and the fact they had been in the mailbox even if it was there just all day I decided to put them in water first then I will plant them I don't want them to go into shock...so I think a water stay is the best for them.
I am going to let them sit in water until we have either over cast days OR we get another rainy day which was posed to be this weekend BUT since the sun is out blaring down today I am not so sure.
BUT I have left daylilies in water for a while and they seem to love it....so that is where these babies will be becasue Mama Fran wants to make sure these beauties make it!

Here is a list of what Miss Bunny sent so you all can ohhh and ahh over them, ready? (these are truly beauties REALLY!)
Chocolate Mocha (WELL of COURSE I HAD to have it, it has CHO. AND Mocha in the name!)
Pixie Beauty (well there are many reasons I wanted this one!)
Raspberry Pixie (again many reasons look at the NAME lol)
Strawberry Hill (I am trying to get food named plant and I love Strawberry anything lol)
Puddin(again it is a food name ;)hehe)
Bugs Hugs
And a lone Iris, Bunny how did this end up in there? LOL, I like it though it is a WILD flowered one! NICE!!!
Bewilder Beast

OK well guess since it is still hot outside I am going to do some more seeds in the baggie method!

:) Fran

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Glad you are enjoying them, Mama Fran. I think the DL's will be fine- you can pretty much microwave the suckers, and they will STILL survive. LOL Don't ask me how I know that. :O)
The iris~ well, it needed divided. And was right next to Pixie Beauty. I'm going to have TONS of iris to divide this fall. Most needed it last year, but since I couldn't even see my feet then, it was nearly impossible to do any *real* gardening.

And I, for one, love cannas! Hubby likes them even more. I usually am not one for the tropical looking things, and cannas sort of are, to me. But I like them for some reason. I've only got an orange one, but I really enjoy it. I'd love to find a variegated one at some point. And a red one. And do they make pink?? LOL!

Nik~ Hmmmm....seems like I *might* have found some lavender with your name on it..... My memory is failing right now.....LOL! I read your info sheet before heading out on Friday.....And that's all I will say about that. ;O) You'll just have to wait and see what the Bunny brings you. Have you been a good girl??

Diene~ I'm sorry to have you leave us! :O( But we've enjoyed having you as much as we have. I hope you know that.

Off to find something to do. Yay!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

I just wanted to add to Fran's post and say that we really don't have to add anyone else. Our group is established and we are already 1/2 way through so I for one say let's just leave things as is after Diene leaves - After all, I think that we all agree that Diene is IRREPLACABLE!! Did I spell that right? We love you Diene:) Nik

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Amen, Nik!
I couldn't agree more! :O)

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Good evening everyone !!

Diene, I too have thought of leavin the swap with all my physical limitations it makes some days harder to "do my part" in the swap...so I understand, sure wish you would reconsider tho. Also, thanks so much for sending to me, even when you were leaving the group.

PLEASE dont worry about sending to me late, Marianne...as I DID ask for the boxes to be late. I will LOVE them anytime !

Bunny, I wish we had sales LIKE THAT here ! WOW, that is some deals !!

We went to a nursery today, my fav, and the man that owns it ALWAYS comes and tells me what is new this season, etc etc...SOOOO, I just HAD to get a few before they were all gone. I bought several things for Krystal and I's new (started last season) mini garden. We are going to make decorations to put inside of it...they had the most adorable mini begonia...and some succulents. I also got a varigated flowering maple, and some humming bird plants, I AM GONNA SEE THEM THIS SEASON, I JUST KNOW IT....LOL

Fran, your not getting my canna, nope, no way, no how...LMAO. I bet you will be askin in the fall for seeds, or a peice huh ? LOL

Those daylilies will be fine...I had some lay in the GH out of a pot all winter, and they are still growing...LOL Bunny, microwave them ???? is there a story behind that ? LOL

Nikki, thanks for missing me...it means alot ! I sent ya an email. How did the slumber party go ?

