What is stealing my tomato plants?

Skip_in_TX(Z8 San Antonio)August 23, 2005

Hi y'all,

I recently moved to Texas and put out six tomato plants. Over the last three weeks, something has stolen three plants. Not just part of the plant, the entire plant. There is no visible evidence of tracks and the soil immediately around the plant is pretty much undisturbed. I do, however, have indications of burrowing critters in our sandy soil. Would moles or chipmunks steal entire tomato plants, peat pot and all? There is literally nothing left, no broken leaves, roots, stems, nothing. The plants are about eight inches tall with no flowers as yet. I grew tomatoes in Maryland for years and never had this problem. Any advise anyone could provide me would be much appreciated.



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CAstarter(Z9 OC, CA)

Mostly likely a gopher if there are holes nearby. I used a wand to put gopher bait under holes where they tunnel...wokred after putting in every day for a couple weeks.

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