Something TINY burrowing into tomato blossom end

starrlife(6OH)August 2, 2009

We've been watching our beefsteak tomatoes ripen for what seems like months!! They've been doing well and have grown quite large. We have just noticed tiny little brown holes on approx. 10 tomatoes out of our three plants. We saw a VERY small worm (maybe 1/8")around one of the holes. This WAS NOT tomato fruitworm or hornworm. When I cut open the tomato there was a small tunnel but I couldn't tell if there were eggs and didn't see any worm. Any suggestions? We use organic control methods. Please help!! (My photo keeps getting rejected based on size so I'll continue trying to resize to post that as well).

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Its bug heaven out here!! My roma tomato flowers are falling off just below the bud. What can I do to save my flowers? Any good idea for spray insecticides? Thanks for the help!

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