I'm in Charge and Failing Miserably!

flowerbrackob(z4 WI)August 7, 2011

So: I'm here in WI and just moved out of Chgo area. Then: my neighbor asks me to keep an eye on her garden while she's away for a two week vacation.....I'm used to being in high heels, and dressed for a career; not digging in the soil. I like it now that I have the time. But here are my photos of the problem over in here yard; please cpy. & paste to see my inherited mess and advise.


It seems "Take Down Garden Spray" seems to be suggested most in my research here. Hoping to save her crop, she works so hard on the veggies and works looooong hrs. to boot. Help, help, help, must save face!

I'm jaemybrackob@tds.net for my rescuer's assistance.

Would more than appreciate some answers

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Here's a working link:

Jaemy, I don't have answers for you, but until the experts arrive, could you tell us how long the neighbor has been away?

Is is just a few plants that have so many brown leaves? Were there always some lower leaves that were brown, and if not, when did it begin?

How often and how much do you water? How do you water (sprinkler, hose, watering can, etc.)? Do you spray water on the leaves? Does water bounce up off the soil and hit the plants?

How has the weather been while the neighbor has been away? What sort of daily highs? How much rain?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Link says "session timed out. Please start a new session."

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Don't spray anything on the plants without 1) knowing what you are spraying FOR and 2) reading the label directions very, very carefully.

Post again from a site that doesn't 'time out', if you'd like some helpful advice.

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