Diene, it sounds like you had a great time seeing your friend, I am soo glad !! I was able to see two old friends on my trip, and that was the best part of going !! That is so funny about your friend getting christianed by the gulls...they sure are good at that !! They said 80 for the inland here, and 70s for the coast ..the water is only 40 degrees, so they said it will keep our temps down. It sure was NICE today !! Im also glad to hear you have a working potty, not so much fun the other way ! MEn have it easy...LOL

We were able to work outside a bit today....well, ok hubby did and I made sure he was pulling WEEDS and not my PLANTS...LOL He seems to think they are all weeds, MEN !
SOO the biggest bed has been weeded, a LOT more to go.

Ok, sorry this is jumbled and I rambled....I just wanted to say HI, and thank you ALL for making this such a wonderful bday this year for me.

Fran, did ya sow them seeds YET ???? HUH HUH DID YA ????

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Yes Bunny they come in pink, and white too.
The link below is a link to a pink one! LOL, but I don't think you would want to spend that much money on a pink one.

Yes, Kym I have been starting seeds. I did 12 more packs yesterday and 18 today I guess since I am on here I will not get more done tonight LOL.

I worked a little outside today and I had to water stuff.
I have so much that needs to be done, I feel like we are nver going to get it done. It is getting done very little at a time. Now that it is hot it will be even slower. It sucks.

Well at any rate I guess I should find something constructive to do.

:) Fran

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink Canna

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Oh, Now Mama Fran.....THAT was cruel....
Why, oh, why would you show me that??
Now I want one.

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Bunny girl, let me see what I can do about finding you one. Don't pout to much. Hey you just asked IF they come in that color, I wanted to show you YES they do LOL. SORRY.
It will be fine, remember how much THAT one cost. It is NOT worth it. They can be found a lot cheaper then that.

So how is everyone's weekend? Mine is HOT. I did get all my new plants I went shopping for in pots, I decided it was better to put them in pots and wait until my new flowerbed is ready. I didn't want to chance losing any, maybe they will start growing well and then when I put them in their new home they will continue to grow well.
I thought I had a lot more then what I have but oh well. I have seeds started too so those will fill in the spot pretty well too.
I can't wait to get the yard did up like I HOPE I can. I think it will look SOOO good. There is a corner of the front yard it is the very front front I am wanting to put in a shade garden I have been watching it and there is a LARGE oak tree up there and it is pretty shaded so I think it would be a prefect spot for that!

I still haven't gotten all the hosta in the new hosta bed yet but it is coming along well though. Maybe I will get it finished soon. It is smaller then I had hoped it would be, but we had to work around a pipe and he told me he would extend it so I can plant around it too.
Hopefully that will get done soon too so I can extend the bed it will give me about 15 extra square feet and as you know every little bit helps! LOL.

OK well once again I have rambled, oh and KYM, I DID get more seeds in baggies last night lol. I did 22 more after I talked to you so that was 41 total for yesterday, 18 the other day and 51 for Earth Day...yeap I am gonna have a LOT of plantin' to do if all these make it LOL.

OK, NOW I am gonna go check on the other threads!
Enjoy your Sunday, what is left of it that is.

:) Fran

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I just wanted to pop on and ask if everyone enjoy the GREAT weather as much as DID today !!

My dad took me to a flea market..and I got a few good deals. Two bird houses (new) for $1 a peice. Two window boxes (new and in the box) I got BOTH for $1, cant buy the wood for 50 cents, ya know ! I also picked up an OLD feed can, and watering can. I also bought a YUMMIE watermelon, that we enjoyed with our dinner off the grill tonight.

Hubby also tore out the pond today, what is with men and having to keep redoing the ponds ??? UGHHH !

I was surprised to see some of the wintersowing as HIGH as the containers today also. I will go out tomorrow and remove the rest of the TOPS.

Ohhh, and I started 18 containers of annual on Earth day, AND have 8 full of sprouts ALREADY !

Soooo, what did you do today ?? How is your garden ?

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I worked outside a lot today Kym, I wish I had gotten more done but there is only so much one person can do BUT I am working on it and that is what matters.
I have so many ideas for flowerbeds and I want to get all of them started an it just isn't possible. It irks me that I can't get anything done because this needs THAT and THAT needs something else everything that needs to be done needs something else to start it or finish it and we can't get ANY of it done at the moment because of this or that!
I will be glad when things come together and works out. I can't wait to get all these new beds in, it will look so different here.

