P.Brandywine bumpy soft ,green curling leaves

sproutling(8)August 8, 2009

Firstly, I'm a raw newbie. Please forgive any faux pas. I have 3 plants of different varieties, heirlooms, and Hybrids. All 3 plants are in large pots. Pots are closely adjacent, up against a wall in the only sunny spot I have,others still OK. Everybody was doing fine until the top, new leaves on Pink Brandywine started curling up. Still growing fast, still bright spinach green, but getting more weird bumpy curling each day. After a week, the curl started migrating down the stalk, affecting lower, healthy, previously well-established leaves. I wondered if it was a deficiecy, bug, disease, or what. Mutant plant, still going strong. I took several pics. But it took me so long to succesfully get an account here, the whole plant is now affected. Any guesses? I have a guess, but don't want to affect the consensus.

Image link:

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Hi there.

I'm reviving a 2009 post here simply because the description and image are identical two what I am experiencing with my Brandywines (also pink) which all suffer of the leaves symptoms described (and shown in the image,,,) above. I have about 25 tomato plants that are fine, all except the Brandywines (seems like all but one Brandywine plant are infected... They are still young though, about 1' tall... I know, I started very late...)

Any help?

Thanks. Ilan.

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I hope you guys get an answer soon. I have similar experience with Brandywines. Leaf curling. None of my Purple Cherokee or Celebrity are affected even though they are adjacent. I have sworn to plant nothing but Purple Ch and Celebrities only next year.

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