Anyone try natural pesticides?

louie_gardnerAugust 26, 2009


Has anyone tried natural pesticides?

If so and happy with them what type?

I am going to try few garlic cloves smashed in water and than sprayed on my tomatoe plant but if anyone has tried something better that .

Will try that instead.


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Better yet are vigorously growing plants which can tolerate some damage.

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Well, I got some tomato plants and I thought at first the slight wilting was me missing a watering but now I think they arrived with early blight perhaps although they don't exactly look like pictures of that I have seen. Still, they fit the overall description, and if it isn't that then I have a bug perhaps laying eggs on the leaves. Whatever it is, also getting to my basil. I sprayed them with whatever that is they are selling as eco-sense 3 in 1 for fungus and insects. Active ingredient neem oil yesterday and this morning is the first morning of no new damage. Kind of leads me to suspect eggs actually as neem oil will make insects forget to lay eggs. I removed as many of the affected leaves as possible, I did leave a handful on one tomato plant that looked only questionable as otherwise I would have left just a stick. I read there is some question of the effectiveness of neem oil but so far so good for me. Based on the label, I put another spray of it down this morning and now it is wait and see. One other positive, hopefully, is that I have three baby green tomatoes. As the tomato plants and basil came from differing source, I am starting to lean to insect damage.

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I am going to start making fermented rye "juice" it is supposed to be good for all that. Also I am adding garlic to it during its fermentation. Right now I am using copper sul something for the blight and mildew and ladybugs for the critters. Next month I will start my worm farm so i will be doing good!

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I've been trying the Garlic Fire Spray in the link below with pretty good results. It makes the garden smell like salsa too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garlic Fire Spray

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