Can't find my green thumb!

heirloomjunkie(5a)August 3, 2009

This summer I went out and planted about eight varieties of heirlooms. I adore them, but I've had lots of problems... first all kinds of aphids, then white flies. Fighting that battle with Dawn and garlic, but losing. Now whole sections of plants are either turning yellow or wilting. The fruit seems pretty unaffected, however.

Did I screw up somehow? What am I doing wrong? And how can I avoid these problems in the spring instead of dealing with infestations?

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Soap spray should be SOAP, not detergent. Dawn is a detergent which can be harmful to plants. Try Ivory bar soap shaved and dissolved in warm water or Ivory liquid hand soap next time. The proportion to use is about 1 tablespoon soap to a gallon of water. Don't soak the plant but spray the bugs.


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Oh, so you're saying that I may be harming the plants by trying to help them. lol. That would be me. I thought it might be some kind of wilt at first. Fusarium? All of my peppers, brussel sprouts, and beans seem to be unaffected.

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Junkie, you are certainly not the first with good intentions to cause problems. I can personally attest to that!!

If you could post good, close-up pictures of the leaves, it might help. Long distance diagnosis is difficult but sometimes we can tell by looking. If not, take samples to your local cooperative extension and they can tell you what's going on. Free service (that you've paid for with your taxes! LOL)


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