Possible reason for blight

larrylivingstonAugust 15, 2013

If you are growing tomatoes on any type of black weed control fabric. I might have a solution for your blight problems. Last year Sams club did not have the black weed control fabric they had a sliver colored one. I used it and had no problems all year with any type of what looked like fungus (yellow leaves turning brown and falling off) But this year I went back to the black fabric and guess what? I have the yellow leaves again and brown dried up leaves. Here is what I think might be happening. The black fabric is heating up from the sun and baking our plants. I did have some tomato plants I planted in what became the weed patch and they were protected from the sun and NO fungus and great looking tomatoes. Next year I will try to find some more off white weed control fabric to test my theory.

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Interesting. I am using black fabric cloth and I am running into an issue with a blight. Amana Orange is completely yellowed and Black Krim's leaves are browning and crispy, I'm tempted to remove it now, as it has cooled down tremendously in the past couple weeks and a lot of moisture has been locked into my half-raised bed. Moisture might be an issue too in my predicament.

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