Black moldy seeds

kentishmanAugust 5, 2010

This year I've had a large crop of Romas and they are large tomatoes (4--5 fruits weigh a pound). However, I'm experiencing a problem I haven't had previously: although the fruits look perfect outside, in many cases the seed cluster inside is black and appears to be moldy. It was worse early on when we were getting good amounts of rain, but is not so prevalent now. I'm in hot, humid South Carolina. Has anyone else experienced this problem and knows what causes it.

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torquill(z9/sunset15 CA)

Sometimes blossom end rot can be purely internal... paste tomatoes are especially susceptible to it, so that's a distinct possibility. I can't think of anything else that causes that sort of internal blackening (except maybe grey wall, but that affects the vascular tissue of the fruit, not just the seed spaces).

Hope that helps. Congratulations on your success with the Romas.


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Thanks Alison. I had a little of the typical blossom end rot, but not much. Your theory makes sense. I appreciate your help. Tom

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