UPDATE: 7800 Traveling Daylilies....

abitodd(z8 MS)April 3, 2006

This round robin is an extention of a wonderful group of talented , generous and spirited traders, the Traveling Daylilies, who when at all possible trade daylilies. We have the most awesome group of traders, proven, experienced, honest, giving, sharing and loving people. The way into this group is to have traded and proven yourself to be utterly honest. We are not snobs, we just want to protect each other and you from any game traders... should there be any. If you know any of us, email privately and they will be allowed to get you in on their recommendation. We'd love to have you!

Spring is Here........

Deni (abitodd)

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abitodd(z8 MS)

I started the new thread since we were over on the old one...hope no one minds...I also used your link for the logo Dawn hope that is ok.

Sherry my dear...you are not going to leave us that easy...Its going to get all warm and sunny and you will feel better. Besides you are gonna miss me I mean us. Hang in there with us far a bit longer ok....Perty Please with daylilies and suger on top????


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Sherry, Ditto what Deni said. Everyonce in a while I feel the same way. Just wait a little and see if you want to stay. But we know we are not for everyone, so if you do go, we will MISS YOU!

Marea, you scared me. I thought I missed your Birthday. Whew, it is the 4th!!!!

Barb, I only have to make one Roman Shade, hooray! Then I'm going to cover the French Doors to the sunroom with the same material, but making those window covers that only cover the window and you put a tie in the middle, kind of makes an X. Hope that makes sense.

Still no daffodills in bloom here. Am I really zone 6a?????
I think I'm changing my zone to zone 5b.

Off to mail some seed trades.

Can I tell the Medical people here a Miracle Story ... hope so because here it is:
I work in a hospital laboratory (Medical Technologist). I was doing the CBC's (complete blood counts) this particular day. An ER patient gave me a Hemoglobing result of 1.8 grams. (For those who don't know, a normal hemoglobin is about 13 grams.) Called ER, they didn't believe it (me either), asked for a redraw. 30 minutes later, still no new specimen, called and asked again, said she was in Xray. 5 minutes later, another Med. Tech. who was doing the chemistries said her results looked believable. I immediately called ER back, told them the low hemoglobin had a high chance of being correct and to send me redraw NOW. They did. It was true!!!!!!! A hemoglobin of 1.8 from a walking talking person, only complained about being tired, a little hard to breath and a headache. I have NEVER seen a Hemoglobin of lower than 3.2 for a living person. (I work in blood bank also).
We call her 'Our Miracle'.
I got to meet her and talked with her a little about it, due to hippa rules I had to be careful. I still don't think she realizes how low she was. 8 transfusions later, she is up to 10 grams.

Sorry about that for you non-medical people, but, Wow, for those of us who are, this is really unbelievable. I still wonder if ER really believed me when I called and said it was true. (wink)


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Good Morning!

Well it finally looks like the rains have stopped for now. The sun is out.We need to dry up and with the 40 MPH winds predicted, that should help! Hope those mini-blind markers stay in the ground!!!! Too bad I have to go to work!I see alot of green poking up, including some daylilies! No hostas yet!

Deni, I want in on the May Vacation swap, too! PLEASE?

Sherry, Please reconsider leaving the group! Its OK to sit out a swap or two! It is not very nice here in IA yet either....rain rain rain! I am just glad it is not more snow!

Gloria, sure glad the Dr discovered what was wrong. I have several friends who have DHs that sleep with the CPAP machine. They say once you get used to it it really makes a difference! Good Luck with the surgery too. Will that be before the wedding or after?

Dawn, what a great box you received!

I need to go buy a few more things for my partner this week!

Better go to work! MaryS

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A quick good Morning to everyone,

Waiting for the Dr. to call me back about mom.

Sherry B,
I don't know what is going on in your life to make you want to leave, but I too ask you to reconsider. You do not have to post all the time, or join in the swaps unless you want to, but you can come and post when you can, and know that we will give all our support, and warm hugs. The sun will be shining soon, hang in there with us.

Dawn, Dianne, Rebecca,
I got all the fabrics to make my flag wall hanging yesterday. I plan on starting it tomorrow. (If my mom isn't in the hospital by then)

I am not a lab tech or a med. person in any way, but i did know that if you have a low count like that it is "bad".(didn't realize HOW bad till now) Thanks for sharing your story. It just goes to show that "miracles DO happen" every day, all around us, we just have to look for them.

Have a great day everyone.


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Hi guys! Rain today when I'm off from work. Guess I'll have to take tomorrow off to move the daylilies I had planned on moving today.

Dianne, I would love to be in the hosta swap for June. One question - will they be named hostas that we swap? I really don't collect unnamed hostas at all except the ones I got from my mother-in-law, who got them from HER mother in Indiana.

I need to answer the themed email. Basically, I like frogs, fairies, gnomes, and Italian. Working hard on the last one, as statuary is expensive, and I don't want to overdo it with too many terra cotta pots. Any ideas would be so helpful!


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Hi everyone. Looks like another wet week for us.

Debbie, can you please correct my zipcode on the new address list. It should be 91380-3144.

Deni, I'm working on a dahlia list for you :-). Looking forward to our trade.

Gloria, great to hear from you. My prayers are with you and your family. Same goes for everyone having health issues.

Shirley, thanks for the irises. They look great.

Gotta get some work done so I can go home early and watch my Bruins win yet another National Championship. Go UCLA!


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Sherry - my bro-in-law and wife lived in Corvallis until she about went mad with all the clouds and rain - she's a pretty jolly sort, normally, too! When the sun DOES come out, it just shifts gears in our humam brains, seems to me. I'd miss you if you left. Wait til the sun comes out, then decide!

Marea - how do you take such luscious pictures? I've been looking at those deep red/deep blue DL's - amazing! So then I went to Alcovey's and bought a bunch of cheap pretty ones! Found a blue or two even. (Thanks for the link, Anita!)

Suddenly things are blooming everywhere! You saw the flying Elvis photo of 10 days ago - just weary drear and gloomy mud everywhere - and now PRESTO! Today it's pulmonarias!

Sherry - you too will have a spring...(*smile*)

A goofy aquilegia came up in a pot (shipped bareroot) grew 3" tall and bloomed - that's one desperate l'il flower - too long in the box, I guess it about gave up! It's pink.

Deni's back! Sent your astilbes, Deni.

This morning about 6 our wild-eyed yellow kitty tipped over the finch cage! DH ran to the resdcue, but didn't notice a side door was up and out little One Step flew! Our last year's chick who lost a foot - she's a talented flyer. So 3 dogs and 3 cats and 15' ceilings and plants everywhere - DH got the cats and dogs corralled, and couldn't find Footsie! So worried...I spotted her high in the living room avocado tree (it brushes the ceiling). We lowered all the blinds, dimmed the lights. With only the 1 foot, little Hopalong can't step up onto a long dowel, which works with other finches if you can move at glacial slow speed...so then she flits into the big Norfolk Is. pine. Lands on my wee seedlings - eats one! Oh no! - flits back to the avocado, then makes a break for the 2nd story loft - loses altitude! Tries to land on a skinny houseplant! Down behind the hutch. So then we got your black pawprint fabric, Jo, and crept up and dropped it down behind, onto her, on the floor. Voila! Gently returned her to her mate Achmed. She slept so hard she practically snored, then ate a lot and slept some more.

So scary! You know, Dawn and Susie! What a relief to have her safe.

Want a picture?


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Carmen, good question. I just assumed (yes, I know what happens when you assume) that the hostas would be named. I don't know if we've ever swapped anything...daylilies, bulbs, dahlias...that wasn't named.

If I send an unnamed anything, I make sure it's clearly marked and it's a bonus.

So far we have 17 people signed up.

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Barb, what a story, you had me rivited!

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bourret(z5a Maine)

Hi Everyone!


Barb - Please do send a picture! Are you looking back at the "incident" and laughing now? Poor little Footsie. I hope she's all calmed down now.

Sharon - What a story. I work in the medical field as a Medication Tech. but even I know that it's a miracle that the patient was alive! Don't you just love HIPPA.

Sherry - Just lurk for awhile instead of leaving. You don't have to post.

Daylily World Sale - I'm dying to know what you all got!
Here's my list:

$10 Daylilies:

$20 Daylilies:

$30 Daylilies:

I wanted PRESUMED INNOCENT but they were out of it already.
Well, it's 3:33am. I think I'll turn in for the night. Talk to you all tomorrow. Or should that be today?


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Lisa, there were sooooo many that I wanted to get from that sale. But alas, I don't have tons of land. But thank you so much for telling us about that sale, and the others about the ones they knew about. It's always fun for me to go and look and think 'maybe next year.' LOL Oh, and be sure to let us know again next year when it is!!!! The one I was most tempted to get was Shrimp and Grits. Let me know if it is as pretty as the picture. (I love the name too).

Talking about garden theme:
Hubby is going to paint the kitchen again, and I've decided to let go of most of my 'animal' basket' collection. The ones that are going are some birds = duck, geese (garage sale items). I'm thinking of putting them in the garden, and planting them - semps maybe. They should last for a couple years.

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear sister!

May you play hookie from work and go for a horseback ride and have a picnic with Herb!

Don't forget the maracas!


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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

I just found your maracas!

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Happy Birthday Merea...HOpe your day is filled with flowers, sunshine, friends and family. :)

Canna, that squirrel is to cute.

Barb, I could feel your stress. Poor things.

Well my muskrat went to the pearly gates. Hubby finally decided enough was enough. As much as I wanted it gone, I miss watching the little bugger play out there.

Lisa, do you sell daylilies? Noticed that you bought two clumps of one so made me curious. Sherri

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Good Morning Everyone,
Quick check in, as I have to meet my cake lady to do my Mom's 75 Birthday cake in May,

I am getting theses from Daylily World, Thank you so much for sharing the info
$10.00 Clumps
Aesthetic Ballet
All The Riches
Beautiful Edgings
Becky Stone
Ben Adams
Best Kept Secret
Better Than Ever
Blackjack Cherry
Bridal Suite
Forest Phantom
Jamaican Midnight
Japanese Butterfly
Keen Eloise
Pamela Williams
Presumed Innocent
Seminole Magic
Simply Sensational
Smith Brothers
Spacecoast Bold Scheme
Spacecoast Ruffles
Yabba Dabba Doo
Spacecoast Sunshine
Spacecoast Tiny Perfection

$20.00 Clumps
Divine Comedy
For Your Eyes Only

Have to run:)Anita
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAREA, Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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hugs carol

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Hi -

What a glorious sunshiny spring day! My daily garden check finds the wee sticks of new hellebores planted on a chilly Nov. day are blooming! Crazy little things. The new iris are all coming up and the gentian looks terrific - lots of bloom coming there.

