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labrea_gwJuly 26, 2012

Scientists announced at the World AIDS Conference a new breakthrough. A cancer drug is used to flush out the virus that may be lurking dormant in white blood cells.

Here is a link that might be useful: Good News

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That is truly good news. The scientists involved seem to be very optimistic that this is the beginning of finding the cure. Thankfully, we've come a long way from the 1980s when HIV was a horrible stigma and those who contracted it knew it was a death sentence.

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Slightly OT....

I was shocked to hear that this is the first time ever that the World Aids Confrence was held in the US. I was even more shocked at the reason...until least year people with AIDS were not allowed to travel to the US.

unbelievable, but kudos to those who had the courage to change that.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

unbelievable, but kudos to those who had the courage to change that.

The usual critics were here wringing their hands about the change made by the Obama Administration; hordes of AIDS patients invading for free medical care. It was supposed to be mano a mano between the undocumented workers and the newly-admitted AIDS visitors for every bed in emergency rooms across the U.S.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

I am always in awe of these scientists who figure these molecular matters out. They should get more recognition instead of the sex lives of celebrities...

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

I applaud that the Conference is in the U.S.

I'm disappointed that Obama won't be attending.

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Yes wasn't till THE ONE lifted the ban in 2009,
Before that it was thought people with AIDS would be flocking to the US to pay through the nose for abuse & shoddy health care.
I think it was one of those dastardly executive orders!
The religious right has been all hell fire pissed that the conference has'nt been talking about Ho Mo Sex ulaity!
It's a World Conference not a GOP red meat fest!

In one notorious example in Tanzania in 2008, billboards depicted a âÂÂFaithful Condom Userâ as a skeleton " a blatant attempt to discourage condom use as an effective HIV prevention method. Blazoned in clear letters underneath was the billboardâÂÂs sponsor: Human Life International (HLI), a group based in the United States. HUMAN LIFE INTERNATIONAL is a Catholic Group they are all in there the religious neocolonialist. African staffs funded by a number of US religious organizations New Apostolic Reformation, The Mormons, The Catholics. Don't say gay & don't use condoms!

Family Watch International another ooooh you should't use family planing (they are based in Arizona)

Founded in 1999, they describe themselves as "a critical and exciting worldwide movement to preserve and promote the family, traditional marriage, life, parental rights and religious freedom." What seems to make them distinct is their focus on the United Nations and international issues more generally (they say they work in more than 80 countries).

FWI, the website observes, "is not affiliated with any religious group or political party and is a tax-exempt, tax-deductible charity under Section 501.
FWI is very concerned about the evils of UN goals for family planning, condoms, & homosexuality.

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This is wonderful news for so many ... and of course we have the expected slam on Obama on the thread. Predictable :)

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