Is this a kind of wilt (see photo)

dogman5August 1, 2009

My Evergreen heirloom tomato looks terrible. Some leaves still look good, but some look like the plant is drying up from not being watered. Is a kind of wilt killing it? (Pls see photo) If anyone can help, I thank them so much.

Image link:

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If it isn't, then you have a watering problem.


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

What's the potting mix feel like? Moist? Dry? or Wet?

And if you water], does the water immediately run out?

If so, soak the entire pot in a deep container for max 20 minutes to rehydrate the potting mix.

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Friends, thank you. The plant is actually in the ground, not in a pot. The ground is moist, so I don't think there is a watering problem. This plant was the healthiest of about 10 seedlings I sprouted, and it grew like gangbusters when I put it outside a month and a half ago. It has set many tomatoes. One side of the plant began to look bad a week ago, the now most of the plant looks that way, wilted. I have no experience with wilt. Until this summer I have purchased only hybrids in pots for planting, and they have been disease resistant. This is one of my first attemts at growing an heirloom tomato, and I have read they don't have great disease resistance. I wanted to ask forum members if my suspicion about getting wilt, based on that photograph, sounds accurate. Thanks to all.

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I think I am having the same problem when I looked at my plants today. I understand there is a fungus that is air born that has hit the eastern area that affects tomotoes and potatoes. They say you need a fungiside good luck

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I forgot to say I live in NJ, which would make me in the area you mention. I was going to ask if anyone can make a suggestion for me of how to save the plant. I have some fungicide. If it's an air-borne fungus, maybe that would help. I will try it. Does anybody else have a suggestion? I hate to lose this plant. It was so hardy and has such big tomatoes on the vine. Thank you.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Oops. When I took a quick look, I thought the light-colored stem at the left was the rim of a pot. (sigh)

Well, if it's late blight, it's too late to do anything.

Do you see any of the symptoms of late blight? Perhaps the leaf spots? Or grayish areas on the stems?

If not, you get to be a detective.

Excess water can make plants wilt. So how's the soil.

Also damage to the roots and/or lower stem. How do they look?

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Jean in Portland, thank you for getting back to me. I looked for spots on the leaves and gray places on the stems. Nothing. Maybe it IS too much water. The place it is planted gets run-off, and we have had a very wet summer. The thing is, this plant grew so magnificently during our wet June! As for the soil, I haven't done anything to it, but flowering plants grow well in that area. Thank you for your interest. I'm afraid I'm losing this great plant. It has so many big tomatoes. Sincerely, Singer

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