OK well I need to get off here, I have been writing this for an hour, got sidetracked talking to KYM! LOL.
Later everyone!

:) Fran

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Dienes box came as my dad was helping me take my tops off, OF MY jugs....ah...WINTER SOWING BUNNY !! LOL

We cleaned up the porch, and it doesnt look like a pot ghetto anymore, I hid them a bit, and cleaned up and we can actually EAT on the table again. (outside, inside is still covered..ha ha)

Soo, I came in to take a break, since I couldnt wait to see what was inside.

Diene, sent me many PLANTS, and I really need them, it takes soo long to get the beds to look like something.

Ok, so....Here is what Diene sent..and It really is too bad your wanting to leave our group.

There was a flower vase with chinese writing, and flowers (one small flower is off, but I am sure I can super glue it) My daughter is always getting flowers from boys, so it will get much use.

A bag of candy, and JUST when I finished the eggs from Bunny. It has York Peppermint candies, and Pecan Torte with choc...I guess I wont be going for any blood tests this week.LMAO (shhh, dont tell...LOL)

Ok, I have to say I was tickled to get the sand dollars. I looked ALL over Florida, and only found broken ones on the beaches. Diene, are they from the shore there ?

Also, there was a refrig pad of paper, hand cream that is herbal, a cute stain glassed Iris plant marker.

And for the plants, there was.... Hosta, Iris, Sib. Iris, Spirea (which I wanted to buy yesterday and didnt, so glad I waited !) bleeding heart and a daylilly I beleive. Diene, I have to email u about the one, not sure how to grow, or what it is.

Thanks so much for sending, esp since you planned on leaving us. Kinda makes me feel bad, accepting your gifts. I do appreciate you takin the time.

Thanks again to you ALL, It has really made this year extra special. It is so nice out, I am gonna go see if Dad will plant the plants from Nikki and Diene in the garden for me.

Hugs and much thanks


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Great box from Diene, Kym! :O) Of course, she ALWAYS sends great boxes.
And no more taking your top off outside, young lady! LOL!

I just posted all my daylily & iris on Craigslist. I'm trying to find clothes for my girls, so I am hoping someone will want to trade some clothes for some flowers. We'll see. :O)
I have the HARDEST time finding clothes for them. Lili has nothing over a 3 months size, and those are getting small (finally!). We gave away EVERYTHING after Adora grew out of it, since we *thought* we were finished. lOL
Adora doesn't get hand-me-downs from Aubeni, because she is SO tom-boy that nothing is spared from holes or stains. And I do mean NOTHING. The girl can ruin a dress at church, for heaven's sake! LOL
And Aubeni...well, I haven't bought anything new for HER since she was 2. It's just been stuff from Freecycle, since she goes through them so quickly.
ANYWAY...I've been looking for 2 months now, and haven't had any luck. Figured I'd "barter" on craigslist for some.
Wish me luck!! :O)

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Kym-Your box is racing to the PO as I write via DH! He and I took a side trip to Well-Sweep Herb Farm this morning. Just to add one extra item to your box. It's heavy so don't strain yourself.LOL
DC# 01038555 7497 1361 3273

diene-Sorry you're leaving. Hope all is well with you.

I'm trying to catch up but I've been so busy. The memorial for my aunt was really great. My cousin's DH set up a slide show via his computer. What a wiz he is. I couldn't believe some of the pictures of me as a little one and as I grew older. Those family pictures brought back so many memories. Afterward we went to my cousins house for a family party and dinner. A great time was had by all. There was a time when I had 23 cousins on my mom's side. I can't believe so many of them are gone. Fran-my mom's family stopped getting together after my grandparents passed too. I tried to stay in touch as much as possible. Actually I've stayed in touch with everyone who was there on Saturday. My last surviving aunt was there, she's 90!!! DH and I had breakfast with my sister and her DH Sunday morning before they left. Then off to feed daughter's cats while she's in Florida. Her DH's grandmother passed away on Thursday. One of my cousins and I are getting together on Wednesday while she's still up here. Looking forward to more reunion time.

