Tomato Wilt Disease

vmcenroe(z6 OH)August 3, 2005

2 out of 4 of my tomato plants have tomato wilt disease. Can I still eat the tomatoes?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

2 out of 4 of my tomato plants have tomato wilt disease. Can I still eat the tomatoes?


There are no pathogens of tomatoes that are pathogens for humans unless one is immunosuppressed for some reason and then anything and everything in the environment in terms of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites can be a problem if they are organisms known to be able to infect humans, which plant pathogens can't do.

Too long an answer to say go ahead and eat them. LOL

Carolyn, who did the long form b/c it's perfectly possible someone would say wait a minute here aren't there circumstances that are a problem for the immunosuppressed and then one has to think about anthracnose and some of the common bacteria and fungi that can be and are on the surface of fruits.

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garyjoe(z6 TX)

The tomatoes are perfectly ok to eat other than the acid/sugar ratio can be affected due to the accelerated ripening which is common with these wilt diseases.

After a bout with Fusarium combined with root knot nematodes and TSWV, all last year, I have gained control of the wilts with the exception of TSWV (tomato spot wilt virus). I gained about 500% in production mainly to which I attribute to VFN hybrids. NOW if I could eliminate the western flower thrips, which hit right at the end of season.


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Ramrod48(9 - FLA.)

Yea , kinda dispointed here as well my Sons plants were doing well they were a lil over 6 feet tall , all healthy the base of the plant was about the dia. of my ring finger , there was lots of flowers an each plant had about 4-5 tomato that were golf ball size growing , then all of a sudden the bottom leaves starting yellow an falling off , the next few days the plants looked all wilted , an in about5 days all the plants died , it was very discouranging, As we had talked so much how good it was going to be to have fresh Tomato's , make Sala,. salads etc. we have had Tomatos every year , this is the first this has happened . Oh well guess we will wait till the fall an try again . I dont know if the heat got to them or not , ,, How do I check for this root Knot diease are is it too late ? ,,,,,Thanks

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