Late Blight: Is fire the answer?

billmac77August 7, 2009

My whole tomato patch is dying off from late blight. I have a bunch of old hay in my barn. I'm tempted to load the whole patch with hay and touch it off. Do you suppose that will do anything to kill the fungus in the soil?

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farmerjoss(5/Western MA)

Since this fungus is airborne and can travel (they say) hundreds of miles on the wind, torching the lot will probably just distribute the spores more widely. Our area is hit very badly, with tremendous losses for small farmers, and I've been told NOT to burn but to bag all refuse in black plastic bags and let them sit in the sun. The heat will build up inside and 'cook' the fungus. (Also, summer is not a legal season for open burning in our area--be careful of your local regs.) What a frustrating year! Good luck, Farmer Joss

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