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brandon7 TN_zone(7)June 13, 2007

Our exchange page has not had a lot of activity in a long time. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it going again? I think it's ashame that more of us don't trade plants, cuttings, bulb, and seeds except at the local swaps. One thing I have noticed is people posting exchange items in the discussion forum instead of the exchange forum. I understand that it may be because they are afraid that their post will go unnoticed in the exchange forum, but if more of us would post there it might become much more active.

The discussion forum was designed for discussion, not trades or plant offers. Even a lot of local swap conversation (the part that's related to what plants people want or what they have to offer) really fits better in the exchange forum. I would like to encourage everyone to think of something that they want or something they would like to trade (plant related) and to post that on the exchanges page. Lets get an online swap going!

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Thanks Brandon for this post. The exchange page really can be a wonderful resource. It's helped me find homes for plants I needed to divide, and better yet helped me find plants I was looking for.


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I didn't know there WAS an exchange page! I don't post on the forum but I'm always reading thru TN Gardening and Orchids to see what I can learn. I would love to check out the exchange page if I knew how to get there. I always have lots of stuff that's done too much multiplying and I hate to toss it out. Maybe if you give directions some other clueless people who didn't know it existed (like me) will find their way there.

Chris :-)

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Just above the list of discussions on the main Tennessee Gardening Forum (Where you were just before you went to this post) is a line that says, "On-Topic Discussions [Switch to: Exchanges]". If you click on the "[Switch to: Exchanges]" link, it will take you there. I will provide a link below, but it's easy to get to with the normal method.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tennessee Gardening Exchange Forum

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Thanks Brandon! When I saw that link I can't tell you what a genius I felt like to have missed it. ;-)

The really cool thing was that on the Exchange forum, I saw that there are several people from the Chattanooga area! I thought most everyone here was from Knoxville or Nashville areas. I was thrilled to see members from my own neighborhood (so to speak). Without your post I never would have seen that!

Thanks again,

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Thanks Brandon,

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