Help me grow my first winter SFG

TomNorthJerseyOctober 8, 2013

I built my first SFG raised bed this fall. It's a 3'x4' box and I plan to build more raised beds in the spring. I built this first one to get a good sense of construction before I build the others.

Since I have it, and I have the PVC pipes to cover it, I'd like to try and plant some things. I understand it's very late but what kinds of things can I try planting?

Lettuce, spinach, swiss chard and other greens I've read might do well. Even though the greens may not get very big there still should be enough to harvest from time to time from what I read.

What other things can I plant? Tips on when to sow seeds and when to harvest are appreciated.

I also had an idea to occasionally add some bottles of hot water under the cover on nights when it might be especially cold. Do you think that would help?

Also, what is a good cover to use? I was thinking just 6mil poly.

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Good luck Tom
If I were you, needing warmth in an enclosed area I would try a crock pot/slow cooker,.
A bout 1/2 full of water, no lid might just do the trick for you.
I use this for starting seeds in the spring , worked great for me.
Keep in mind it's an electrical unit and care should be taken.
Gets to about 140 degrees, also provides humidity.
As far as starting plants, start anything you want, it's just an experiment now anyway..
Good Luck

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thanks japus,

You're right. I should just experiment and see what happens.

I searched through Burpee's website for "winter", "cold" and "hardy" and selected some greens, onions, carrots, brocolli, kale, radishes and radicchio. Already planted and some are already coming up. :)

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In August I planted romaine, swiss chard, kohlrabi, broccoli, carrots,mustard,
All in a cold frame, and the same in an open bed..
They struggled through the warm weather we had this fall, however now everything is flourishing.
EXCEPT I didn't have the time to work on bug protection so everything has been eaten to the core.
Now that it's to cold for the bugs their coming back.
My broccoli was planted way to late, plants should have been transplanted at 3 inches, I did them at about a foot..
I am experimenting also, probably always will be....

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Prachi(6b (NJ))

I am in Central Jersey... I participate in a winter CSA down here and my farmer grows his winter crop in hoop houses/green houses... he was burying a pipe 6--12 inches under the surface which he was running hot water but not sure he does that for all the houses...

Here is what he grows: Hakurei turnips (from Johhnny's seed), napa cabbage, pac choi, carrots (they don't get very big), claytonia, water cress, mache (love this stuff... its so expensive in the stores), spinach, shunkyo radish (these also don't get long)... thats all I can think of right now..

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