grey water

behaviorkelton(7-ish)June 29, 2009

I can't remember if I have asked this, but...

I can capture my dishwasher and clothes washer water in a container in the garage beneath the house.

I was thinking that I could use this to water some of the plants instead of burdening the sewer system with it.

Now, the soapy first cycle I could skip, but perhaps the rinse cycles of both machines might be fine... right?

I'm using "environmentally friendly" detergents.


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I have been reading alot on a homesteading forum about the way they use it. As long as it is safe soap, I do not see why it would hurt. Anything to save both on water and the bill.

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What I have read sounds good to me. Saving water right now is HUGE! I can foods and save all the water, even the water from cooking my beets. The water left in any pot, I save, after cooled and funnel to jugs. This is great for the deck plants, and those in the yard that need a little extra help. Never did I know how much water I can save until "April" got me to saving and thinking, (can not believe I said the 'THINKING' word.

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