Our little Footsie is fine. She had a grand time! Amazing isn't it that a tiny bird, cage hatched and raised, when free, flies straight to trees and greenery. She's seen it all her short life - maybe yearned.

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Feliz Cumpleas Marea!

I hope you're shakin' those maraca's and having a good ol' time today. May your year be blessed with good health, happiness and lots of blue Daylilies.......

Shirley, WOW! The Iris arrived yesterday and look fantastic. They will go straight into my temporary holding bed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Check is in the mail. : )

Barb, what a story! It really is very scary when our little feathered loved ones escape the comfort and safety of their homes. My main worry is a bad crash. I'm so glad Footsie had fun, lol. She is gorgeous!!!
I just love reading your posts. You paint such a good picture, I almost feel like i'm there. : )
Flying Elvis is awesome!

MamaG, you are on my mind and I hope you are continuing to feel better. We miss you. I'll email you in a bit.

Anita, you're gonna' have to use that piece of property down the road for all your DL's. : )

Jo, how is your mom? She's been in my prayers. I will email you when I get a minute.
I can't wait to see your flag when it's all done.

It's a very exciting day for me......as you all know I am going to become an aunt in August. I found out today that IT'S A GIRL!!!
I would love to show you a pic, but all of a sudden my photo-hosting site is going beserk. Maybe later....

I'll come back and give it a try in a little while....got some work to do in the meantime.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Okay, Photobucket decided to start working again.

Let me introduce my neice........

She is 19 wks. 5 days. My sis had the sonogram this morning and although the sonographer wasn't 100% sure, she couldn't find any "boy parts" and feels pretty confident that it's a girl.
They said everything looks great and the baby appears to be very healthy and very active.

I am soooo excited. Probably almost as much as her mom & dad are. : ) I have the feeling she is going to be really spoiled.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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namso(Z5 OH)

Good Evening all,

MAREA _ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hope you are out having a good one!

Sharon - no daffs? could be a 5b. the ones i have are just those tiny little tet a tets (sp?) but even the big ones are in bloom around here now. Oh and now i wish i had ordered a shrimp and grits. love your taste.
oh and what a great miracle to witness! :).

Shirley - are you still on the iris farm? maybe you own it by now. lol. such a nice thing for you to do.

Carmen, saw one of those HGTV design on a dime things on italian...wish a i could remember more. only thing that comes to mind was painting pots, a plant stand and murals in very bright italian colors. i know, not much help :(.

SherryB - ditto.

Barb - awesome tale of Footsie. what a beautiful bird too!

Lisa, i have to thankyou again for another reason. I looked up Mabel Winegar to see what you might have wanted two clumps of (never heard of) to find out that Don Lovell registered one i bought from him as unregistered two? years ago....peppermint ice. Was hoping to breed, but so far no pods for me yet.
Oh and heres the list Sherri R. and i got....even though i picked alot of them......she is totally responsible, she knows I have no willpower. :).

it amazes me how different all our lists are!

Age of Aquarius
Blueberry Cream Swirls
Big Boss Man
Happy Apache
Lord of the Storm
Mary Alice Stokes
Vatacan City
Big Edge Fred
Macho Mach Man
Passion District
Spc Sweetness
$10 - 3 for $20
Chuck Wheeler
Doc Holiday
Dougs Red Mercedes
Fragrant Finale
Gemini Jack
Hampton Classic
Helen Shooter
Key West
Lime Frost
Little Red Dragon
Mage Quest
Mouna Twirler
Nairobi Night
Pink Ambrosia
Quality of Mercy
Rainbow Eyes
Spc Ruffles
Spc Sunshine
Symmetry in Ruffles
Tigereye Spider
Wedding Band
Witch Stichery
Witch's Wink

Cindy O/namso

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Happy Birthday, Dear Marea! Hope you are having a great one!

Oh my, what nice daylilies you gals found! I think I am done ordering...out of money!!! And space is declining rapidly. I am trying to tell myself I need to be more selective. (it is not working very well)

Dawn...great sonogram picture!I bet you are excited!

Barb, what a story about little "Footsie"!Glad she is safe! She is a pretty bird.

Canna...love the maracas squirrel!

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

marea, happy birthday to you. may you day be filled with all the smiles your heart can hold.

dawn, your neice looks like my grandbaby to be. they didn't find any "boy parts" on her either. congrats. i can hear your excitement.

foot, foot, footsie - what a story!

isn't it so wonderful to see everything waking up for spring? thought i'd share a pic of my beautiful, fragrant hyacinths. the bed is probably another 20+ feet, but i don't have panorama on this camera.

am i supposed to be sending to sue for this month's swap?

be well everyone, happy blooms!


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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

What a weekend. A very bad storm here. I lost half of a huge tree. I am good for 1 tree a year. It landed in my Lily bed. It is such a mess. Another storm coming tomorrow. My dad is such a gem, he was here with chainsaw in hand yesterday and we got most of it cleared up. I am so exhausted between the mess and work with the time change ugh@@@@ Then I cam home to a pallet full of bulbs I have to reship. I think I am going to have to take a day off work to get caught up!!!!

Happy Birthday Marea!!!! On the cannas, yes I need them. I couldn't remember who had them. Please email me and let me know if you want lilies in exchange.

shirley I received the iris, is paypal fine or would you rather have a check. I just opened the box but every thing looks great. Thank you so much.

Well a very tired puppy needs to go to bed.

Take care all

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Happy Birthday Marea. Hope it was a good one.

Yes, I'm staying up late.... I'm a watch collector/time freak... tonight at two minutes and three seconds after one o'clock, it'll be 01:02:03 04/05/06. This will not happen again in our lifetime. I have my camera and my G-Shock ready :-).

Barb, love the birdy story... LOL.

Dawn, congratulations. Hey, that baby looks just like my daughter when she was -21 weeks.

Anyone else grow epiphyllums (orchid cactus) in this group? I have some flower buds... yeah baby!


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bourret(z5a Maine)

Hi All,

Sherri - I don't sell daylilies yet. Maybe next summer I'll start.

Anita - Wow, what a list you have from Daylily World. I also wanted PRESUMED INNOCENT but Arlene said they were out of them. You must have gotten your order in early Thursday morning. I sent mine in around 7am Thursday.

Going to bed kiddies,


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Oh, you guys are all so cute. I had to call my poor kids in several times to see as I was reading your post!

Albino Marea w/ maracas - what a hoot!
foot, foot, Footsie (hehe,maryanne) - she looks sneaky to me, sneaking out of the cage.
Spanish Happy Birthday messages - had to have my daughter say it so I could hear what it sounded like.
Baby/fetus pictures - wow, they sure have gotten better!
Beautiful Hyacinths - one of my MOST favorite!! Must smell like heaven.
Time freak indeed Paul!

Shirley, I keep forgetting to mention, that I loved your stumps with the word on them!! A pretty neat idea.

Thanks for the smile this morning ladies and gent.

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Cindy, just had to prove no daff's yet ....

But I do have ...


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cody_mi(z5 MI)

only crocus blooming here, no daffs yet!

i used to have several epis, but i lost them all in the great greenhouse freeze. haven't gotten around to getting anymore.

i finally made out two of my 'other' plant order forms. i'm a bit late this year. i'm getting a tree peony from van bourgondien. i get one every year so i know what to expect from them. this year i'm going to give roots and rhizomes a try. i've heard good things and i've heard bad things. hopefully i won't be completely dissappointed. still debating on whether or not to order from plant delights. i love most of their stuff, but it's sooo expensive, so we'll see.

work officially begins on the aviary for my yellow goldens and my mandarins. it's about time, they're all sick of living in cages. haven't been outside yet, but it's very sunny so hopefully it's at least 50 degrees!

the check is on the way


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Hi all & thanks so much for B-day wishes!!
I love that hyacinth photo Maryanne! I emailed you through GW as soon as you asked about the April swap last time - I guess none of you have been getting emails through GW from me?? - but yes you send to Sue S.

Canna - I LOVE that maraca playing squirrel - too hysterical! I did have a great birthday, but stayed up too late because I wanted to experience that once ever event when the time & date was 01:02:03 04/05/06.
As it turned out at that exact moment I was sweeping up popcorn in the empty movie theatre downtown, helping my friend do her job because she thought when I was talking about what a good play that concept could be and was talking about the theatre - she thought I wanted to be in a theatre to experience it !!?? ... LOL

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abitodd(z8 MS)

Good Day All,

Guess I will show you what I got from David's Sale.

$10 Daylilies

Anasazi* (Stamile, P) 1998
Grape Fun*** (Morss) 1998
Barber Of Seville* (Kirchhoff) 1994
Simply Sensational* (Salter, E) 1997
Ceil D'Or* (Kirchhoff) 1998
Cherokee Pass* (Roderick) 1996
Symmetry In Ruffles* (Kirchhoff) 1999- 2
Teller Of Tales*** (Salter, E) 1995
Cool Coral* (Hansen, D) 2000- 2
Coral Cay* (Salter, J) 1995
Noble Virtue* (Kirchhoff) 1996
Dragon Circle*** (Salter, E) 1998
Violet Eye Shadow* (Carr) 1996
Enchanted Carousel* (Salter, E) 2000
Festive Art (Stamile, P) 1996
Florentine Renaissance* (Morss) 1998
Black Ambrosia* (Salter, J) 1991
Boney Maroney* (Kehl) 1995
Den Of Iniquity* (Hanson) 1996
Dixie Hummingbird* (Kirchhoff) 1994
Dust Be Diamonds* (Lambertson) 1996
Laura Harwood (Harwood) 1997
Little Wild Flower (Stamile, G) 1997
Mister Lucky* (Sellers) 1995
Nosferatu* (Hanson) 1993
Tigereye Spider (Reed) 1994
Star Of India* (Roberts, S) 1992
Sonic Boom (Kinnebrew) 1996
Canadian Blues*** (Salter, E) 2000
Pumpkin Rage* (Kirchhoff) 1997
Vapor Trails* (Morss) 1999
Mysterious Lover (Rice) 1998
Spacecoast Bold Scheme* (Kinnebrew) 1999
Spacecoast Sunshine* (Kinnebrew) 1996
Spanish Legend (Salter, J) 1999
Jamaican Midnight* (Salter, J) 1997
Strawberry Jazz* (Kirchhoff) 1998

$20 Daylilies

Luck Of The Draw* (Salter, J) 2001
Steely Blue Eyes (Hansen, D) 2000- 2
Tet Blue Moon Rising (Salter-Trimmer)- 2
Tet Elfin Etching (Salter-Salter)- 2
Tet Rainbow Spangles* (Temple) - 2
Big Edge Fred* (Hansen, D) 2000
Ram* (Whatley) 1994
Moana Maurice (Higgins) 1993
Shrimp and Grits (Boatwright) 2002
Save Our Souls* (Hanson) 1997
Shaman's Magic* (Kirchhoff) 1998
Spacecoast Sweetness* (Kinnebrew) 1998
Spacecoast White Out* (Kinnebrew) 2000
Giggle Creek
Tropical Depression (Reed) 1996

$30 Daylilies

Navy Blues*** (Salter, E) 1996
Lord Of The Storm* (Salter, J) 2001
Age Of Aquarius* (Moldovan) 2001
Mary Alice Stokes* (Hansen, D) 2001
Panama Jack* (Schwarz) 1998
Soul Food* (Kirchhoff) 2000
Springfield Clan (Trimmer, J) 2001

Marea - Happy Belated Birthday from the Southern girls...I tried to post the other night but I could not get it to do anything...so I gave up and spent most of the day yesterday trying to get a few trades out. Going to plant up a few pots for my dad and then going to come in and rest a bit.

