Help me identify my tomato (and bean) problem

elsaturninoAugust 12, 2009

Despite an abundance of tomatoes from my CSA, I have decided to give growing tomatoes a shot again this year. :)

I planted some tiny tim seeds a few months back and all was going well until a couple weeks ago. Most the leaves on the plant turned yellow/brown and got all gnarled to the point that they just snapped off when touched. Sadly, I didn't get a pic when the problem was attacking most of the leaves.

However, after some inspection today I found not only the yellow leaves but what appears to be some type of powdery fungus. I snapped a few pics that I've compiled in a flickr photoset and would appreciate it if fellow gardenwebbers would be willing to help me pin down what the problem is. The photos are at:

There are also a couple pics of yellow/brown leaves that I get every time I try to grow beans or peas so extra karma points if you could help identifying those too :)


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

The powdery stuff looks like powdery mildew.

The plants also show evidence that they're functioning with minimal water (brown edges) and fertilizer (yellow leaves).

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