kale and collards in cages?

dlupOctober 5, 2013

Has anyone tried growing collards or kale in those useless tomato cages? We have pretty limited space in our raised beds and have found over the years that collards in particular tend to spread out quite a bit as the leaves get large and hang down. This can cause them to shade out adjacent squares. Lacinato kale stays pretty upright, but I was thinking next year I might put as 12" top diameter wire cage around each of my two collard plants to hold them in a bit. What do folks think?

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I haven't tried it, but I have used string to tie up lettuce and swiss chard leaves so they take up less space. You can also consider using such items as plastic milk bottles, large soft drinks bottles, etc. with the tops and bottoms cut out to the desired height (probably about 6-10 inches). Cost less and probably would work better.

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