Oh by the way...Yesterday we had our first Daylily Bloom...Cluster Muster...Beautiful...Meghan took a picture and I will try to get up and out later....

Its beinging to look a little like Spring!!!!!!!!!!!

OH I will also be sending out the Partners for the May Vacation Swap Tonight...LAST CALL!!!!!!

The ones I have so far are.

Mary Ellen

I have not heard anything back from Sherri so I dont know what to do where she is concerned....has anyone heard from her?


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Hi All:)

Oh how special, I can feel your excitement in NY!!!!!!!! Careful not to spoil big time, as it gets very easy to do..BIG FAT GRIN!!!!

Loved your story about Footsie:) Looks like he would like to get out again? On the fox glove seed's, I know you want to send them now, I would like to start them outside, so I am not in a big hurry,

Mary S,
I can so relate, I have been out of money, I am wondering how in the world I am going to get them all planted now?

NOW, NOW!!! I have to see them beauties again:)

Your daffs are way closer than mine, I only have Crocus & the blue thing's blooming:( What are the blue thing's? I have them & have no clue what they are?

I am so excited to get my May name tonight, YES!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it is before I go to bed, or I wont be abel to sleep!

Yes, I got my order in ASAP:)
This is why Anita could not get more from Daylily World, Sniff, Pout, Next year I will wait for the sale's, PRESUMED INNOCENT may be used to lure a trade with you:)
Have coming to Anita's garden soon:)


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

OK, I fess up. I ordered CHEAP daylilies. Just cause I liked 'em.

I have a few more coming, but the order's not complete.

I bought

Canadian Blues (Salter) 00
Courtly Love (Moldovan) 86
Hyperion (Mead) 24
Leona Esther (Carpenter) 99
Little Mary Pippins (Hanson) 98
Marianne Cox (Crochet) 84
Newberry Blue Eyes (Rush) 95
One Day Soon (Ellis) 97
Prester John (Allgood) 72
Raspberry Wine (Wild) 76
Reaching (Yancey) 88
Roswitha (Trimmer) 92
Sanford House (Kirchoff) 85
Siloam Prissy (Henry) 83
Sovereign Queen (Munson) 83
Stepping Stone (Sellers) 97
Strange Eyes (Carpenter) 92
Twilight In Tangiers Morse) 94
Virginia Heller (Weston) 97
Winter Tapestry (Salter) 99

That's 20 double fans. Should give me a nice drift of lilies. I like Stepping Stone a lot. It cost $4. (big smile)


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abitodd(z8 MS)


The Astibile's today...Oh My!!! Those plants where huge. I must fess up...I now have to grow all my shade plants at moms as we only have a huge Oak left after Katrina and it has all my potted daylilies that survived the storms under it. I am digging and potting all my really special things and just dividing the rest. We have got to find some land soon....lol Ok we are getting ready to mail out the partners for the May swap...watch your mail.


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abitodd(z8 MS)

May Vacation Swap Partners

Here is the list of signees and the person they will send to. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Mary Ellen sends to - Anita
carol sends to - Mary S
Jo sends to - Marea
Dawn sends to - Meghan
Shirley sends to - Betty
Anita sends to - Deni
Betty sends to - Mary B
Meghan sends to - Barb
Deni sends to - Dawn
Paul sends to - Debbie
Barbara sends to - Shirley
Marea sends to - Mary Ellen
Sue sends to - Jo
Lisa sends to - Paul
MaryB sends to - Lisa
MaryS sends to - Carol
Angie sends to - Sue
Debbie sends to - Angie

Ok this is how the names came out...lol I can not wait to see where everyone gets to go and what trinkets they get to pick up on the way...Hope you all enjoy your First Annual Traveling Daylilies Vacation. Time to prepare your wardrobes ladies be sure to pack for all seasons you just never know where you might end up ;)


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abitodd(z8 MS)

Barb I forgot to tell you Meghan said Thank You for her suprise...she was excited that you thought of her. We got in 97 Perennials today and got all but 4 planted and she was beat and has gone to bed...First time she has been in bed before Midnight in years...lol


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Ok, kids, sit down. Here's my list of daylilies ordered for the 2006 season:

Forsyth Big Green
Gentle Shepherd


Thought so.

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Deni, I just sent you an e-mail. I must have missed where I was supposed to respond. Thought only the people who were unsure were supposed to. Looks like you have everyone paired up so I will sit out. Have plenty to do to keep me busy with incoming. Sherri

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Deni, thanks for your speedy resolution. Now where shall I send my partner? HMmmmmmmmmmmmm.:) Sherri

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Hi All,
Quick check in,
I just wanted everyone to know, I just got a message from Jacinta, Jo's DD, Jo has been at the hospital since Monday with her Mom, Please all give extra prayers for them,
Thanks Anita

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

lmao dianne....too funny

hello everyone, hope you are all well.

all i can saw is W O W anita, what an impressive list. next time i am up that way, gonna have to do a drive by to see all your beauties. i only ordered the $1.00 ones from them for now.

nancy, wondering if you ever got my note for additional iris, or are you done with that?

marea, thanks for the info. i haven't gotten ANY MAIL whatsoever through garden web for quite some time. i don't know what's going on with that, and also people i've e-mailed through GW haven't received anything from me. one other question, what's the cut off date or send date? my plants aren't really of digging up size yet, so not sure if we have until the end of the month.

prayers to jo and family.

hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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I just wanted everyone to know I WILL be sending my April box out soon. Have most everything, just need to get it packed.


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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Jo, don't you worry about the April box! Just stay close to Mom, she is one lucky lady to have you as a daughter. ((Big, Big Hugs)) to you and your family.

Don't forget to take care of yourself too!


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Maryanne - April numbers theme swap delivery deadline is April 30th.
Rebecca - I think we will have to find a way to take care of Jo. It sounds like her very last concern is for herself.
Cody-mon - All I want for my vacation is another yahoo photo of you group email! The people that missed it last time missed a wonderful surprise - my copy of it is trapped in the hardrive on my broken computer. You made me very happy already, no need for a box.
After I had a good cry about Jo's mother, I realized that I need to tell ya'll right away anyway that I got my April swap from CindyO this morning!! It was a box from Goldcoast Daylilies with a beautiful daylily photo giftcard & THREE fat daylily clumps: Bohemia After Dark, Pacific Princess AND Rainbow Eyes !!!!!!!!! I'm not one who usually snivels & weeps, but today I was overwhelmed with Traveling Daylily joy and sorrow.

Sherry B - speaking of joy & sorrow, I can't find a way to email you about your decision. Just hold on, please? You'll learn to like me eventually... ~m'

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namso(Z5 OH)

just time for a quick checkin.....

Jo, My heart is aching for you. Many prayers coming your way.

Marea, so glad you liked. I cannot take credit for all those though lol, many thanks to Goldcoast Daylilies.

Cindy O/namso

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Marea, I have my Horn order in and the Dawn Pinks are waiting your word to send. :)

LOL! Dianne...but how much did you spend on those two? :)


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Maryanne, it was Shirley that was getting the lilies. I haven't seen her posting for a few days so she may be out of town or busy. Your hyacinths are really pretty. Mine are finished already but I don't have as many as you.

Jo, I wish I could do something to help with your mom and just to be there for you. I think she's a very, very lucky lady to have you take care of her but you're a very lucky lady to have had her to teach you that love and compassion for others. My heart and prayers go out to you both and your family.

Anita, I'll just bet you do need help planting! Has this made you rethink buying so much at one time? lol My back is hurting just thinking about it. "owwwww"

Marea, those are gorgeous flowers, lucky you!!

Has anyone heard from Joey lately?

Barb, Footsie is a cutie!

Angie, I remember that last year you had a tree fall on another bed. Good thing your dad's there for you!

Today my new dog ate about a three foot stem of one of my peonies. I sure hope he just ate the leaves off and didn't bite the stem in two.

I'm so happy! I thought 3 new peonies I got last year had died and all of them came back! I guess it just got too hot and they went into hiding. Then I had planted several patches of lilies that didn't do anything and they came up this year. I'm getting lots of surprises that I forgot about or thought died. It's been wet here for the last few weeks. I hope it doesn't get too hot and dry too quick. We didn't really have a winter like usual so I'm hoping for a cooler, moister summer.

Better get to bed, take care all!


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Ok lets all give Jo a group hug, but be careful not to squish her. She had two of us in the Dahlia swap how about we trade with each other, whoever you are, lost my list. Marea do you want season 2 of 24 after me? anyone who knew Marge c she just passed, so keep her daughter in your prayers please. my new bed is almost ready, all my new daylilies will go in it. I have lots of the la 1.00 ones coming and 15 or so from anoter la seller and 5 my daughter bought me for christmas those plus my new dahlias should fill the bed. I have 3 yr old seedlings that haven't bloomed yet don't know what color they are so am hoping for a suprise bloom this year.hugs to all

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Good morning everyone.:)

Jo, I am really sorry for what you are going through with your mom. We will miss you while your gone.

Dawn, that ultrasound is great. I was amazed when I got mine later in the pregnancy and you could see face features. They have come a long way in the clarity of those. Makes it so much more real.

OH Anita, I feel for you. I have been groaning about planting all mine. Can't imagine being you. Will be pretty though.

