yellow leaves on tomato plants(pics)

INpersimmon(Zone 5)August 1, 2005

I have a tomato container garden on my patio. These plants started off strong, bearing fruit early.. I have noticed for the last week or two that many of the leaves are turning yellow. Here in my area we have had much rain in the last few weeks.

What is the problem??

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Here in my area we have had much rain in the last few weeks.
What is the problem??

As long as there's no wilting of plants and no spots on the leaves there are two main reasons why you might be seeing yellow leaves at the base of the plants.

The first, with so much rain, is waterlogged soil so that the roots can't take up water or nutrients the result of which, leaves do turn yellow. If this is the case as the pots dry out conditions should improve.

Second, it could be just normal aging of leaves which happens at the bottom of the plants first.

In any case I'd take off those few yellow leaves so you can better monitor the situation.


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deessenyc(NY z 6)

I also have this problem but it's getting worse. Almost the entire bottom section of my plants are yellow or curling brown. They are still delivering great fruit and are over 8 feet tall now.... I keep thinking I'm watering wrong, but have tried both daily and every 2-3 days or so...

Is this they age as they are annuals and I should expect this?

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CAstarter(Z9 OC, CA)

I always thought that as tomato plants get near the end of their season the lower older leaves inside the plant turn yellow and as they die I take them off. I have one now, 6-7' tall and doing great, except a pest I just found, and they have yellow leaves at base....interested to find out as well. Never thought it was a problem as long as plant growing and producing more fruit.

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We just got a TON of rain (I live in Vermont, and it's been raining straight for a week) and I have now noticed yellow leaves on my tomatoes. I am new to gardening, and got these tomatoes from seedlings, and just put them in two weeks ago. They "look" healthy, but I am worried about water levels. Too much water, not enough water, what do you think? The seedlings are about a foot tall now, and the leaves towards the bottom are the ones that are yellowing.

Any help would be really great!

Kim :)

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)


The situation will improve when it warms up, the weather clears and the sun shines.

In the meantime there's really nothing you can do.

I'm on the other side of Egg MT from Manchester so I do know what you're talking about.

my plants are not yet out. They never go out until about the 1st of June since the weather is so unsettled in May and early Jine.

So fingers crossed.


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