Late blight A drastic course of action

Coconut_Head(5b)August 26, 2013

So I was thinking, If I have a pretty bad late blight infestation going on, what if I pulled all the leaves off all of the most heavily effected plants, save the very end of the growing tips.

Could I reduce the pressure of the blight long enough and keep the plants alive until they started throwing out more leaves and thus could again begin ripening the fruit again. I would think this would reduce the incidence of my fruits getting blight and even if it increased the time they took to ripen, could it work? I think for this to work though, I would have to pull the leaves of pretty much every tomato, not just the worst hit ones.

The stem lesions don't seem to spread very quickly and other than sunscald, I think the tomatoes might make it through, or at least a good number of them.

My only other option at this point is to pick all the greens within the next day or so and burn the whole patch.


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Any thoughts? Anyone tried this? Time is of the essence.


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

You can try it. But you'll likely fail.

But if you try it, then you'll know for certain what to do next time.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Self-diagnoses often go awry.
Please post pictures to help us help you determine if it is late blight.

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It's late blight, I't not my first spin around the late blight block.

I didn't go through with it anyways, I just pulled all my greens off all the plants and put them up in my garage. I'll be pulling all the plants as soon as I have a few hours to devote to it.


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