These are what I ended up with. Mind you I had room for about fifteen plants. :)
Wings of chance
white temptation
sweet sugar candy
pink debutante
lavender spider
ruffled pantaloons
pink cotton candy
at first blush
banned in boston
in your dreams
violet explosion
fanciful candy
those were from bayberry
childhood treasure
forestlake ragamuffin
heavenly beginnings
fortunes dearest
prickled petals
siberian summer
critical mass
spiny sea urchin
popcorn pete
collective spirit
blue pink beauty
wild about sherry
ed brown
jean swan
lu lus knobby
those were from auction
these are the ones that I split with Cindy
Age of aquarius
big boss man
happy apache
lord of the storm
vatican city
big edge fred
macho macho man
chuck wheeler
fragrant finale
gemini jack
hampton classic
key west
mauna twirler
quality of mercy
rainbow eyes
spc ruffles
symmetry in ruffles
tigereye spider
witchs stitchery.
She may blame me for this but she is the one who did the picking. :)All her fault. :)

Diane,LOL. After typing my list I am thinking you are the lucky one. :)

Is Shirley getting lilies too? Want more of them but haven't had much luck with them rotting in the spring. If the ones I have survive this spring, I wanted to order some from Angie. Where is summer anyway????????/ Sherri

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Hi everyone---A quick update on irises. I will get the rest of the irises for those who wanted them next week. I have worked my fingers to the bone getting this camper ready for the week-end. I have now cleaned it three times. First with clorox, second with murphys oil soap and third with Mr. clean. My DH said we should not have bought a used one. But I do feel it is clean now. Threw out mattress got new ones. It has been a job.

Jo-Said a prayer for you this morning. Hope you got my e-mail. I truly trust in the Lord for EVERYTHING.

Anita-Your April package went out yesterday. Hope you get it soon.

Marea-Love those daylilies from Cindy. She did good.

Here are the daylilies I got from the clump sale.

angelic messenger
blueberry cream swirls
candy gram
lord of the storm
mystical illusion
keen eloise
macho macho man
Boo Hoo all the spacecoasts were gone. Those who got them are going to have to SHARE. LOL

Well I'm off to Dollywood. Dolly will be there this week-end for opening week-end. Also, in the parade.

Dawn-Got your check for the irises. Thank you so much.


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)


I have a confession to make about my large daylily purchase list that will make you laugh even louder--

Forsyth Big Green isn't even for me--it's a gift!


I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of quality time on my knees between swaps and trips to the local nurseries, don't you worry!

Even though my yard reached critical mass years ago, I still manage to shoe-horn a plant or two or twenty into the beds each year. Sigh.

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Just a quick check in,

Mom is resting, doc gave presrip for a sedative it helps her be more calm so her breathing is easier.
Wanted to tell you all what a wonderful box I got from Susie.She did real good. THANK YOU SUSIE!!!!!!!!!!!

I got ....
bulbs of a yellow/red asiatic lily
purple dinnerplate dahlias
yellow glads
purple glads
a big foil covered choc. bunny
lots of choc. easter candy
a beautiful address book with pictures of flowers all through it
pair of garden gloves(can never have enough of these, lose them ALL the time)
Old Elvis LP(DH is VERY happy)
Elvis teddy bear(too cute, he loves this too)
package of little plastic bags for seeds
plant markers-YES
4 tiny beer steins-just adorable
a beautiful card
thank you so very much. it made my day, after the last week, it was so very much appreciated. I love everything, hope I didn't forget anything.

I am sorry I don't have time to read and respond to all the posts, but io do want to thank each and everyone of you for the wonderful e-mails I have gotten. You are all the most wonderful freinds anyone could ever ask for, and I have to tell you that I truly love you all,
thank you all for being my friends, your thoughts and prayers are truly appreciated.
big hugs

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Diane, LOL. Have to say that I am not surprised. It just shows how generous you are. :)
I can relate to the full beds. Have no idea at the moment where mine are going. Just know that I had to have. :)

Sharon, our plants are in the exact same stages. I have that same plant blooming and my daffs aren't quite ready to show off yet either. See a lot of minis blooming....just not in my yard. :( Sherri

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Jo : Your worth all the love & hugs that went into the box . & to all .
I will try to find time to go through & read everyones
post as soon as I can , just got out of the hospital today . & I have to lay back but be sure I will be back
On tomorrow :))
have a great night all .

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Anita and Sherri, the small blue flowers are called Chionodoxa 'luciliae' the pink ones are Chionodoxa 'pink giant'. Or their common name is Glory of the Snow (I think). But hey, my first daffodil finally bloomed and it is one of the butterflys!!!!

Oh, And, And, I had my very first Hellabore bloom. (grinning uncontrolably).

Sue, glad you are out of the hospital again. Hope you can stay out now.

Marea, wow, beautiful daylilies ... Cindy did a fantastic job!

Dianne, you are my idol!!!! After last summer, I promised myself only one or 2 new daylilies ... yikes, that did not happen. You need to inspire me for next year!!!

Will be digging out my new butterfly garden again today. Don't ask why it is taking me so long, very good reasons and just know I am getting TONS of exercise doing it!!!!

Jo, (Hugs)

Sue, sounds like your great box got to Jo at a good time!

Shirley, I'm so jealous! I love Dolly Parton, always have. Have fun.

Sherri, you got Forestlake Ragamuffin ... you lucky, lucky girl!

Nancy, glad to hear your peonies came back. Keep that dog away from them.

Hubby just took his morning paper and coffee into the hot tub ... I'm going to go 'bug' him now. LOL


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

I was just perusing the Plant Exchange forum and feeling a tad uncomfortable about all the "is this a good trader" factors. So, I've come home to youz guys.

Walt has agreed to extend the fence on the south side of the house to make a granchild play area. This will mean extending the existing bed along the house and NEW beds along the two new fence areas (YAY!). Now I'll have more room to move plants around and add some that I've been lusting over for years. It's a long-shot, but you never know . . .

I'm looking for 6 particular items for my garden. I'll trade anything on my trade list for any of them.

Yellow clematis.
Yellow peony bush, not tree. Well, maybe a tree. Never tried one.
3 hostas: Katrina, Rascal and Liberty.
Casablanca lily bulbs.
Anything with the name BEN or BENJAMIN in it.

Any one interested in a trade, seperate from the formal swaps? If not, do you know the most reasonably priced nursery to order from?

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Hello all! By my reading, you sound like a neat bunch! May I join in?--- I live in the eastern part of NC/ Zone 7. I am a member of approx 10 garden clubs, two being Daylilies. I am a proud owner of a small greenhouse and 11 pet bunnies.--- Donna

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Sharon, now that is Cindy's fault for sure. :) She got it before me and there was no way I could take her having it and not me. :) My two most wanted this year were heavenly beginnings and forestlake ragamuffin so when I found them together, I got.

Hi Donna, have you ever traded with any of our members? Think the rules say that you have to have two trades with two different members. My gardens aren't ready for digging or I would offer to get one of them under your belt. Sherri

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

spiney sea urchin AND forest lake ragamuffin?? i've been trying all spring to get those. lucky girls, lol!!

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Shirley, you will have to tell us about Dollywood. Seen it on tv this morning. Used to watch her on tv all the time.

Sharon, thanks for the common name. Have tags out there but no common name. Will remember the name now.

Does anyone in my zone or near it have phlox up? I was out today and my phlox bed is empty. No sign of life whatsoever. Sherri

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Cody - Yellow Golden pheasants and Mandarin ducks? We used to keep guineas, geese, ducks and chickens, but never tried pheasants. I get urges to get out the incubator - it's a dandy too, large and auto-turn - but then we'd have to build the Fort Knox of pens...Yours will love getting out!

Good grief! Bagpipe music on the radio! The finches are going nuts! I guess they identify with all the honking.

Hi Donna - I read your GW profile - sounds so cute at your place! I wish you had a trade list up...

Paul - thanks for telling us about 123456 - that's cool - never would I have known without you...

Gorgeous chinodoxes! Ours are blooming ,too, and have seeded down the bank, so there are dozens more among the forget me nots. That'll be pretty in a few years.

I'm working on my epimedium order.

Dianne I truly am impressed - good taste and restraint both!
We are grandbaby-proofing too, but no new gardening space in it for me...how'd you wangle that?

Jo, Susie, Dawn - hugs all around.

Marea - what beautiful daylilies you sent Cindy!

Anita - looked at your list - I b'leive you've snapped. So much digging going on in TravellingDaylilyLand!!!

Nancy - Peonies! I have none, and I'm drooling over a peony book from the library - page after page of luscious flowers.

Shirley, I'm working on your vacation!

My hellebores are all blooming, too. Aren't they a strangely appealing little plant?

May Braunschweiger join the Yellow Striped Cat Contingent of the Garden Web Travelling Daylilies (YSCCGWTD)?
Yellow tiger with yellow tiger

All those fabulous flowers everyone is getting! I hope everyone will share a picture of their lily patches this summer.

Gloria - I know you're there somewhere! If you're laid up and can't garden, try music, fruit, sunshine, doggies, chocolate - no wait - you know about all that! I've been birdwatching right from bed with binoculars! Funny the strange goings on in the treetops.

Dawn, sweetie pie, you are having a blast, aren't you? Busy as all heck. What a thrill to embark upon a dream! Your house will go from picture in your head to the setting for the richest years of your life. Cute little (very little!) neice! I'll bet you can hardly wait...

Angie - haven't these storms been awful? So far they've petered out or headed south and missed us. I feel so bad for people hit hard by storms. I'm glad you're all ok.


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I am popping in real quick before mom wakes.
She had a good night last night, she has been very restless at night(so I have as well, I have a bed in there with her now,really miss my DH), but, we tried an experiment, we put our little tv in her room and left it on low all night. She slept very well, and i didn't have to get up 20 times to put her oxygen back on her. I realized what was wrong, when she is able to sleep most all day with no problems, she is very frightened of being alone, during the day she can hear all the omings and goings, but the house is very quiet at night except for the oxygen machine, so, she thinks she is alone, and gets scared. She had a very good day yesterday, not many problems with her breathing, she asked to eat twice. The couple of times she had a bit of a problem, I sang to her and she calmed right down. My voice isn't what it used to be, but I don't scare anyone with it.
I think she has reached a plateau, and will be there for a bit, no telling how long. But, as long as she is not in distress, I am content. My biggest concern right now, is keeping her comfortable in the bed, she has certain ways she wants to lay, and no others, so that is a bit of a problem, when we try to turn her to keep her from getting pressure sores, we come back to find dhe has moved herself.
And no amount of pillows will keep her there if she decides she doesn't want to be in that position. She is houdini when it comes to that and getting her oxygen off.
Hospice comes today, to do their evaluation, so once that is settled it will be a big load off my mind. We will be scraping the bottom of the barrel before all is said and done, but this is my choice, and I know the Lord will get us through this emotionally and finacially. He has already helped us so much. I told a very special friend (keep in mind I have never met this person, but we have bonded in a very special way)that I had to use all our grocery money to buy moms meds,(over $140 total once we went back and got the sedative) The next morning I received an e-mail that $100 had been paypaled into my bank account, all I had to do was click and accept. I was stunned, and crying at this wonderful gesture and at first I wrote back and refused. But, they made me realize that once we are back on our feet, we may be in a position to help the next person who needs it, so I gratefully accepted the gift. So, you see He is watching over us, and has already sent me one angel,(I won't give a name, I doubt my very special angel wants it known) I know He will send us many more blessings to help us get through. I just wanted you all to know about this, it has helped me so very much, and I don't mean because we needed the money,that is obvious, but that kind gesture helped me (us)emotionally and spiritually in a way that will keep us going.

