St. John's Wort, Lily of the Valley, & Plumbago ?'s

cindylouhoo(6MidTN)June 20, 2009

I grabbed up a few plants today at the Homeowner's Field Day, and now I'm wondering where I should plant them. How do these do here in our zone? Are any invasive or will they take over my perennial bed?

I've read plumbago is a shrub / tender, tropical perennial. Does that mean I need to overwinter indoors, and how large does it get?

I should have asked more questions while I was there, but I was in a hurry and very hot!

I also got a hellebore.

Connie, I looked for you, but didn't see anyone in a blue tie dye tank top. Sorry I missed meeting you!

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I can only help you with the lily. I have mine in a bed by its self.Have heard it spreads.

I will check later, if no one answers, I will do more.

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irisaddict(6b/7 TN)

The plumbago they sold today looked like the one that has lived in my yard for 7 years.


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Yep, I asked about that plumbago, because I bought the shrub form long ago, sold to me as a perennial, and it promptly croaked during the first freeze. I was talking to their go-to Master Gardener on plant ID, and she said those plumbago were indeed perennial. I started to get some too! I wish I had now.

I think they are a low-growing thing. I got the impression they only get about 18" but spread? Don't quote me on that. ;P

I kept picking up that St. John's Wort too, but didn't get any of that either. I think that's a sun thing, and I think it gets about 2-3 feet?

I've never had Lily of the Valley, but I believe it's shade and spreads as Dawn mentioned.

Oh, and sorry I missed you! I didn't have any clean blue tie-dye, so I wore a white v-neck t-shirt. Hair pulled back in ponytail, hanging out with Mom who was very conspicuous in her long-sleeved white shirt and big white hat. :D

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I too, have planted Plumbago and had it succumb to the first frost. It was worth it though - beautiful blue flowers all summer!

Here is a link that might be useful: garden tips

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St John's wort (Hypericum) is a hardy shrub; depending on cultivar, it can be either low and compact, or a bit large to 4'x5', always with pretty yellow flowers that attract bees and butterflies.

The plumbago you got can either be the tropical cape leadwort (Plumbago auriculata), which isn't hardy much colder than zone 8b; but the hardy plumbago is Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (to zone 5) and the Chinese plumbago Ceratostigma willmonttianum (to zone 6)

Here is a link that might be useful: two hardy plumbagos

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Common St John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) is somewhat invasive in Tennessee. It's listed as a member of Watch List A by the Tennessee Exotic Pest Plant Council (TN-EPPC). See link below for details on this and other plants that are, or have the potential to be, invasive in Tennessee.

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majuscula) is native and not invasive. It can be aggressive if happy.

Plumbagos (ones listed above or others) are not invasive in Tennessee.

Here is a link that might be useful: TN-EPPC Invasive Plant List

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