I know I've missed everyone here. I promise to catch up!
Hugs to all

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Bunny, my little girl is too big, or Id offer you her clothes. Have you tried a looking for post on freecycle, I always see a great response on there when people need kids clothes.

Marianne, WOW, thanks so much ! I have never heard of the farm..I will make sure dad picks up the box..LOL It sounds like you had a great time with your family, and what better way to celebrate someones life. I hope you have a good visit on Weds.

I have a friend with a summer home on the shore In NJ..I may be going there this summer, maybe if your nearby we can meet.

Ok, Well, Im tired from having to take my top off today, haha, so I am off to rest. Have a wonderful tuesday, my kids are off school, so we have a full day planned.



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Hey Kym;
The daylily is Barbara Mitchell which is a really nice one and very prolific. It blooms for me for months and expands rapidly. Your seeds are still sitting on the counter in an envelope. Yes the sanddollars came from the beach here. This is the time of year they show up usually. The boat came home on Friday night and that has interfered with many things. I am getting cranky as the weather has definitely been gardening weather and I have not been able to spend much time in the garden.
HNB- I have a friend who has a one year old daughter and I am sure she is not having anymore. I will ask her what she is doing with Bella's clothes.
I am really feeling badly about dropping out but this was becoming more of a chore than a joy. Sorry guys.
It may just be a phase I am going through but I cannot help it.

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Hi all! Diene, that was a great box you sent Kym. I'm sorry to hear that things are becoming more of a chore for you. Take some time and find that joy - maybe with the boat home (is the new rr in?), you can spend some time in the garden. That daylily sounds pretty, Kym. You are going to have to show us pics when it blooms.
Bunny, Sarah Kate is outgrowing size currently. I can look and see if she has anything if you have anyone who fits that size. Please let me know your sizes. I have tons of friends with little girls and we are always "trading" clothes:) It just seems crazy not to send them to someone else when they are in good shape.
Kym, I never got to tell you about Sarah Kate's slumber party. We had 8 little giggling girls all night. They ate, swam, painted, watched movies, ate popcorn, painted some more and then finally they slept... all laid out in their pretty little sleeping bags - so cute and so much fun! You have never seen so many fancy little overnight bags, sleeping bags, and jammies. They definately didn't make that stuff when we were little - or maybe I just didn't have it. The best part was Sarah Kate. She just had the best time! I'm so happy we did it - but I'm sure glad it's over - phew!
Fran, make sure you are enjoying the gardening. Don't become so overwhelmed that you don't have fun with it. Inch by inch, row by row as they say:)
Mariann, Your surviving aunt is 90? Wow, I bet she has great stories to share. My great grandmother lived to be 102. We used to love to sit on "Big Mama"'s porch and swing and share stories. She always had petunias growing in rectangular containers. The family always visited those days. Somehow we always made time. So sad that I rarely see that side of the family anymore...
Fran, Did you get my email?

    Bookmark   April 27, 2009 at 9:11PM
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YESSSSSS Nikki, I did I am SLACK sorry. No really I have been so busy. I WILL answer I promise....
I am so glad the girls had a blast. I NEVER got to do ANYTHING as a kid...not fun stuff anyway.

I truly miss sharing and spending time with the family. I HOPE that in the event my kids have kids they will come visit like we did. I MISS having family around, but HEY at least I have all of you and my other GW family. We may not be that close but I can honestly say I have made some really great friends here I wish we could meet! Maybe someday we will be able to really do that!

diene MAN! Barbara Mitchell?! Kym that is a fantastic daylily there your lucky to get that one girl!
And those sanddollars! I love those! I would LOVE to live near the beach AHHHHHH....
don''t feel to bad diene you did what you feel was best for you.

Umm, ladies that leaves October open, do we want to do a Halloween swap or not? If so we can plan on doing it now and we will know it is coming! Let me know if you would like too. I LOVE Halloween lol.

Deb, I read on the OTHER thread you are having another sale for the rest of your mom's stuff. Fill a bag for 5.00 wow, that should move a lot of it! I hope so, I hope you can get a rest soon.

MARIE???? Are you around? What's up? I know your busy but if you could just peek in and say a quick HI.....:)

The new hosta bed is coming along slowly it still isn't as big as I would like it to be! Darn it! LOL. But then again the shade over there isn't that big either, not yet anyway there is a BIG tree over there I am hoping it will shade that area, but not sure if it will.