I also have an angel who sent me the most beautiful dish garden, 5 gorgeous plants in a large basket, with a few mums stuck in for color, and several stems of pussywillows and a spray of very pretty tiny pink flowers.with a wonderful card that said "thinking of you, love Anita" I am especially happy over the red veined prayer plant in it. Mine died over a year ago, so I am so glad to have another.
Thank you to my special angel Anita for that. hugs

Awesome pic of Braunie, he is one happy fatcat.=)

I have some seeds of Yellow "radar love" Clematis, I will be starting them sometime in the next few days. My family will watch mom, so I can have some "Me" time. My gardening has always been my therapy and that will be even more so now, so as soon as they are of good size I will be glad to send you a couple. The last time i grew some from seed they did very well. I will let you know when they pop up their little heads.

I am in z5 here in NY and all my phlox are up about 2". But, don't despair, your ground may still be too chilly for them to think it is time to come up yet.
I have things coming up that normally don't show up till late april, early may. My sedums are up, my daylilies are up, my hellebores are all blooming, all of my monkshoods are up,peonies,primroses are up and 3 are blooming, all my pulmonarias up and several blooming.I even have several "lilies" up and not just poking up, I mean "UP", over 3" tall. And my chionodoxas are also up and blooming, pink and blue, soooooo pretty. My daffs are opening as well, I cut the very first one to bloom and brought it in to my mom, put it where she can see it. She always loved daffs.

I hope you are alright down there in Tenn. with all those storms passing through. I sent your box out on Sat. Forgot Del Con. though, so hope it makes it ok.

Well, I best get moving, hospice will be here at 10,

hugs to you all,


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Ask your hospis Nurse to order an air mattress for your moms bed they work wonders I have one from the hospital wish I could send it ,but you can get one much quicker
through your nurse 's.
I had one for my uncle bill also :)) well I have to get off here .
my brothers will be here soon to start my flowerbeds :))
will try to get some pictures :))
hugs all

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bourret(z5a Maine)

Hi Ladies & Gents,

Just checking in to say hello. I want all of you to know you're in my thoughts and prayers. Especially those of you who are going thru some pretty difficult times.

My crocuses are blooming. The daffodil foliage is about 4"-5" high. The daylilies are showing more and more green each day.

Has anyone in our group ever used Bap-10 Paste? The following is an excerpt from the AHS Email Robin. The author(Bob Schwarz) said we were welcome to share this information with others. I was thinking that it's a great way to increase our new introductions. First, I need to find out how expensive Bap-10 is.

"When the daylily is divided or when I receive a new daylily - the first thing I do to each plant before it goes into the ground is to use a three inch paint brush - dip it in the above solution and liberally apply the BAP-10 solution around the base of the daylily above the roots. (I do not like to dip my daylilies in the solution -it dilutes and contaminates the solution.) I plant all my daylilies that I use for hybridizing and increase in 3 gal. Root Maker pots because these pots produce roots and many new plants by the end of the season. Plants are treated only once!

(2) The other procedure is to treat each leaf node on the scape when it is actively growing. Using a dropper bottle filled with the above solution - simply eye dropper the solution into each leaf node on the scape - be sure you fill each leaf node till it over flows. The leaf node on the scape is what you call a bract - in the bottom of this
bract is a bud or latent bud - occasionally this bud or latent bud will form a proliferation on its own - by filling this bract with the Bap-10 solution -this seems to motivate the latent bud to grow and produce a new plant proliferation. When I fill this cup shaped bract on the scape with BAP-10 solution the overflow runs down the scape into the crotch of the plant. This causing the plant itself to increase.

I like to treat these nodes every two or three days - treating each node three times. In a few weeks the proliferation's will begin to grow. I let the proliferation's grow all season long until the scape begins to brown. In the mean time I have crossed the flower on the scape and harvested the mature seed pod as the proliferation's continue to grow.

At the end of the season I cut one inch above and below the cluster of proliferation's. Place a little rooting hormone on the root section of the proliferation's and plant it directly into the potting soil (Here I use the 1 gal. Root Making pots). The cluster of plants will grow in that pot for about six months - then I will carefully
separate each plant into its own pot with a label. In another three months you have a blooming size plant. It is not uncommon to have 10 plants in a proliferation cluster- yet on the other hand you may only get one.

One of my experiments this year is to us DMSO in my BAP-10 solution similar to my conversion recipe - where I make 200 ml of conversion solution using -190ml Kinetin (1 gram of Kinetin in 475 ml of water)- 10 ml of DMSO - and - 0.4gram of Colchicine). So I will try 1ml to 5ml of DMSO to my 100 ml of water that has the 3.5 ml BAP -10 solution.

A summary of the BAP -10 mixture is:
3,500ppm = 35 ml. BAP-10 into 1000 ml of water OR
3.5 ml BAP-10 into 100 ml of water OR
1 teaspoon Bap-10 into 100 ml of water
I have measured 100 ml of liquid. It comes out to 1/3 cup plus 2 tsps.
P.S. You are welcome to share this information with others - I am having great success again this year with proliferation's on my daylily scapes. Author: Bob Schwarz"

Gotta Go To Bed. Goodnight! Sweet Dreams.


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Good Morning Everyone.

I have read about the BAP-10, but have never used it, sorry cant help you with that one.

Thank you so much for my wonderful April swap box, I think you went a bit over 12:) I got:
Japanese Iris:
Butterflies in flight
Summer Storm
Asiatic Lily:
Louisiana Iris:
Winter Encore
Bearded Iris:
Abbey Road
Apollo One
Behold A Lady
Lemon Chess
Muled Wine
Olympic Challenger
Rare Treat
Newberry Festival
& Spacecoast Gator Eye (from Christmas swap)
Cool note pad
Easter candy
Pooh antenna topper
Lip Balm
Beautiful rabbit lawn ornament
I hope I did not forget anything, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE EVERYTHING:)

You are welcome:) What are friends for, but to lift you up when you are down.

I have lost MANY Daylilies I added last year, if anyone is interested in trading to replace them, I will post my lost list, I learned one big thing, DON'T TRY PLANTING WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE TIME TO ESTABLISH BEFORE WINTER!!!!!!!!!

Off to make tags for all my new plants from Shirley!!

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Anita, I wouldn't give up on those plants just yet. Some of those that come from the South take some time to come up. Unles they bolted and you can see they are dead. I have about five that look awful, look dead but they don't budge when I try to grab the crown so they aren't dead yet. If they were dead they would just break apart and be mush. I seen a lot of that last year when they bolted or were planted in low ground.
I am assuming your weather hasn't been as warm as ours yet so give them another week or two.

Jo, I found another clump of phlox that is up about that far so I think I must have lost all of them. Any ideas why?
I was so excited to get that bed going but it never did spread and do what I thought it would. Put a lot of money and work into that bed. I have always had phlox and never lost any so to lose a whole bed of them concerns me.

Anyone ever take care of baby bunnies? Have a nest in my yard and the babies keep coming in the fence and I have to rescue them from the dog. I put them back in their nest twice yesterday thinking mom would move them but so far she hasn't. I don't know if I should leave them alone or try to take care of. They are pretty good sized and good little runners already. Could they be on their own this early? Sherri

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

hey guys
i've gone through my hosta catalogues finally and i need to narrow the list of what to buy down considerably. if anyone has these to trade please let me know, then i can order more!!!
alligator shoes
choo choo train
cookie crumbs
dew drop
dust devil
great lakes gold
hoosier dome
kiwi blue sky
lakeside baby face
lakeside dragonfly
lakeside elfin fire
lakeside little gem
lakeside love affair
mary marie ann
purple glory
queen of the seas
red baron
red stepper
rusty bee
shiny penny
silver halo
silver threads and golden needles
t rex
teeny weeny bikini
twilight time
white feather
x rated
x ray

now you see why i need to narrow it down, lol!!!

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)


leave the bunnies alone, if you keep messing with them, the mother will abandon them. maybe at the bottom of the fence line where they are getting in, you can put some chicken wire (temporarily). they leave the nest after about 4 weeks, so if you can kind of time that. i went through this last year when the mother built a nest right in the middle of my tomato garden.

i copied this from this site: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~devo0028/guideto.htm

Cottontail rabbits make their "nests" in small depressions in the grass. The nests are lined with fur from the mother and loosely covered with grass. They are frequently disturbed by people when they are mowing their grass or raking. In addition, dogs and cats find these nests and often kill or injure the babies.

If a nest is found or distured, please do the following:
Replace the baby rabbits back in their nest and leave them there unless they are injured or if you KNOW that the mother has been killed. Many people just assume the mother is dead because they "have been watching the nest all day and have not seen the mom come back at all". This is normal. Female cottontails only come to feed their young early in the morning and at dusk. This decreases the chance of alerting predators to the nest's location. If you are not sure if the mother is coming back to feed them, try placing a string over the nest. If the string has not moved by the following morning, she has not been back. If the babies are cool and appear very hungry, bring them to a wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep them in a warm, dark box in some towelling in a quiet location.

It is crucial with cottontail babies to bring them in only as a last resort. Baby rabbits have a high death rate when hand raised, due in great part to the stress of handling by humans. People are NOT doing the babies any favors by attempting to raise them themselves. It usually only ends in sadness and frustration. Again, they need special diets, care, and antibiotics if they are to have any chance at survival.

Also, when baby rabbits are about 5 inches long, they are totally on their own and away from their mother. These rabbits do not need to be brought in unless they are injured. (If you have to chase the rabbit to catch it, IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE RESCUED!!)
nancy, sorry, i didn't realize i typed nancy, when i really meant shirley. must have had "nancy" on the brain!
hello everyone, hope you are well.


