Old Tires for Raised Beds

scarletdaisies(6)October 8, 2009

I am going into raised beds, separated from the regular soil with a bottom, for next year. Too many trees poisoning my garden. It can be 300 dollars for removal of one tree alone, so I'm going the route of raised bed/container gardener that has bottoms to keep from absorbing what ever it is poisoning the soil.

I think I can get a surplus of old tires from the auto places who have to pay to get rid of them. Rather than to buy wood or bags of concrete to make raised beds, it would make sense to use the tires.

I found some cool ways to paint them up:




This one describes how to make tiers or layers of different sized tires for a garden bed.




Does anyone have photos of any unusual way to decorate tires? I'll probably have 20 x30 garden with them.

I'm going to set them up and compost in them directly, so next year I will have great soil already waiting.

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heather38(6a E,Coast)

can't remember who it was, said it, but someone here said they are really good for raised beds, but to cut of the top bit that curves back in, if you are scared of Snakes or make sure the soil comes to the very top, as they like to hide away from the sun.
enjoy, they look fab.

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Thanks! I am tired of being disappointed by the pitiful garden. Beds take much more water, but I'll just mulch and paint them white in the summer, or cover them with a white sheet so they won't get so hot, then in winter I can take the sheet off and the sun will keep them warmer.

I have 3 and I am going to start my winter garden in it to try it out. I'll know by next year if it's worth the whole garden to be put in them.

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

I think those look wonderful! Gosh....I may have to look for some large tires. Ha!


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spaghetina(SF Bay Area)

The tires in the first picture you posted are SO cute! Good luck on your tire garden. I'd love to see some photos when it's all up and running!

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I want to paint the tires up like those in the first picture, but another pattern. It was the first one I found, but none other. I'll start my first winter garden bed with potatoes this afternoon. I'm sure to accumulate enough for a garden within a month or two.

Thanks! I wish I could find more sites, but some are selling their services. I'm not advertising, but the pictures are good. I'll try to open a blog here and take photos of mine in each stage. Hopefully it will work out!

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scarlet, those are really cute, however, you might want to research what/how much toxins are released by old tires.
I'm not sure I would care to consume anything that had been grown in them.

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