late blight?

kaine23(NJ/6)August 29, 2012

This sucks, after thinking I was doing everything right with trying to solarize my garden over with the extra warm winter, and spraying my plants with bonide fruit & veggie spray, looks like the late blight is here on my tomato plants again (though I have lovely tomatoes!). After uncovering my garden I also put a thick new layer of dirt on top of the old and was trying to be careful not to disturb the old dirt.

So what can I do to try to knock this out when I tear my plants out this fall or early in the spring? I hear broken egg shells sprinkled in the garden help, and read someplace a spraying on the dirt of 2 Tbs bleach + 2 Tbs baby shampoo in a gallon of water works on the soil. Any other advice?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Late blight fungus survives on plant debris.

If that's the problem, your plants will soon be dead. Say give or take a few days.

Pictures would help us help you.

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forgot to mention in NJ, tomatoes on plants look lovely, just 3/4ths leaves died and has growth near the tops and whatever other leaves are still going strong.

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