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Big hugs to all going thru trials, Gloria sent me 20 videos.
how am I gonna watch 20? there is a site called rotten tomatoes that rates movies, so I checked all the ratings and will watch them in that order, princess bride got a 100 per cent. white noise got a 8 per cent. Marea you haven't let me know if you want season 2 of 24/ if not it will go back to Gloria. my new bed has flowers from shirley who had me in another swap
here are days I bought this year
exotic treasure
small world codi
bloom de base
enchanting esmerelda
destined to see
blue flirt
patrician lady
savannah explosion
lavendar deal
double corsage
adorned angel
double johanna
lunar magic
lake norman sunset
super double delight
fires of fuji
majic dawn
strawberry candy
frivolous frills
irish linen
sing again
along the way
chorus line
style plus
storm warning
jean swann
carpenters shavings
lu lus knobby
fruit loops
broadway accent
tropical delight
frosty beauty
all american baby
cabbage flower
arkansas post
daughter got me
edge of eden
wedding band
spacecoast hot topic
spacecoast starburst
spacecoast suprise purple
shirley sent me
autum minaret
eyes of fire
fires of fugi
newberry festival
gonna have lots of planting to do
Deni sent me lots of new babies last summer they are all happy and popping up. daffs and chidoxia blooming now and a purple and peach tulip. anyone have a start or seed of pineapple sage, mine did not re seed and I love it

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Ditto Shirley, you've gotta tell us about Dollywood! I love her too, she's so...bodacious I think is the adjective needed here. :-)

Barb, what a cute little fellow with his twin pet.

Jo, what a wonderful thing for your friend to have done for you! and Anita, how special you are to cheer her up in such a great way. The daylilies we traded for last fall are doing great and multiplying. It seems like to me that the plants I have in pots are multiplying much quicker. Do the rest of you think they do, or am I just strange, lol? How long does it take you to get clematis up? From what I've read it takes a year just to sprout! I don't have that much patience and I would forget to water them or let them get too hot or too cold on the 351st day of that year! ;-)

I have so many no named plants because everything I have used to mark them with has faded to nothing. If anyone is feeling kind and generous with their time once they start blooming I'd be happy to supply photos with lists of names that I know I have and you can play the "Match Game". *Smile* I'm so sick over this, I have so many just now mulitiplying enough to trade and have no names so can't trade them. ugh!!

Maryanne, no worry! I love reading your posts, you really should have been a writer as well as several others here. You have the talent for sure.

Sherry, I can't get phlox to live! Last year I planted over 20 plants and none of them even lived long enough to grow. I have tried everything. It's weird because people all over the place around here have masses of them and I love them.

Cody, I have Choo Choo but it's not big enough to trade. If you want to wait til later and see if it multiplies by this fall we might could trade. There are two inside aviaries where I work and they have some of the most beautiful birds. I absolutely love to just sit and watch them.

It sounds like everyone has had some great boxes coming in. Enjoy them!

I posted the link to my photobucket albums if anyone wants to look at the pics. They are from last year but so far I have or have had blooming:
daffodils, several types, ground phlox, allium, purple iris, dianthus (several colors), purple mini iris, native and homestead purple verbena, forsythia and dianthus firewitch.

Dawn, don't work so hard you won't be around.

Veeja, are you talking about Marge C from Arkansas? If so, I've traded with her several times and will miss her.

Shirley, I know exactly what you mean on the second hand camper. You never do feel like they are clean the first few times you use them but eventually they get your DNA in them and they are all yours then.

Where can I get the colored ribbon that people are labeling their daylilies with and what kind of markers are ya'll using? I have tried paint pens, permanent markers, laundry markers and pencils. So far only the pencil have stayed on.
Help please!

If I missed you, I'm sorry and I hope everyone is enjoying some good weather and gardening.

I'm dying to get out in the garden but I just had the cortisone shot today in my spine so probably need to wait a few days until it hopefully starts working. Everyone keep me in your prayers that it will work so I can have a life again!!! ;-)

Good night hugs to all,


Here is a link that might be useful: My garden pics

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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

I can't believe all the plants you guys are buying. I need to get me a "sugar daddy". I think I only have about 15 daylilys coming in.

I lost another half of a tree Friday night, it landed on the garage and it took us about 6 hours to get it cleaned up. I told my dad I was selling this place and buying a condo! This tree landed in my good daylily bed, thankfully it only smooshed some leaves, the fence broke the fall. The fence looks like crap!!! My dad is so cute tip toeing through the daylilys with chainsaw in hand.

Jo-so sorry to hear about your mom, I know it must be very, very hard. I think we will be going through the same thing soon with my guys mom. She is 75 and I think she has lost her will to keep going.

Gloria, hope your hubby is doing better.

Shirley-do you want paypal or check?? I sent you a email through Garden Web but guess you are not getting it. If anyone else has paid her for the iris, did you mail it or paypal???

Well sory I have not read the posts, between ebay and my yard I don't have a minute to spare.


P.S.- There are two daylily co-ops going on at the other site if anyone is interested. One if for Expensive Cultivaters and the other a little of everything! Anita, I am sure this is calling your name.

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Morning everyone,

I just wanted to take a second to check in before heading off to work. I have been reading all the posts, but haven't had enough time to reply. : (

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that needs them. Jo, Gloria, Susie, Nancy and everyone else dealing with a hardship right now. I am worried about all of you and wish I could do something to help.

My gram was a little better the other day, and was actually out of bed and wheeling around the halls in her wheelchair. I don't even know how she had the strength to do it! I can't go back to visit until tomorrow, so I hope she is doing okay. I'll give the nurse a call later. I am still hopeful that she can come home. The nursing home is soooo noisy. Gram said, "I wanna' get out of here". Made me so sad.

I've got to make time to go visit my other Gram. I haven't seen her since Christmas.

The grass is growing so fast around here and I start Dawn's Lawns back up this week. I cut (no pun) several of my clients so I would have more time to work at the new house.

Things are moving along over there. Soooooooooo much digging. Yesterday DH excavated from 7 a.m. 'till dark with only a few 5 min. breaks. I helped my Dad put in a drain, then spent the rest of the afternoon getting my first holding bed fenced so the deer won't eat all the plants. Once that was finished, I got all of Shirley's Iris planted, plus a few of my own.
I've been loading and unloading truck and trailer loads like this everyday.....

I use tons of stone in my gardens and i'm taking much of what is here. There is NO stone at the new place and I NEED stone, LOL.

Here is the start of our driveway....

The drain we put in yesterday crosses the driveway. There is a spring that runs through that part of the yard. My Dad worked on spreading more gravel all day. We still have a lot more to do. The driveway is close to 1000' feet long. And this is only the base, just so we can get trucks up to the homesite.

Poor DH, just digging the day away.

At the end of the day, he said he felt like he rode a bull all day. : )
He'll be back at it again today.

I dug a little the other day, but have too many other things to do. DH really wishes I had time to help him do all this digging. It sure would make things go faster.

We have these HUGE mountains of dirt everywhere and DH said it's my job to do something with them when the house is done.

I took some pics of some Spring bloomers yesterday and will show you later. Right now i've got to get ready to get up to the golfcourse.

I hope each and every one of you know i'm thinking about you and will check in again soon.

Oh, and i'm finishing up MaryB's April box and hopefully will get it mailed today. : ) I hope you like it.

HUGS to all,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Either the bunnies took off or mama moved them. Not sure which but starting to think they were old enough to be on their own or close. I had to keep handling them to stick back in their nest. But thankfully no harm was done and they are off on their way now. I get them in the same spot every year. Why mama puts her bunnies 5 feet from a dog is beyond me.

Dawn, you look so cute sitting in that bobcat. So neat to watch you realize your dream. :)

I want to wish everyone well that is in pain right now. Seems a lot of us have been dealing with injuries or illness here lately. Hope everyone makes speedy recoveries.

Sharon, does hubby still have his job? Fingers crossed for you.

Finally got my weeds under control yesterday. Oh what a feeling. :) Sherri

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Good Morning all
what a great day yesterday was My Brother jim came & put in a huge flowerbed for me down under the trees so I can plant a few ferns, & hosta & I don't have to move
under them anymore :))) so anyone trading with me this summer lottsa hosta , ferns, columbines , & anything for parcial shade :)) . still have to get my soil preped & ready I through in some 12-12-12 yesterday along with
some compost & now its raining today so if should get mixed in a bit .
well my friend judy just called to say breakfast
At Kathys in 30 mins so gotta go .
have a great day all love ya's .


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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

dawn, what a smile. you are so adorable!

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

nancy, i so wanted to see your pics, but it's password protected. any other way to share them?


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Mary B....your April swap box is on the way! I hope you like what I stuffed in there. : )
DC# 0304 3490 0000 2920 0453

Sherri, that's so sweet of you to say....but if you'd have seen how much dirt was in my hair, lol.
I know what you mean about those weeds....like a giant sigh of relief!
I'm glad you're enjoying watching our progress. I don't want to bore anyone with my ramblings about putting in drains and such, but it is so exciting to me.

DH and I started with absolutely nothing and really struggled for alot of years. To think that we are starting to build our dream is still hard to believe. I don't think it's quite sunk in yet. It's going to take alot of work and all of our money, but I know it will be worth it to have a place in the country to raise a family. My mom & dad are right down the road, so I kinda' feel like i'm going home. : ) I couldn't be happier to know that i'll live the rest of my life where I was raised.

One of my sisters is looking at a house that is 3 miles from there. I am praying that they get it. If anyone else wants to say a prayer, feel free. : )

Susie, take it easy now. You still have the whole summer to play. : )

Canna, how is Louise? Hope you're doing okay. I'll bet you've been working hard.

Well, time to change my grass-stained clothes and get ready to meet my other sister that is looking at a house. She's really interested in it and wants me to come and offer my opinion. It's a bit further away, but not too bad.

Then it's back to the new property to check on DH. I'll bet he needs a break.

Enjoy the day everyone,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

PS: Dianne....about the Hosta swap.....I really don't have any preferences, but I do love mini's and am starting to collect them. My Hosta collection is so small and i'd be happy with anything. : )

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Maryanne, I've added a password for guest so try putting petals in for the password and see if it will work. Sorry you couldn't get in to see. Everything looks like it will be bigger this year so hopefully it will look much better in a month or so.


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Nancy, Sherri, & Sharon----I got to see Dolly. Oh my was I thrilled. She was in Pigeon Forges Parade Friday Eve. and Dollywoods Parade on Sat. She is beautiful too. I know she has lots of money to stay that way but she is a beautiful lady. My DD bought me a book about her life story and it is my favorite book ever. Her sister wrote it. She said Dolly was one of the most giving people you will ever meet. Helps her family all the time.

Dianne-Sorry I can't help on your plants. I used to have a yellow clematis but traded it off.