Hey, I didn't tell you all that we have a PEACH tree on the property did I? In all that mess I said we were chopping down on the left side of the house well there it was! I knew it was some kind of fruit tree, BUT I thought it was a cherry tree but when we got in there and could see it I saw the lance leafs and I am SOOO happy. I HOPE it is a GOOD one. ALSO was out there Saturday cleaning out around the big tree and I found a baby peach tree about 5 inches tall I am SOOOOO happy. I don't know where it is going yet but it IS getting planted in the yard for sure!

Mariann, I WANNA KNOW what you got at Well Sweep? I am SOOOO jealous that it is so close to you! I want to visit so badly! I guess I will know what it is when Kym post what it is huh? LOL. Did you pick up anything for yourself?

KYM, please keep your top on, I am sure that showing your jugs is NOT what winter sowing is about hehe. I hope you are enjoying you month and you have been made to feel special!
Kym you haven't told anyone what I am gifting you, are you gonna wait until you actually receive? Is so that is FINE.
Everyone, I have gifted Kym...lol. She just hasn't actually RECEIVED anything as of yet it will be a bit before she gets my 'GIFT' ;). But she is getting something.
Just let me know if you want to post when you actually receive it or if you would like to share now, ME I would wait until I receive LOL....

OK, I have rambled yet again. Have a wonderful night ladies. I will be headed to bed in a bit myself!

:) Fran

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Kym-I'd love to meet up with you. I've met 2 other GW members over the years. The reason I was able to fill your box with heavy things is that you are not that far from me. Doing postage by weight is a big help.

Nik-I'm so happy that the slumber party was a big hit!

Fran-I bought another 'King Of Hearts' bleeding heart. The one I had didn't come back this year. As a matter of fact I paid for that from the gift card my DH gave me for Christmas.

My get together, on Wednesday, with my one cousin is becoming another reunion. My cousin who's mom passed away is coming on Wednesday too. Plus maybe one of my other cousins it'll be a girls day out. Fran-Don't be jealous! We're going to Well-Sweep again. One of my cousins is a Master Gardner and when she lived up here she loved going to Well-Sweep. She moved down to W. Virginia years ago.
Have a great day everyone

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Diene & Nik~ Thanks so much for the offers of help!
I have looked on craigslist & freecycle....and yardsales. Either no one has the right sizes, or they are asking so much for them, it'd make more sense to buy new things. No one else in the family has little girls, either. It's all boys.
I'm looking for sizes 3/6 or 6/9 months, 3T and 6/8. Any in between would work, too, since the girls are growing so fast. LOL
If ya'll find any, just let me know how much to send you for postage and cost. I can't tell you how much I appreciate ya'll thinking of us!! :O)

Fran~ A peach tree?! Yay!! LOL We keep meaning to plant new fruit trees, but always miss the spring planting time. And peaches don't seem to do so well here. We *tried* to save our apple tree after the ice storm....but it's looking pretty sad. I'll have to post some pictures of it, the poor thing. Worst indignity it's had to endure in it's 30+ years of life, I'll bet! LOL

I think an October swap would be fun- a "Wrap it Up" sort of thing, with a fall theme, maybe. Nothing big, since it's getting closer to the holidays.....but just something to go out with a bang. :O)

Okie dokie, gotta skip over to the other threads.

    Bookmark   April 28, 2009 at 9:55AM
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Bunny, If I did yardsaleing I would help you out as well BUT I NEVER go yardsaleing. Don't go to trade lots don't do much of anything FUN! It is sad really!
YES, a PEACH tree, isn't it PEACHY? heheh....I am THRILLED, I do so love them! AND it is FULL of peaches wooohoooo!

I think a October Swap would be fun, but again if ya'll don't want to let me know.

Mariann, another trip to Well Sweep WOW, you just KNOW how to rub it in hard huh? LOL. You just think of me a LOT when your there LOL. Everytime you see a plant think AHHH, Fran would want you LOL.

Well, I am gonna skip on over to the other groups/swaps I am in...

