Tiny caterpillars invading tomato leaves

anontemp123August 16, 2010

After a long investigation and stripping my tomato plants of most of their leaves, I recently used diatomaceous earth to get rid of tiny red aphids on the underside of the tomato leaves. After having to throw away numerous caterpillar-infested tomatoes yesterday, I looked closer at the few leaves I have left and realized I also have a caterpillar infestation. There are white areas on the leaves where the caterpillars hatch. I have attached pictures. The caterpillars that were inside the tomato fruits were the same color as the ones in the pictures except they were larger. Also, I found some white residue and caterpillars on tomato "crowns", the part of the vine that connects to the fruit. I'm assuming the caterpillars on the leaves and the ones in the crowns/fruit are one and the same. This is my first time ever growing tomatoes. Before I get BT and start spraying, is there anything else I should look into? We do have lots of lawn moths around the tomato plants. They just started up recently within the past two weeks. Could these caterpillars be lawn moths?

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