Earthly-Love your hyacinth bed. I love hyacinths and think they smell so good. Alot of flowers have NO smell.
I will get you some more irises when I return to the iris farm. Need to get that done this week.

Gloria-Still praying for your husband, hope the pain leaves him soon.

Sharon-I wish your husband the best today on his job. I know things will work out either way. Just a new door opening with new beginnings.

Cody-I don't have any of those hostas. Wish I could help.
Got your check. Thanks, I hope the irises all do great for you.

Paul-Also, got your check. I bought irises from these people and found I have most of the ones I bought. Oh well I can always sell them in my plant sale. It's bad when you don't know all the plants you really have.

Anita-Post the daylilies you lost. If I have any of them we can do a trade. Glad you liked your April box.

Barb-I can't wait to see my vacation plans. I am working on Bettys also.

Angie-Yes I do have Paypal. My e-mail is flowerlover1@verizon.net I do not get e-mails through gardenweb nor can I send. I tried it on a test on gardenweb page and never got it. This really stinks when I want to do trades.

Nancy-I love peonies. I am going to buy the whole collection from Gilbert H. Wild this year. That is why I did not buy too many daylilies. I have my peonies, Japanese irises, Louisiana irises, Siberian irises and bearded irises to order this year. I have way too many favorites in flowers. Did yours ever come up?

Dawn-Glad your Grandma is getting better. So happy that you will be living close to your parents. Hope your sister gets moved close to you all too. I live where I grew up. On my way home I pass my Mom and Dad's house, then my youngest brothers house, then my sisters house, next my oldest brothers house, my Aunt and Uncles house, then cousins house, and then mine, and my Daughters home is on the end. We all live in a little Valley with all family. If you yell really loud you don't even need a phone to talk to them. The road is named after my Dad's family. McConnell Road. That is my maiden name. We all love it and would never sell our homes.

Donna (mrsgardener)-If you want to do a trade I am willing to trade with you. You must trade with some of us before joining this group. I love your place called Greenacres. My DD's home is also called Greenacres. (Her last name is Green)

Whew I need food. Lunch is almost over. Gotta go, hope I didn't miss anyone. Oh Jo thinking of you daily. Hope your Mom is doing better and better.


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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

Okay, my service provider is not one i am happy with and the amount they charge is just outrageous. i can get DSL through the telephone company but i don't understand something:

Maximum Connection Speed

Up to 3 Mbps/768 Kbps
Up to 768 Kbps/128 Kbps

d0 i need to have something special to get these things or does it mean my computer has to have a certain amount of memory or ___ to use one of them? bad enough trying to figure out the IRS instructions and now trying to determine what this is.

what do those things mean, anyone know? when i call them, they just can't answer, they need every pertinent bit of information from me before they will answer the question and i'm not one to give it up unless i'm interested adn i wouldn't know that until it was explained to me.

so, someone, anyone, with DSL or computer IQ care to advise me?


and nancy, such beautiful pictures, especially the (grand)kids!

can you see i'm not working too hard today? my job is SOOOOOOO boring

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Whew, hubby still has his job. Now I don't have to 'hide' the daylilies I bought. No one knew the 'layoffs' were coming when I bought the daylilies last fall and winter.

Shirley, if you ever want to use me to get in touch with someone from GW for a trade just let me know. My emails seem to be going through. (Not for the next couple days though, spring break, you know). Even put that in the post you leave them ... get in tough with tma and she will get in touch with Shirley. :o)

Susie, what a great brother! Can he come dig my butterfly garden bed? LOL

Dawn, I find it exciting to hear about your house. I love it that you two are doing so much yourselves. I am from a family like that. You are actually made fun of if you hire someone to do things for you (within reason).

Sherri, I enjoyed reading about the baby bunnies. I learned some new information too. Even though we had raised bunnies when I was young.
"Weeds under control" - enjoy it while it lasts! LOL

Angie - Another tree? They must almost all be gone by now. :o)


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Sharon, whew is right! Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope there are no more layoffs but if there are hopefully he won't be one to go. I just feel compassion for those who are losing jobs everyday and nothing to take it's place or if there is the pay is usually not nearly as good. And what about the people who would just love to have any job to feed their families and can't get hired because they are OVER qualified. How are you over qualified to feed kids and pay rent.

Thank you Maryanne. I think the kids are pretty but then I'm just a little prejudious. Jacey is coming here for Easter and I can't wait. We'll be dying eggs, having my DH's anual Crawfish Boil with all his friends and wives here this weekend. I haven't felt like doing anything so I have to do a crash clean-up. ugh! Have I said how I hate to clean?

Gloria, I knew you'd come around to the green, green world of FROGS! LMBO!! That was a cute one from Janet!

Still thinking of and praying for those of you who are having health problems and other kinds.

Shirley, yes the peonies did come up. I have 7 in all but 5 of them are just one eye I think so no telling how long til they grow big enough to bloom. I've only seen 2 of them bloom and they're both different so I'm the others are too. I bought several that didn't thrive so I divided and traded them and moved them around. I love them too. You can always use the iris you bought that you have already for some of the ones you are going to get for others and then you won't have to get so many.

Dawn, we built our home ourselves and saved a bundle. Right before the gulf was hit with hurricanes in 1989 and then the prices went thru the roof on building materials so we were very lucky. We have a friend who is a contractor and he is having trouble getting supplies now and is having to stop work and send his men home. I sure hope that doesn't last.
I love your place. It's beautiful and I can't wait to see it finished. I wish we have built on the back of our property but it wouldn't perk so we had to build close to the road. Don't work too hard, it sounds like you've got your work cut out for you.

I have not bought any plants this year so far. I wanted to order from Horn Canna Farm but waited too long and they are out. Can you believe that? I was so sad. *sniff* I have lilies growing out of my eyeballs and don't even know what they are. I know quite a few of them are probable orange tiger lilies but I traded for some bulblets with several people summer before last and just stuck them in the beds and now a lot of them are maybe going to bloom this year. Keep your fingers crossed. Anyway, they will make me feel like I've got new plants. ;-)

Have fun,


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY April 13th Sharon and on April 14th our dear Meghan will be 17 years old. A HAPPY BIRTHDAY also to Mary Ellen on April 17th.

My DD got engaged this weekend. I don't have any details yet but I will share as I know anything.

I am so sorry for those who are carrying extra burdens right now, Jo, Gloria, Deni, and many more that I can't recall off the top of my head.

Dawn how can someone look beautiful when running a backhoe? Not only are you gorgeous, but you have one of the sweetest personalities I think I have ever seen. I am so glad your hard work as well as hubby's is now paying off. Way to go.


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bourret(z5a Maine)

Hi Fellow Dayliliers!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SHARON! I hope you're taking the day off and pampering yourself.

Just catching up. Worked all day outside and I'm not in any pain. How can that be possible?! I did think ahead and took some Flexeril for my lower back pain. Maybe that's why I feel so good.

Dawn - You look adorable on that construction machine! Is it called a Bobcat? It's great to put a face with a name.

Angie - I beg you. Don't encourage Anita! She's ordered so many daylilies this year that I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself when she has to plant them all. A bunch of us who live close to her are probably going to have to take care of her if she hurts herself. Not only that but we'll have to plant the rest of the daylilies she couldn't get to.

Nancy - Good going girl! You are not crazy. I potted up all my new daylilies last year in 1/2 compost, 1/4 Pro-Mix, 1/4 topsoil and added in shredded leaves to encourage worms. They were kept well watered and fed with a weak strength of Miracle Grow. Boy! Did those daylilies multiple fast! A double fan of Julie Newmar became 6 fans! My guess is the soil in the pots was a lot warmer than the soil in my ground. Those babies must have thought they were on vacation in Florida. This year all my new arrivals will get the same treatment. I've got a you know what load of new 2006 intros. coming in. If I can get them to multiple quickly I'm going to sell the excess on The Lily Auction and put the money away to buy new intros. next year.

Jo, Gloria and Deni you are in my prayers. My heart goes out to all of you who are having such a difficult time.

Sherri - I would have done the same thing you did with the bunnies even though I know better. You're such a sweetheart.

Shirley - Did you see John Peat's new introduction this year? When he sent a picture of it out he made reference to Dolly! He actually named the daylily MOVE OVER DOLLY. Here's a link to John's website:
http://www.distinctly.on.ca/peat Click on MOVE OVER DOLLY and look at the photo on the right and you'll see how it got it's name.

Well, I'm off to bed. Nighty Night.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Happy Birthday Sharon!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of happy surprises!

I would keep rambling, but I slept in and have to be at work in 15 min. : (

You are all so sweet.......

Have a great day,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Hope you are enjoying your day!

Big hugs to all,


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Good Morning Everyone,

Very funny:) I have them coming in at different time's, so I wont have a ton of them to plant at once.

This is the list of lost:
Forever Free- Mary Gregory may be replacing
Chevron Spider-Mary Gregory may be replacing
Magic Obsession-Mary Gregory will be replacing, I am buying it again
Full Moon Magic
Beloved Ballerina
Forest Phantom
Siloam Ralph Henry
Pink Waikiki
Lady Fingers
Rosy Dawn
Dark Eyed Magic
Pat Salter
Strawberry Jazz
Here's My Heart
Zella Virginia
Savanna Debutante
Karla Kitamura- Bought New from Blueridg
Wild Horses
Sounds Of Evening
Raspberry Candy
Boogie Date
Water Wheel
Swashbuckler Bay Boy, I think I am going to get this one today.

This is the list of ones I have from Emma Chandler, they came yesterday, Would trade SF for SF above.

Got to go get them potted, they have soaked long enough, Will do catch up later, :)Anita

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Sharon, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a great lady. So glad hubby survived the lay-off. Hope your day is filled with lots of love and bright sunshine. :)

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

hey there miss sharon
our bday wishes we are sharin'
please know that we are carin'
and hope your sun is glarin'
ps just how is your garden fairin'?

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Debbie-Congratulations on your DD's engagement. You will be gaining a son when it happens.

Earthly-I can remember when I connected to DSL I had to buy a bigger memory chip. My son finally brought me a more up to date computer that he had. They never tell you all that stuff when you buy one.

Sharon-Thanks on the kind gesture about e-mails. I wish they would fix the problem.

Nancy-Which cannas were you going to order? I may have them and you are welcome to them. I always give away cannas for postage. They multiple like rabbits.



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Anita-I know I have
Siloam Ralph Henry
Savannah Debutante
Wild Horses (Ilove this daylily)
Let me check and see if I can divide them.

Lisa-Oh my goodness I love MOVE OVER DOLLY. What a beautiful daylily. I would have ordered it but $250.00 is over my budget. Yep I see how it got its name. If it comes down $100.00 in price I am going to get it. $150.00 is better than $250.00 Thanks for giving us the dirt formula for potted daylilies. I am going to pot mine up when they come in.