Later ladies,
:) Fran

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Hey Bunny,
I just found out about a great new place on the net to get baby clothes, they may or may not be in your area but check the link I am posting to see.
You have to check to see if they are in your area but it sounded like a nice place to get things if you need them and can find something you need and is in your area.
I hope it is near you!

:) Fran

Here is a link that might be useful: Handmedowns.com

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OK, Everyone must be in the garden, I feel so alone!
Guess I will get out there too....


    Bookmark   April 29, 2009 at 3:46PM
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It's just been crazy hectic here, Mama Fran! Everything breaks all at once, ya know? :O)

How many boxes is Ms Kym still waiting on?
I hope you're still having a great month, Kym! Wish we could make it longer for you!!

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Well, I cant beleive the "garden in a box" I recd today from Marianne !!! The plants just kept comin out of that box, and you should have heard me scream...at the SPIDER she sent me too....LMAO ( my poor dad came running) Sorry I squished him before I thought to keep him as a pet...ha ha

Marianne, sent me a really cute homemade card, it even had my name on it, so neat ! Then there was a catalog for the Well Sweep farm, they do have some really nice stuff.

Ok, so here is what was in my 'garden in a box'

I have to note, that my cat LOVED the shredded paper. ( pic to follow)

3 hardy lilies HOT CHOCOLATE MIX
3 iris...fictian, carribean dream, summer olympic
daylily, sammy russell
daylilly little grapette
daylilly, hyperion

( I just told someone I didnt have any daylillies, NOW I do..LOL)

rudbeckia goldstrum
sedum frosty morn
sedum mediovatigatrum

(how did ya know i wanted more sedums ? SO COOL)

maidenhair fern
trout lilly

Hubby just made me a new area in the shade that is going to be GREAT for them.

columbine, william guiness ( this is going on the choc garden )

monarda 'blue stocking' ( I have to find a good spot for the hummers to see this one !)

then she added a plant from the Well Sweep farm, and it is.. a....

butterfly bush 'royal red' and we had a 60 ft tree come down on the house last year, and took out the bushes out front, so this will be going there ..for me to enjoy from the livingroom.

ALSO, there was a pack of 10 plant tags, that with all these plants will surely be needed.

Marianne, thanks SOOO much ! You really went over board, and I love them ALL !!

WIth the plants I recd from Nikki, Bunny, Diene and Marianne my yard wont look so empty this season. You all really made this a special month for me, thanks !!

Fran is holding a 100 swap, which she somehow got me to join...LOL WELL, she offered to cover the postage for me, for my bday present. Thanks Fran, I cant wait to see what I receive in that swap too !!

Bunny, I think that is it unless Marie and Vic show up ??

Diene, I keep wanting to email you, there was a plant inside of a blue bag, with no name on the bag...that was the one i wasnt sure on, and sorry I didnt realize that was the name of the plant, when I saw Barbara, i honestly thought you were re using the bag...LOL Thanks for letting me know !!

much thanks for an amazing BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!

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OMG Kym that is Funny about Barbara! You know I think that cat is adorable!

Mariann, WOW, Kym went through the box with me via messenger and I was like you got WHAT? and WHAT? and WHAT??? so nice. You did a fantastic job, all those are plants she really wanted.

Bunny, BREATHE...lol.

I am not thinking Vic will send anytime soon.

I am not sure what is up with Marie. I hope she shows up soon. I do know she said she would owe Kym and I, but haven't heard anything since.

Ok well off to another thread...

:) Fran

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Kym-I can't believe I sent you a spider. I would have screamed too!! Don't know what it is about them they're just creepy. Bad spider! I wash everything off so carefully I have no idea where it came from. I'm glad you liked what I sent.

Cats can make fun happen out of the most ordinary things can't they??? Cute picture.
Have a great day everyone

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Wow, GREAT box! :O)
But then, Mariann always sends wonderful things.....well, except for that spider. LOL

I hope everything is OK with Marie. I know she's running like mad, trying to get everything done that she needs to.
Haven't seen her post anywhere for quite awhile, though.....kinda concerned.

