Help! Tomato plants were thriving, now yellowing and dying!

ashleymariethomAugust 15, 2014

Hi Guys!

I only received a single response from my last post on this subject, and unfortunately it missed the mark. My tomato plants were doing fantastic, lush and green for weeks on end... then all of a sudden the leaves turned splotchy, curled, and died, and then the stalks started sliding right down off of their stakes! Now, this plant seems to be still producing fruit from the surviving couple of stalks- but it's in terrible shape.

Now my other tomato plant is doing the same thing and it was planted with different soil on the opposite side of the balcony. Plants never get dried out, always watered.

Any ideas?! Heeeelp! We'd like to do this again next year, but need some insight!

Thanks guys!


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

need to see a picture of entire plant & pot.

To start the discussion --
-spindly/weak plants
-too little light, even though against the window
-likely pots too small
- using any fertilizer?

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