Most productive cherry tomato

BioTomatoJanuary 10, 2012

What is the most productive cherry tomato? I am have very limited planting space and am growing only cherries so I need the most prolific. Also tell how you grew them to get the most tomatoes (raised bed, earthtainer, etc).

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oh, and additionally, who has grown burpee cherries jubilee, ss100, and yellow/red pear?

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bart1(6/7 Northern VA)

I've grown and continue to grow Super Sweet 100. I find them VERY prolific. In fact, I find all the cherries to be TOO prolific. After about a month of picking, I can't take it anymore and practically ignore the plants.

What I've been doing for the past few years is planting 2 or 3 different cherries per cage. This way, in the space that 1 fullsize tomato would take up, I can get a red, yellow and green cherry. The added benefit is that each plant only produces about 1/3 of what it would normally produce so I'm not completely over run and I get a nice variety of colors.

This year I'm doing 2 cages with cherries. One will have gold, red and white, the other will have yellow, black and green.

It takes some initial pruning to keep all the plants the same size, but for me, it's a good way to save space while still getting a lot of variety.


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I've grown Yellow Pear. It was grown in a 15 gallon pot in Fox Farm Ocean Forrest potting soil. It was a prolific producer of cardboard tasting tomatoes. No one in my family cared to eat more than one.

Most cherries produce tons of fruit. The only cherry I have grown that did not produce well was Black Cherry. They just took to long to ripen.

To date my favorite Cherry is Sungold. The plants get big and produce plenty of tasty sweet cherry tomatoes. I grow it in raised beds with a large trellis and drip irrigation.

This year I will be trialling Sweet Million. It would be nice to eventually have a Gold a Red and a Green cherry. I'm thinking Green Dr. or Green Grape will be trialled in my garden before to long. I would have this season but I'm trialling two new Pastes and five new Heat Set varieties along with Sweet Million.

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Well, I would think you would want most productive AND best tasting, because who wants bucketfuls of YUCK!? (aka Yellow Pear)
And keep in mind if you have a small space, you might not be able to grow the "most productive".
But of all the cherries I have tried (which must be 30 to 40 varieties over the years) I would say Sungold and Sweet Million would fit that bill. But both of these can grow to four feet wide, and my Sungolds usually grow up higher than the roofline on a double-stacked cage and over and down the cages again, so keep that in mind for your small spaces!

Carla in Sac

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Sungold is both great tasting and prolific. It likes to fruit early too. Last year I had so many that I finally found a recipe that uses the Sungold tomatoes in a pasta sauce and I made that almost every week last summer.

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Try Favorita, available thru Johnny's. Seed are relatively expensive but I've found that they will outproduce just about anything else I've grown in high tunnels in a long season. Unlike other red cherry types these maintain a more uniform size throughout a long (7 month) picking season.

Keep in mind that you will rarely get the yield potential of any variety growing in a pot. I also feel that by supporting plants with a stringline from high tunnel frame and lowering the line during the season the indt. cherry varieties, which often will approach 20 ft of stem height, will be allowed to produce up to twice as much as if they were just allowed to sprawl.

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