yucky tomato worms - can I get rid of them? Pic included

ReneeB(Z10, San Diego)August 4, 2005

I found this guy happily burrowing into an unripe tomato yesterday. It's hard to tell from the pic, but it appears to have laid some eggs. Yuck! I looked over the rest of plant, didn't see any more but I can only assume this one's not alone.

Can I get rid of them before they spread to the rest of my plants? It seems like they only like this one plant... I bought a variety flat and was lazy about labeling, so I have no idea what type of tomato I've got.

Image link:

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I can't see the "worm' at all, but if it bored into the fruit, chances are, it's a fruitworm. Very nasty. Bt or Dipel dust will control them. Hornworms tend to mostly eat leaves, but will nibble small green fruits, but not burrow into them. Also, hornworms seldom, if ever, bite into ripening fruits.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

The caterpillar in the leeft tomato can be handpicked. But no, it didn't lay any eggs. Bt works if the caterpillars are half-grown or less.

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