Brown blotches - need help identifying

eedoboyAugust 12, 2012

Hi, I am growing 3 tomato plants in a grow house. The plants are in separate pots. In the last few days I have noticed that the leaves on the plants are developing light brown blotches on them this is mostly on the leaves at the top of the plants. Some of the leaves are going brown round the edges and curling up. Some of the blotches are developing holes in them. I have taken a photo but unfortunately for some reason the forum has greyed out the choose file button (possibly because I'm doing this on th iPad). Anyway I'm hoping someone can help identify this disease and any possible remedies. The plants havre just started to produce the first sins of fruit.

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Hi, since you don't have a photo, google early blight, and late blight and look at the photos. That might help you ID the problem. Hope this helps.

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