Sterilizing cages and/or tomato stakes

gailnewgarden(Z8FL)August 26, 2005

I read somewhere, possibly here, that bleach wasn't enough to kill pathogens or fungal spores or other nasties that destroy my tomatoes. Some cleaning solution, other than bleach was suggested and apparently can be found in garden centers. Does anyone know what this stuff is called. I should have saved the info or written the name down. I did do a search on this site and could find nothing.

Thanks - Gail

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Personally, I wouldn't use anything stronger than bleach. Bleach and lots of UV rays from the sun should do the trick. Bleach is very caustic. I imagine anything stronger would require protective gear and cause significant environmental damage. That would be too high of a cost for tasty tomatoes, IMHO.

Here is a link that might be useful: EPA bleach decontaminiation

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