My SF beds have become a giant litter box for my outside cat!!

rjingaOctober 4, 2008

Up til now, it has not been a problem, since everything in there was mature and she was "careful" where she dug. But now I've been filling in the gaps with fall/winter seedlings that are small and will replace what is there now when the cold comes.

However, my cat has missed the memo and still gets in there. I guess the easiest solution will be to put up some chicken wire stapled around the perimeter? Although in my other garden area, it's surrounded too and that does not deter her. She can jump like a mexican jumping bean.

Any other ideas?

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Bird netting? It could float over the tops (maybe a couple of stakes here and there to keep it off the growing plants) and be easily removable. I used that over my spinach/lettuce bed when the birds were eating more then we were. I think your cat wouldn't like getting her paws tangled up in netting.

If EG comes in here and tells you to buy a shotgun, don't listen to him ;-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Annie's Kitchen Garden

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama) is funny seeing a cat turn flips across the ground from the impact of a 12 gauge.....hmm...Of course, you could just put cayenne pepper on it's front paws, and when it goes to clean itself - it will get the pepper in it's eyes. This usually causes them to claw their own eyes out,and it won't be able to find your sfg again! No? ....hee hee

Really, I'd put up some kind of fence....


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I put the tomato fencing around the bed. My cat could easily have jumped it also, but I think he figured out that there were easier places for him to explore. I read somewhere that two sided tape on the edges of the boxes was a good solve, but we get too much rain for that to have worked for me. It's good to spritz em with water if you actually catch em, but clearly, that won't always work either.

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Carolynp, you've got it.

Too many people underestimate the amount of fun you can have with a water pistol and a cat.

Get one of those super soaker ones with the crazy shooting distance. You won't even have to leave your deck chair.

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or you could get them clear plastic forks and put them all around in there, she'll get into there a few times and that will be the end of that, handle end down, clear for your convienience. sp. but i guess some say it works wonders. for me, it'd be the painball gun, just for fun!! Hee Hee, or the bbgun!! but then when your not looking they MIGHT be right back there. also they don't like lemon. so you could start out with lemon. and the clear plastic forks. IF it was ME, that's what i'd do. then if they went back in, then the paintball gun. ya that's what it'd be!! just to make hubs happy i'd start out nice!! **onery grinn/wink** LOL ~Medo

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