Copper-colored eggs

anney(Georgia 8)August 4, 2006

What could be laying small copper-colored eggs on the underside of my tomato leaves? Each egg is somewhat separated from the other. The only pest I've had on the tomatoes has been an occasional hornworm.

I should qualify the color -- they're a metallic copper color when the sun shines on them but are a dull brown in normal light.

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I also have this problem. It is squash bug eggs. They are on the underside of leaves wich have high water content. They are similar to leaf footed bug and the cotton strainer.Cut off the leafs with these eggs on them and throw them in the garbage or fire (away from the garden) They are bad bugs. They suck the juice out of the tomates and leave them bitter. I have tried soap and oil sprays and found them to be non effective. I have been using sevin dust and reappying after it rains. You have to really cover the plants with it though.

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