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llbean(z5 MI)April 2, 2008

Ha.. Bet that got your attention.

Well I am back, and I did miss you all so much. I missed out on the fun of the holidays and I missed out on all of your lives for many months. However, I am here for a little reclaim..

As I understand it, everyone seems a bit busy for the April Salad Bar swap, but I was really looking forward to a little OBF swapping (which is nothing like wife swapping, gutter minds).. So anyway...

I missed the Holidays: SO................ I thought that anyone who might want to participate has some VERY STRICT rules to follow.. and heed my warning: the rules will be followed:

1. Pick Your Holiday: Thanksgiving forward..

2. You have a 6.00 limit that is the number of months I have been gone.

3. Have your names to me by the first of next week so I can pair off.

4. Your postage can not exceed the cost of the 6.00.

5. If you can't think of a Holiday gift, then you can give a garden relaxing gift.

I know you all hit the after holiday sales:

Some examples of Holiday gifts: Christmas cards for this year,

Valentines cards, a Made CD of Christmas music, a made CD of your favorite bump and Grind music for Valentines day, any decorations that fall within the time frame.

Garden relaxation maybe your favorite lotion to use after gardening.

your favorite wine to guzzle after gardening.

A candle, bubblebath to relax..

Come on your all creative, I know you.

You must post what you received.

and just for Kicks: What you really wanted for Christmas and what you got.. Catch me up.

Ps.. I wanted new garden tools (hand shovel, trowel, gloves and one of those cool stand up bags that looks like a carpenters belt for chicks).

I got a bug sucker vaccuum.. No seriously, he bought me a bug sucker. This is to the girl who is to lazy to get up and throws her shoe across the room to kill a spider. Now he thinks I am gonna keep it charged, find it where Max leaves it after sucking up legos or tormenting my dogs, and then suck a live bug up, and then what? Take it outside? yeah RIGHT.. He shoulda went to good will bought me the BIGGEST man's shoe he could find and this way I would have never missed!

Oh well...

Let me know.. Also this is on the side this is not replacing the April swap, this is just a small small exchange.. UNDER 6.00

Last time Remy, how she did it I don't know stayed WAY under budget and gave a whopper of a gift and then told us her secrets of how to bargin those good deals, so I am ready to roll..

Missed you ladies.


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llbean(z5 MI)

as always: NO HOSTESS GIFTS.. Kroger has 10/$10.00 and there are many canned goods.. Save the $ donate $2.00 worth of beans or something to the local soup kitchen..
Psss.. Check out :
I have saved (Seriously) 850.00 a month on groceries with this site. It does require coupon cutting for the best deals. But my pantry is so full, that I now can donate weekly to the local shelter.

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wynative(z5 WY)

~ I got a bug sucker vaccuum ~

OMG!! I am still laughing and I read that over 10 minutes ago - That is truely priceless!

I will be the first to sign up. Don't know what holiday I will pick yet, I will post that later.

What I got for Christmas: 2 sweaters - We are in the store (husband, daughter & I), they both ask what I would like. I take them around pointing out color & sizes of pj's, slipper's and let them know that if they can't decide that a certificate will be wonderful... fast forward to Christmas morning... #1 package - HIDIOUS cream colored sweater from husband that is WAYYYY to small and looks like something Grandma wore! #2 package - okay black sweater but double breasted (like the shirts that John Wayne wore) and in her size.


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Marie, you're so funny!!!!
"HIDIOUS cream colored sweater from husband that is WAYYYY to small and looks like something Grandma wore! "

TeeHee!! I'm laughing because that's what I WANTED for Christmas!! A Mr Rogers Sweater!!! LOL I love my sweaters, wear 'em all the time! Get teased constantly by my kiddos..."mom, dress like you're from the 30's!!"
Well, gosh's comfortable!! LOL :O) I asked hubby if he was embarassed to be seen with me in public..and he says.."not if you don't mind me wearing my sweats (they're YEARS old & a size 3x..on a size M guy!!!) and baha!!!! "
UGH! He got me!! :O)

Okay, and the bug sucker is hilarious, too!! *giggling madly*
Wow, Can you IMAGINE what thoughts must have prompted THAT gift?? LOL What woman WOULDN'T want a bug sucker vacuum?? :O) I'm sure his heart was in the right place.....maybe....! LOL

Hmmm....well, I didn't get anything for Christmas this year (I was bad, I guess!), so I don't have anything funny to add.
But I'm really boring, and all I really was hinting & hoping for is a new cookware set.
Maybe next year?? :O)

Well, you girls have fun!!! I will lurk around the posts and see what everyone got for Xmas!! (and spit my coffee on my keyboard from laughing so hard!) :O)


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Laura, I'm so sorry to hear this, but so thrilled to have you back!!!! We've missed you girl!! (And that cutie putie Max)

Now, I'm curious, WHY can't we have 2 swaps going??????? We sure have in the past? plenty of times and never a problem??? So strange how the rules for OBF change over and over again. And NO I won't be participating this month, nothing personal Susan! Sorry, this is just more crazy bs!

Hope you have a great swap.

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I explained this to you Sassy. Laura please have a fun swap. . It is over Sassy, please let it be. thankyou Carol

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Carol I'm not sure exactly when you thought you became my mother but you better get a grip!!

I have nothing to do with what you're so pissed about and you better remember that real quick or we're gonna have some problems.

Also, you will NOT make me look like an idiot on these boards, you picked the wrong one!!! It's over? What's over? I haven't been a part of anything to be over about!
Seriously, you need to check yourself Carol..........


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Good luck with your swap Laura

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