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Ok, Now ALL the plants are potted up, been doing it as they arrived, and I have done my best to keep all the gifts together, other then the choc eggs Bunny sent, those have been eaten..LOL

I would like to thank you ALL for making this such a special birthday month !! I will be enjoying the plants for years and years to come, and will always remember turning 40 !!

Diene, this is the one I didnt know what it is...


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Hey that is the SAME bath kit Bunny sent me, well it is the SAME bag anyway LOL. But it's too cute!

I see some NICE stuff in those pics, some REALLY nice plants LOL.

Thanks so much for sharing the pics with us Kym, I like seeing what everyone gets!

I still need to get pics of the birdfeeder and Hangy thangy Vic sent me,,,hmmmm seems like there was something else she sent me I needed to get a pic of,,,,don't remember what that was.
I know you all know what a hydrangea looks like and it is outside now so I will not be doing a pic of it LOL.

Mariann, it was funny when Kym told me about the spider, I thought she was going to have a hissy fit...LOL it was funny, I said KYM it is OK to TOUCH the stuff he didn't have family in there. I KNOW it was on the plants some how, that is just the danger of plants. Something can always hide no matter HOW much you wash it...
It was FUNNY though sorry Kym, I am GLAD it was YOU and NOT ME! LOL.

Well I just thought I would pop in to see what was going on until supper is finished...I am STARVING!

:) Fran

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LOL Mama Fran~ I caught a good sale on those bags, and thought they were cute....so I stocked up. :O) I have lots more, so chances are good that someone else will get one for their birthday, too!
I'm a bag nut, what can I say?

Kym~ All those goodies look wonderful! The plants look great, very happy indeed. :O)

Guess I'll go finish supper for my kiddos....I am SO tired & stressed right now, I'm goobering up all kinds of things.

I just DRAINED the can of spaghetti sauce, for cryin out loud. Do you KNOW how long that takes??
Seems it's mostly liquid. LOL

Ah well.
Tomorrow's another day, right? :P

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OMG BUNNY, what is up with you?

You know I actually have a recipe that calls for you to drain salsa, NO JOKE it is a breakfast dish but pretty good and I have made it for supper too, BUT mine always came out kind of RUNNY and I couldn't figure out WHY when I watched the video that one looked dry and right. SOOOO, I looked at the directions REALLY close and WELL you are posed to DRAIN the SALSA DUH!!!

NOW THIS BEING SAID, I do NOT think you are to drain the spaghetti sauce because I do not think it would be to yummy without the runny stuff in there ;)!

BUNNY I said it before and I WILL say it again BREATHE!

YES TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY and you WILL get through this one!!!

Umm KYM? I was looking at your plants up there, what are those BROWN STICKS in the RED CUP? Is it ALIVE? DID the ROOTS look WHITE? or BROWN? If it is DEAD WHY did you stick dead twigs in dirt? BECAUSE it looks DEAD to ME?! Those aren't from THIS swap are they?

OH and I wanted to mention the GIFT I am giving Kym is postage for the WHOLE swap FOR the trip HERE and BACK to her!!! SO, don't go thinking I am not giving her something nice! I am...:) I thought that would help her out too, at least I hope it is!!! BUT just seeing it written on the thread as POSTAGE in a SWAP doesn't look like too much LOL.

:) Fran

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Plant of the day:

That just struck me as funny, Mama Fran! :O)

*breathing through fits of giggles*

    Bookmark   April 30, 2009 at 8:42PM
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Fran, I just LOVVVVVEEE to grow sticks, they take no care, no watering, and always look the same...LIKE A STICK...LMAO

It IS a plant I recd from the swap, and I am HOPING that it will throw up some new growth from the roots.

Thanks for the laughs, Ill go watch my stick grow...LOL

    Bookmark   April 30, 2009 at 9:02PM
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My smoke bush in my yard has not even put out any buds yet but I know it is still alive and well so you just go ahead and plant those sticks. If you could have seen what I brought home from the store for this smoke bush you would be howling. DH is still in awe that it not only survived but has thrived.
Good luck with your sticks Kym.

    Bookmark   April 30, 2009 at 9:27PM
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Diene, I have planted many things that look like they have lost life, and gotten them to grow, I LOVE to have a challenge with the plants !!

