daikon (giant asian white radish) in SFG?

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)October 31, 2011

I'm wondering if it's possible to grow daikon in the square foot garden? If so, how many should be planted per square?

According to a site I found that gives growing instructions for daikon, the thinned spacing per plant (PLANT spacing NOT row spacing) should be 6".

I'm wondering if it's possible to grow daikon in SFG then what variety would be best? There are two types I have in mind; the traditional variety that grows 2'-3' in length with the size of the root.

However, there are also Korean and Chinese varieties that range in size from 4"-6" with the size of the root, the others being slightly larger with 6"-8" in size with the root.

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chudak(10 San Diego)

I grew Miyashige last year in my SFG (raised beds). The foiage on these things gets BIG and the roots themselves were over a foot long.

Here is a picture of one of the roots with my 8" wusthoff chef's knife for size comparison:

Giant Daikon

Here is a picture of the growing tops. Note that they send up a stalk with florets that looks a heckuva lot like broccoli raab. They are a brassica so that's not entirely surprising. I cut these and sauteed them up to use in some pasta and they were great:

I planted them 4 to a square foot. I wouldn't put anymore in than that...they were very 'cozy' at that spacing.

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ibarbidahl(9 (tampa-ish))

I plant mine closer (9pr sq) and then harvest the odd ones first. That opens the space to allow some of the roots to grow larger and allows me to enjoy them faster! The roots also tend to get spicier as they get larger so I prefer the smaller 6" or less roots and my husband and son like the larger roots.
The tops are perfectly edible, too - so we tend to harvest the leaves here and there as well.
Even the small ones are nice....

but they are rather crowded at first - they seem to take it fine. Just harvest the ones that size up first. :-)

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My Sf garden sits on sand so i planted Daikon for the first time this year. I put 8 in a staggered pattern and they grew between two and three feet each. I think I probably could have put in 12 and pulled some early without loosing size on the 8 I would have kept.

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chudak You have what one garden writer call carrot soil.
Deep & loose enough to grow carrot with out them turning at the bottom of the bed soil.
Is this good soil or soil that you have dug before you put the beds in?
Great photos.

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