Best disease resistant varieties - heirlooms preferably?

chervena_chuska(6b)August 12, 2010

Hi all,

I was wondering about disease resistant varieties of tomatoes this year after seeing quite a difference in my tomatoes dealing with this rainy, humid weather. All are being treated essentially the same in my garden, but wow, the difference in the resilience of some of them is striking.


Brown Berry Cherry -

amazing even though they right next to some of my sicker plants. Good producers too.

Black from Tula -

doing very well, just a couple yellow leaves.

Blondkopfchen -

pretty darn tough delicious tangy tomatoes.


Speckled Romans -

BER & early blight affecting them

Brandywine -

getting a fair amount of yellowing leaves in the lower part but seems otherwise unaffected.

Disease wimps:

Isis cherry -

these were the first to get sick and the most persistently sick. I'm bummed because I was most exited about these.


Last year I grew Sweet pea currant cherry tomatoes which got Septoria leaf spot but powered through it. If the tiny cherry toms weren't so much work to harvest I would have grown these again.

Anyone else notice striking differences in the varieties they planted? Love to think ahead to next year.

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