Im glad I am not alone in planting STICKS....we New Englanders must "stick" together...ha ha

    Bookmark   April 30, 2009 at 9:39PM
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I have my package all sealed up and ready to go! Sorry it's late! I'll post the DC# in the morning.

This month went by soooo fast! I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything. ;)


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Hello Kym;
I realized I never responded to your question about the mystery plant and that is because I do not know what it is. I was going to look up from last year's gardens what grew there but now I forget where I dug it from. It could be phlox (maybe), actually I have no idea but it seems to spread by underground roots so I would put it somewhere containable until you decide whether you want to keep it. I think it must be something really nice as I will not keep things that have invasive tendencies unless I really like them.

    Bookmark   May 2, 2009 at 7:46AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Diene, thanks, I love surprises, I just wasnt sure where to plant it...I look forward to seeing what it does !! I am not one to have to have names...I appreciate the plant !!

Deb, thanks so much, Ill be stalking the mail lady...LOL

We went to Lowes this weekend and they had a sale on the perennials in the 4 inch pots, so i came home with 7 heuchera, and two mounding plants with white blooms. They are calling for rain all week, YUCKKKK !!

OK, I know, we should be on the MAY thread, but...I cant let go of my month...tee hee !!

    Bookmark   May 4, 2009 at 2:46AM
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It's ok Kym you started late LOL.

:) Fran

    Bookmark   May 4, 2009 at 6:40AM
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The DC# for my package~ 0308 2040 0001 9066 2263.
Sorry it's late!


    Bookmark   May 4, 2009 at 10:59PM
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Kym-You have a lot of great birthday birthday presents there! Plus a spider-They do eat insects though and that's a good thing...Right???LOL

Fran-Explain about the postage thing??? That you sent Kym... You sent her postage so that she could send boxes to everyone in this swap???

Sticks in a cup....LOL I've grown them too-very decorative. Sometimes my cuttings look like that. Then hopefully they sprout new leaves.

Bunny-I wouldn't mind getting one of those gift bags. Cute!

    Bookmark   May 5, 2009 at 2:08AM
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Mariann, on the postage thing, Kym is participating in the 100 Limit Plant Swap, this is were everyone sends me their box of plants, then I send what they wanted from what came in BACK to them.
I am covering Kym's postage for the swap. Which depending on how much she plans on sending in could be a nice amount LOL.

Well, I guess she will post here what she received from Deb when she gets it....

Headed to bed, night ladies,
:) Fran

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Hey Everyone, I recd some GREAT seeds from Diene, Annnnd My box is here from Deb !! I think this is going to be the best lookin yard around this summer ! I cant wait !!

Diene sent me...

impatient mix ( ive never done them from seed, cant wait !)
pink astilbe
asters fuschia ( gotta get them going, I love asters !)
fireball ALLIUM

ALL seeds I really really wanted, sooo AWESOME, thanks so much !!

Debs box contained.....

morning glory seeds ( I just said I needed more !)
cleome seeds ( bflies will love them)

Boston Ivy, I just saw this in a book, and wanted it, so cool

aloe plant ( hubby already claimed this one)

Iris, unknown color

4 glad bulbs

a really cute candle light..did you make this Deb ?

a cute little birdhouse, I am gonna use with my plants in the kitchen.

a snowman, which is really cute...cant wait to use him !

a silicone toppings spatula, which will be great at Christmas when we make all our cookies.

Thanks so Much Deb...I really appreciate everything.

Diene, thanks for sending the seeds...and I got alot of growth on the "unknown" plant, it is loving all the rain.

Thanks again to you all for making this a wonderful BDAY !!

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Hi Kym,
Yes, I made the lamp! I went to a local gift shop and got the idea there, they wanted $35 for the lamp. Went to Michael's and purchased a bunch of paint, clay saucers, greenery, lamp bases, etc. and had so much fun putting them together. I love crafting occasionally, it takes my mind off of everything. I also made the silicone bulb! Just a regular bulb that was dipped in silicone (hung upside down for a day).
The lamps make such cute accent (nightlight lamps). I'm so glad it didn't break, I tried to wrap it well.


    Bookmark   May 8, 2009 at 10:58PM
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