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Good morning to all! I am out of school till next Wednesday on Spring Break. Lots to do here at home and later up to the lakehouse. I have been delegated to restain the dock before it gets put in.

I am going to try some of that coco mulch this year. Bought a few bags last week at Menards. Have any of you used that?

Happy Birthday to Sharon! Hope you have a wonderful day! It is my DS's birthday today too!

((((hugs))) and prayers for all those sisters and their family members who are ill and/or hurting.

Dawn I am so happy for you and your DH on making your dream come true. Sounds like alot of work, but it will be worth it in the end! You are such a cutie!

The weather has been unbelievable this week! Almost like June. This cannot be Iowa! I have been able to get everything uncovered (hope I do not regret that) All my daylilies are up and a few hostas too. What a "sight for sore eyes"! Don't you just love spring?

Anita, I may be able to help you out with a few you lost. I will check and let you know!

Cody, I do have Cherish, Mary Marie Ann, Shiny Penny. They are not up yet so will not know for awhile if there will be any to share. I ordered Lakeside Elfin Fire and might be able to divide that . Usually Chris sends good size divisions. I will get back to you after May 1 when it comes.

Dianne....I might be able to help you out with a couple of your "wants" too when I send you your April box! Sounds like the warm weather will be here for a few more days so I am getting your package together!

Well I'd better go get busy! MaryS

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

Happy Birthday Sharon
May your heart be filled with all the happiness it can hold!

enjoy your day :)


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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

how about this ladies and gents...a singer after our own hearts :) don't know the tune, going to have to investigate further.
Talkin' Harvest Time Blues

Well, it starts with a catalogue that comes in the mail
In the middle of the winter, when youve had it with those pale
Thick-skinned, store-bought, sorry, hard-as-rock
Excuses for tomatoes with the flavor of a sock

And there on the cover sits THE juicy red
Ripe homegrown tomato youve had dancin in your head
Never mind you said last August that youd had it up to here
With the hoeing and the weedingthats what you say every year!

So, you fix a cup of cocoa, sink into your easy chair
Put your feet up and you thumb through the pictures and compare
Big Boys, Better Boys, Early Girls, and romas
The new disease and drought-resistant hybrid from Sonoma!

Then its on to peas and carrots, lima beans and beets and kale
And youve never tried kohlrabisay, the lettuce is on sale!
Whats a garden without sweet cornbetter plant some marigolds
And you just read in "Prevention" bout how garlics good for colds!

So, you phone an order in that nearly melts your Visa card
Then stare out at the foot of snow that blankets your backyard
And visualize your garden, oh, so peaceful and serene
Until at last you close your eyes and slip into a dream about:

Harvest time (bushels of red, ripe tomatoes)
Harvest time (sweet corn that melts in your mouth)

Well, the days turn to weeks and the next thing you know
Theres a robin at the feeder and the last patch of snow
Disappears bout the time that a UPS truck
Backs up to your house and you stand there, awestruck

As 47 "PerishablePlant Right Away"
Marked boxes are unloaded on your porch as you say,
"Are you sure?" "Yes, maam, need your signature here
Looks like someones gonna have em quite a garden this year!"

Well, you watch him drive away, then you sink to your knees
Cause you feel a little woozy, 47 boxesPlease!
God, I know Ive got a problem and weve had this talk before
But help me this one last timeI wont order anymore!

Just then as if in answer to your prayer your sisters van
Pulls up into the driveway with Aunt Martha, Uncle Stan,
Two nephews and a cousin, who just stopped to say hello
But soon are sporting calluses as up and down each row

You, their warden, push them; its a scene from "Cool Hand Luke":
"Over therethose clods need breaking! Leave more space around that cuke!
See those bags of steer manure? Bring a dozen overfast!
Yes, I see you have lumbago, but youll thank ME when at last (its)

Harvest time (show you what a real strawberry tastes like)
Harvest time (all the zucchini your van can hold)

Well, that night it starts to sprinkle and you cant help feeling smug
Cause your gardens in the ground and getting watered while youre snug
Underneath the covers, or at least until midnight
When the temperature starts dropping and in no time youre smack right

In the middle of your garden, in your jammies, on your knees
With a headlamp and a hammer and some tarps and jeez Louise
Its cold but you keep working till the last plants safe from harm
And theres holes in your new jammies and bursitis in your arm

"Cause by gosh, youre a gardener right down to your muddy clogs
And even when the rabbits take your lettuce and stray dogs
Pee on your zucchini and a fungus coats your kale
"Cause its rained for two weeks soliddo you falter? Do you fail?

Yes, of course! You throw your hoe down, stamp your feet and call it quits
Declare for all the guards to hear that gardening is the pits
And youll never plant another and this one can bloody rot
And suddenly the sun breaks through the clouds and, like as not

You see a couple weeds you must have missed the last go-round
And shake your head and meekly pick your hoe up off the ground
And hoe and keep on hoeing till your romas dangle red,
Ripe, and juicy on the vine while sweet corn towers overhead,

Beans hang from their trellis, big orange pumpkins sprawl about
And that satisfying feeling hits you once more when you shout:

Harvest time (Break out the canning jars!)
Harvest time (Man the pressure cooker!)
Harvest time (You have to take zucchiniwere related!)
Harvest time (Now THIS is a tomato!)

Stephanie Davis
Recluse Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

These ain't no tomatoes & there ain't no rhyme & even tho I didn't get them to you quite in time -
Here are your Birthday Daylilies ~

William Steen, Drowning in Desire & Executive Decision
Hope you had a joyous day! ~marea

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Sharon, I am hoping that you had a day made especially for you. That the sun was warm upon your head, the ground cool beneath your feet, flowers blooming all around and someone wonderful to share it all with! Sorry I'm so late but I wish you the happiest of birthdays. Love all the poetry you're getting here. lol

Debbie, I hope you're getting the son-in-law you want and that he treats here great.

Marea, those daylilies are so elegant. They almost look like you could reach out and pick them. You're doing fantastic with your camera, the shots are so rich and sharp.

Shirley, I have:
Red Stripe
Cleopatra (if it comes back)
Christ's Light
Pink Beauty
China Doll
Richard Wallace

I have a few others but as with my daylilies the names faded and who knows what they are. Hopefully they'll bloom and I'll be able to figure it out. A couple I got in a trade but never could find them to see what they were by the name given to me.

I'd love to have anything you'd like to send and will be more than happy to pay the postage. When you decide to divide them just let me know how much.

Well, the sandman is calling so I must go.

Nite all!


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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Sharon, I would like to also wish you a Happy Birthday and hope that you had a splendid day.

I apologize for not being here much. Have been busy running my first ever seed swap and this time of year at school for a special needs teacher is extra busy with what are called staffings with parents of each of our students. So am spending extra time at school working on IEP's--individual education plans--for each of them--ie.paperwork. Each IEP takes a minimum of 6 hours to do anymore since they are now on the web. And "the web" has hundreds of problems that someone on the other end of the phone needs to fix before I can continue....This is something new this year.

I've also done something to my right rotator cuff so another "thing" to get through.

First daffodil finally bloomed today along with a tulip and some hyacinths.

Mary S-You have hostas coming up? I have not seen a single one, yet, and you live NORTH of me! What's the deal!

Anita, if you keep buying daylilies like you have been there won't be anything left for me to get you for the May Vacation Swap! What to do, what to do. ;)

For those of you who are having any difficulties in your lives, please know that you are thought of and prayed for.

Someone above mentioned the peony collection from Gilbert H. Wild. I ordered those this spring. DH loves peonies so ordered them for him. I also ordered one of their lily collections, and they came this week. Something else I ordered was a Lauder's(sp?) walking stick? Anyone know if they are a very fast growing tree? Plus ordered a purple smoke tree.

Dawn-your pics are bringing back so many wonderful memories of our housebuilding adventure. We are now celebrating the end of year 3 in our house. It was allll worth it, believe me. We waited 25 years for ours. We were our own contractor and did quite a bit ourselves and hired out quite a bit, too. Lots of decisions! Please continue with the pics and updates.

We have had more storms in IA tonight. We had some pea to larger marble-sized hail here. Iowa City, where the U of I is located, had tornadoes go through the city. I have a niece who goes to school there. One of the tornadoes was within a block and a half of her place. She is fine but does have to move out of her apt. temporarily due to gas leak, downed power lines, etc. This happened around 8:30 so it was hard to see them. Very scary for a highly populated area.

Time for bed. Everyone have a beautiful day tomorrow.

Mary Ellen/Mellen

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Happy Birthday Sharon. Hope it was a great day for you.

Happy early birthday to Meghan and Mellen. Now, who's turning 17??? LOL.

Earthly, not sure if anyone answered your DSL question. 3 Mbps/768 Kbps or 768 Kbps/128 Kbps just refers to the speed your connection will up/download. So, basically things will load a whole lot faster with the 3Mbps connection. Doesn't really matter what computer you have... I imagine your provider will give you a different modem or a different connection, depending on which one you go with... and maybe a different price. If price is the same, obviously you want the faster connection :-).

Movie people... let's mail next week (except for Carol who just got the movies).


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Thank you all for your birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day. Codie, loved the poem, and thanks Shirley for counting the years ...... I'll have you know there were only 5 candles on my cake. :o)


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Marea, all I can say is a big Thank You. They are all Fantastic. (Wiping my eyes)

And Once Again, a Thank YOu to Deni for the Magazine Sub.

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namso(Z5 OH)

I have to tell you all i got the most wonderful surprise box in from Marea! Marea sent me BROADWAY JAZZ, MILES DAVIS, and a beautiful semp RED LION. I couldn't be happier or more stunned! lovem them all. Marea, you are such a kind and generous soul:) Thankyou!!!!!!!.

Happy Belated Birthday Sharon! whew...love those too. i see lucky red seedlings.

Happy 17th!!! Megan!!!!

In case i don't make it back in time...HAppy Birthday Mary Ellen!

Will try and catch up more this weekend.
Cindy O/namso

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Shirley, how exciting. :) She is one outstanding lady. She never let stardom go to her head.

Merea, that song is to funny. Oh and so true. :) Great choice of plants too.

I don't know about anyone else but my body aches from my head to my toes. As much as I love getting outside, I think I have met my quota for a few days.

Cindy, are you buried in one of the daylily beds yet? :):) Sherri

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Happy 17th Birthday Meghan!!!

I hope you have a great day full of fun with family and friends. Enjoy this time and don't grow up too fast. : ) HUGS!

Wouldn't it be great to be 17 again???!!!!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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