powdery mildew on cherry tomato plants?

lilyplanter1August 1, 2008

I have some cherry tomato plants that were doing very well indoors with grow lights, but I had to move them onto my balcony in late June. A couple weeks later they began developing a white growth over the stems and leaves. I did some research and came across powdery mildew, but several sources say that it only grows on leaves. I went ahead and got GardenSafe Fungicide3 spray, which has the active ingredient extract of neem oil. I sprayed pretty heavily a couple weeks ago and within a couple days, all the leaves began wilting and dying. I have seen growth of some new leaves though. There was still some white growth as of tonight and I just did another light spray. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Don't know why no one responded earlier. And even though it's likely too late for the problem you had, I'll make a few comments.

Because you saw problems so soonafter spraying, I suspect something went wrong with the application timing or weather.

For one, I see you're in CA. So, what were the temperatures at that time? Anything 85F or above on the day of spraying will damage plants.

And what does "heavily sprayed" mean? Any spray should only lightly cover all foliage.

And because I'm not familiar with the product, is the stuff safe for tomatoes?

Beyond all that, you need to know that few fungicides get rid of any existing disease. Instead, they are applied to protect the new growth.

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